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  1. Shawn Lutz

    Faber Locking ABR-1... Any Reason Not To?

    I wasn't worried about historic accuracy as I did the Nashville to ABR-1 conversion on my Traditional plus. I went with the Faber with raw brass saddles, studs inserts as well as the ToneLock studs/inserts for the tailpiece. I went with a Callaham steel TP and couldn't be happier. Its nice not...
  2. Shawn Lutz

    Corvettes and know...

    I think it is more to do with priorities changing...a guy in his 30's with wife an kids to take care of puts the family first...once the nest empties,he trades the 40 year old wife in for (2) 20 year old hotties and are free to do whatever they want hahah. Just kidding. I honestly don't know...
  3. Shawn Lutz

    Devastation in Texas

    What really hurts aside from losing a love one is most people affected do not have flood insurance on their homes so they lost everything. They are calling this 500 year storm flooding. When I lived in Houston I didn't have flood insurance :(
  4. Shawn Lutz

    2018 Gibson USA LPs, price increase

    I'd never pay the current prices let alone an increase in prices for a new Trad + or Std when I can buy used RI's for that amount
  5. Shawn Lutz

    What is the longest distance you've ever driven without stopping?

    I can't say for sure on one tank, probably 500-600 miles but I drove from Ft Pierce FL to Rockwall TX. That is about 1250 miles only stopping for gas and food. I had the wife and kids with me and they fell asleep and I was making good time past 11:00pm so I just kept driving ;)
  6. Shawn Lutz

    Help Me Understand the "Reissue" Craze

    I bought my 2 RI used a 2008 3 PU BB7 LPC for about $2500 and a 2009 R7 Goldtop for about $2200. There are deals out there which is why I think its crazy to spend those amounts on a new Traditional or Standard when 9 times out of 10 the RI will be the better guitar.
  7. Shawn Lutz

    Ship collisions

    whether it was redundant guidance systems hacked by China, Russia etc or other ECM it should never happen to a super power on a destroyer this advanced.
  8. Shawn Lutz

    Ship collisions

    It is embarrassing for the US Navy and the country. It boils down to incompetence and someone needs to be fired over this. A super power with trillions spent on defense collides with a merchant marine vessel 2x in 3 months killing over a dozen Americans. This should NOT happen EVER. The enemy...
  9. Shawn Lutz

    Help Me Understand the "Reissue" Craze

    Play a few of them and get back to us. They are some of the best guitars built in my opinion. I only have 2 but they are excellent guitars that I bought used that were roughly what people pay for new Standards or Tradtionals. The a lot of R9's are beautiful recreations of a 1959 Les Paul, yeah...
  10. Shawn Lutz

    Your Rig at The Moment...

    There is a purple CS Tele not in the shot
  11. Shawn Lutz

    The Official Historics & Reissues Modification Thread

    I only have 2 RI's/ In my BB7 I changed the Gold Grovers to waffle backs with vintage tulips. I aged the covers and went with a SD Custom in the bridge. On the R7 Goldtop I have a set of SD Antiquities. Both guitars look, play and sound great to me so I don't have any further plans except wiring...
  12. Shawn Lutz

    If you had three grand to spend on a new guitar, would you buy LP Standard or PRS?

    I'd get a used reissue R7, R8 or BB7 and you can find them for cheaper than 3k
  13. Shawn Lutz

    What's with all the phobia labels today?

    I hate the term as well...I personally don't like radicalized muslims out to kill doesn't mean I fear Islam or have any phobias over fact quite the opposite, I like challenges hahah. The only fear I really have in life is myself out living my children...that is it
  14. Shawn Lutz

    For those with kids (drug related)

    My sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers to you, your family and sons love ones...truly sad situation. Your wife and you should NOT be beating yourselves up over this. Your son was a young adult and made his decisions. Legal Pain medication is an out of control pandemic, the insurance...
  15. Shawn Lutz

    no guitar for a while

    super glue and you'll be good to go. I did this a few years back after losing a fight with with some hedge trimmers :) Clean out and superglued shut. It just was painful to do bends and vibrato for a week or so
  16. Shawn Lutz

    New or Used LPs?

    I bought all of mine used and let other people take a huge loss on resale values. One example is a 2009 R7 that I got for $2150 but someone paid $4499 for it 3 years before I bought it. Used is also better as you can get a custom shop / RI used guitar for the price of a new standard or...
  17. Shawn Lutz

    40 years of Slap Shot - Movie..

    great movie and funny as ****. I'm a hockey player since age 6 and the comedic gold is in every practice and game from AAA to beer leagues all the way to the NHL. I'd pay twice the NHL CI price to have players mic'd and hot just to listen. You can't repeat this stuff on TV but man...we know how...
  18. Shawn Lutz

    What songs are you working on.. learning..

    Fur Elsie by Beethoven
  19. Shawn Lutz

    Anyone want to help me out with photos?

    Flickr is free ;)
  20. Shawn Lutz

    Random noodling while gigging?

    no, noodling is not part of the act just like tuning up. If you want to noodle stay home, practice and noodle away ;)

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