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  1. ehamady6

    Jackson Monarkh

    Looks like Jackson came out with a Les Paul-type model called the Monarkh. I think I like it. The body looks just like an ESP Eclipse. Pro Series Monarkh SC | Pro Series | Jackson® Guitars
  2. ehamady6

    3 Mirror Pickguards

    I wanted a pickguard that looks like chrome, but retail mirror pickguards have a bevelled edge which makes them look plastic, so I decided to make my own "unbevelled" mirror pickguard (light weight mirrored plexiglass). I modelled it from a genuine Gibson 5-ply pickguard. The following pics show...
  3. ehamady6

    Pickguard Project

    I like to change the pickguard on my Custom from time to time. What I don't like is that so many pickguards are shaped differently or don't fit tight against the pickup rings, so I decided to make my own. I used my router to make a 3/16" thick acrylic template which gives the flush trim bearing...
  4. ehamady6

    Hot Rodded Boss SD-1

    This SD-1 has been modded with Monte Allums SD-808 Mod Plus with Symmetrical Gain Upgrade (green switch), and Dual Gain Upgrade (red switch). This pedal has less than 30 minutes of playing time on it. SD-808 Mod Plus with Symmetrical Gain Takes the SD-1 to TS808 specs. The symmetrical...
  5. ehamady6

    Added status LED to my Wah

    I've wanted to add an LED to my Wylde Wah (GCB-95) for about a year because it's hard to tell if it's on when the treadle is all the way forward, so I finally took the plunge. I'm posting this in case anyone else is thinking about doing this mod. I used the Stinkfoot diagrams and did the mod in...
  6. ehamady6

    Korg Pandora Mini

    Anyone try a Korg Pandora Mini? I use the VOX Metal Amplug for practicing thru headphones, but the Korg looks like it has many more features (158 amps and effects, metronome, tuner, etc) and can be plugged into an amp. YouTube - Gear Spotlight: Korg Pandora Mini
  7. ehamady6

    3PDT Switch Recommendation

    I'm going to try to mod my Wylde Wah for true bypass and add an LED, so I'm going to need a 3PDT switch (triple-pole, double-throw) and I want the best one possible. Are they all the same or are some brands better than others?
  8. ehamady6

    G-Lab Wowee Wah

    Anyone ever try a G-Lab Wowee Wah? Seems to have great tone and a lot of features. I especially like the "switch/touch mode" activator. Just wondering if the pedal actually lives up to the hype in this video: YouTube - Wah Pedal guitar effect Glab Wowee Wah w/ Gibson Les Paul
  9. ehamady6

    Pedal Locks

    Pedal Locks -- $15 for 40 locks to fasten 10 - 20 pedals to your pedalboard. Shipping is included. Send a private message to order. Pedal Locks provide a secure method of fastening guitar effects pedals to a pedal board. No modifications to the pedals are necessary and the locks attach...
  10. ehamady6

    Latest Slash Rig Diagram

    For all you Slash-heads, the April 2011 Guitar World (Jeff Beck on the cover) diagrams Slash's latest rig incarnation and backup Les Pauls, along with his comments, on the Vulgar Display Of Power backpage. I didn't know he plays an Axcess. Check it out at the newstand if you don't subscribe.
  11. ehamady6

    Slow Gear Pedal

    I'm thinking of getting a "slow gear" pedal for automatic volume swells/violin effects. I think this could allow me to retire my huge volume pedal and relieve me from using my guitar's volume knob. Anyone use one? Recommend one? I like the sound of this (without the boost mod): YouTube -...
  12. ehamady6

    Is it easy to change pedal chassis?

    I'm tired of looking at the stripey enclosure of my EVH Phase 90: Is it difficult to take the guts out of the EVH box and put them in a different one?
  13. ehamady6

    Thumbwheels Galore

    Anyone use extra thumbwheels to fill the gap between the bridge and body? They may even add stability. I sandwiched a thin washer to set my action, and the bridge goes back on at exactly the same height every time after cleaning:
  14. ehamady6

    Wah on/off light mod

    I have a Dunlop Wylde Wah and want to add a light that indicates whether the wah is on or off. If any of you have done this mod to a wah pedal, please advise on where to begin.
  15. ehamady6

    Extreme Metallers

    If you use your LP for playing extreme genres of metal such as death, black, speed, thrash, metalcore, doom, etc., post pics of your Pauls... Many of my most favorite guitars of MLP members are those that you can tell the genre of music they've been geared for just by looking at them. I...
  16. ehamady6

    NPD - MXR Black Label Chorus

    New Pedal Day -- MXR Black Label Chorus. Aside from looking rock solid on my board with my Fullbore Metal pedal, it thickens up my death metal tone while keeping it tight which is why it slays my old Boss CE-5. Another benefit I hadn't counted on is that I can also get a great Randy Rhoads tone...
  17. ehamady6

    Les Paul Custom Forum?

    What do you think about a forum or sub-forum being created just for Gibson Les Paul Custom discussions? I ask not only because I own a Custom and therefore it's the model I like discussing the most, but also because posts about Customs would be in one place and easier to reference. Maybe...
  18. ehamady6

    Greatest LP Metal Player

    In the thread Jimmy Page, The Greatest Rock Guitarist Of All Time, many of the posts expessing opinions on other players covered those that weren't necessarily known for playing Les Pauls (eg. Hendrix, Iommi, etc.). So, being a metalhead, I thought I'd try a similar thread geared towards both...
  19. ehamady6

    Picture for Slash fans

    I was going through some vacation photos from 10 years ago and came across a few from the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida. Here's a pic from the "rock wall" of a gold top Slash played when in GNR. Just thought Slash fans out there may like it. I'm surprised it's got a pickguard: If I...
  20. ehamady6

    Killer Mods

    Show pics of cool mods you've made to your Les Paul(s) other than just swapping knobs, tuners, bridge, tailpiece, and pickups. I'm talking mods like a killswitch, battery box, coil tap, sustainer, tremolo, custom paint job, etc. It may give others ideas. And tell us how much better or worse your...

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