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  1. barricwiley

    Post your picture. Who are you, lets put faces with names!

    At the start of the Marine Corps Half Marathon in May. I should spend more time picking and grinning. :+} ---- I the old douf with the hat.
  2. barricwiley


    Okay - you are too nice. You should stick to something in life you now know something about - your gigs.
  3. barricwiley

    WTH is with these Wal-Mart pop-ups?!

    I have unsubscribed from their email list 7 times and still get them. I like the store but not enough to have a personal relationship with them - Ugh!
  4. barricwiley

    My Boxer has developed a large neck tumor

    Shoulda got a fawn color, then the tumor would the cutest one around.
  5. barricwiley

    Duane Eddy!!!

    Now I know where Charlie might have got his smooth moves.
  6. barricwiley

    Yes or No

    No Creepy.
  7. barricwiley

    a second chance

    So, your Apple is 10 years old?
  8. barricwiley

    Black socks are for old guys?

    It's okay as long as you are not a runner. Just looks like time stopped for you.
  9. barricwiley

    A public apology to Bobby Mahogony

    Class, both parties.:applause:
  10. barricwiley

    She's a 'Free Inhabitant' and she appears to know the law

    Don't know how police do it - some people should be debarked dogs that stretch ones sanity.
  11. barricwiley

    And It Starts...

    Oof, thought MY back yard needed a cleanup.
  12. barricwiley

    I'm home

    Welcome back and thanks for your service sir. Now, get your own amp.
  13. barricwiley

    "the patch". your experiences, please?

    Takes 3 weeks methinks for most. (including me)
  14. barricwiley

    A video everyone should watch

  15. barricwiley

    "the patch". your experiences, please?

    Dave, I am also a cold turkey guy. I agree with "Steve" I think it was the hardest thing I had ever done. I know that is of no help, just history. But I soooo wish for you to get through the process and stop the smoking. You are no spring chicken sir and in this case better late than never is...
  16. barricwiley

    Happy Veterans day

    You're welcome.:applause:
  17. barricwiley

    Who's watching the CMA show?

    Holy Crapola! I agree 100% and need about 10 'like' props for postings. Country music about died with George, Merle and sadly several more classic country crooners. Now? Country noise.
  18. barricwiley

    Ring of Fire

    Had not seen this before ---- where is the like button when you need it?:hmm:
  19. barricwiley

    Ring of Fire

  20. barricwiley

    What's the affordable way to ship an amp/cab?

    Craig's list plus a little patience.

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