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    ZZ Top - Live at Montreux 2013

    DVD and Blu-ray released in July: Here is the setlist: Live at Montreux 2013 - ZZ Top | Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards | AllMusic Although I like "Live in Texas" a little more its fun to watch. ZZ Top - Chartreuse (Live At Montreux 2013) - YouTube
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    Neck Profile 90s Les Paul Standard ?

    Do the 90s Les Paul Standard models already have 60s and 50s neck profiles? I cannot remember and since I sold my old Standard I cannot measure the neck again.
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    Build your LP

    Fender did it recently, so do Gibson: Made2Measure Buy a custom built Gibson guitar | Andertons Blog Direct link to the pdf brochure:
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    Free Vintage Guitar Magazine

    The new issue is free for online reading: FREEdigital | Vintage Guitar® magazine
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    "Beggar's Banquet" Tele

    Looks a little like "Things the world can do without..." :laugh2: ABKCO Music & Records and Fender "Beggar's Banquet" Guitar Package: Musical Instruments
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    Mexico Tele - metric/inch tool?

    Do a Mexico Telecaster needs metric or inch Allen keys / hexagon screw keys ?
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    Epiphone Ltd.Ed. 75 Anni.1939 Century

    Sexy little amp: Epiphone Ltd.Ed. 75 Anni.1939 Century - Thomann UK - 18 watt - 2x 12AX7 / 2x 6V6 - No cathode bias IMHO
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    Muddy Waters - Live in Germany '76

    Muddy Waters - Live Dortmund, Germany 29-10-1976 (telerecording) Muddy Waters - Live Dortmund, Germany 29/10/1976 - YouTube 01. Intro & After Hours 02. Soon Forgotten 03. Howlin' Wolf Blues 04. Hoochie Coochie Man 05 Blow Wind Blow 06 Can't Get No Grindin' 07 Long Distance Call 08 Got My...
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    Clapton - From the Cradle Rehearsals

    Along with "Layla" and "Unplugged" this is one of my favourite albums ever: Eric Clapton - From The Cradle Rehearsals - New York, NY (09-28-94) - YouTube
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    Aerosmith's Joe Perry - Rig Rundown

    Interesting interview with a lot of gear :D. Rig Rundown - Aerosmith's Joe Perry - YouTube
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    Allman Brothers - A&R Studios NY 1971 The Allman Brothers - A&R Studios- New York 26th August 1971 (2-LP) Import 2012: Music 1. Statesboro Blues 2. Trouble No More 3. Don t Keep Me Wonderin 4. Done Somebody Wrong 5. One Way Out 6. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 7. Stormy Monday 8. You Don t Love Me 9. Soul Serenade 10. You...
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    The Rolling Stones "Just for the Record" documentary

    Three hours documentary "Just for the Record": The Rolling Stones || Just for the record || 60s & 70s - YouTube The Rolling Stones || Just for the record || 80s & 90s - YouTube
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    Happy B-Day Jimi Hendrix

    A round birthday - 70 :). RIP. Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe - YouTube
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    ZZ Top - La Futura - Bonus Tracks

    They released two bonus tracks from their latest album "La Futura": ZZ Top - Threshold Of A Breakdown (BONUS track from La Futura) - YouTube ZZ Top - Drive By Lover (BONUS track from La Futura) - YouTube
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    Stones - Crossfire Hurricane

    The Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane (Trailer) - YouTube Crossfire Hurricane
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    Billy Gibbons with a Special DC

    He joined Blackberry Smoke in this video. Great performance with a very good tone from their guitarist Charlie Starr (?) :). Billy Gibbons & Blackberry Smoke - YouTube
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    Mad Men - Zou Bisou Bisou

    Found this from the new season: Mad Men - Zou Bisou Bisou (720p) - YouTube :wow::naughty: .
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    LP with 4 pickups

    2 are unacceptable, 3 are way too less, 4 are the way to go: Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson and Duncan Mini-Humbucker. Epiphone Gold Top Les Paul w/ Gibson & Seymour Duncan Mini Humbuckers 4 Pickups! | eBay Item number: 150805340933
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    Late Great Paul Kossoff

    Just copy & paste: Late Great Paul (Kossoff) - Part One of Five - YouTube Late Great Paul (Kossoff) - Part Two of Five - YouTube Late Great Paul (Kossoff) - Part Three of Five - YouTube Late Great Paul (Kossoff) - Part Four of Five - YouTube Late Great Paul (Kossoff) - Part Five of Five -...
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    ebay - 1960 LP for 130k

    Here is the auction: 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard | eBay Number: 380391713349

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