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  1. Slashperryburst

    Y'all like necro posts?

    Because that's what the "similar threads" feature is giving us. Necro posts. Take this thread, for example. Posted yesterday. Now let's take a look at that list of similar threads. And these are the kind of threads that are going to be bumped, time and time again. Like this and this. I'm sure...
  2. Slashperryburst

    NGD... Wait. That's not a goldtop.

    Little backstory here. Back in 2011, I sold a (USA) goldtop standard with p90s so I could go travelling. Since then, that guitar has been my "one that got away". I'd love to have it back, but failing that, I can replace it with a similar guitar. Eight years, two countries, two kids and two cats...
  3. Slashperryburst

    Feels like a new guitar day.

    Well it isn't quite a new guitar day, but it's the next best thing. My 2004 standard has been in need of some serious TLC for quite a while now. The frets were heavily worn, the bridge was badly tarnished and the guitar was in desperate need of a setup. The guitar means a lot to me and I don't...
  4. Slashperryburst

    MLP vs Wham! - Last Christmas

    It's that time of the year. Retail outlets around the world are cashing in on the upcoming holidays. Everywhere you look, there are adverts and few radio stations are safe. This idea comes from another forum I visit, where we have an annual competition. The aim of the game is to avoid the...
  5. Slashperryburst

    The responsibilities of adult life have caught up with me (kitty content)

    Last night I got an email from my wife. On her way to work, she found a little kitten crying and alone. It was right in the middle of Shinjuku. She worried about him as there is a typhoon heading our way. A few hours later, she went back and it was still there so she grabbed the little kitten...
  6. Slashperryburst

    Six months in Japan

    It was 6 months ago today that I landed in Japan. The guy with the sniffer dog was paying extra attention to the guy with the longish hair, leather jacket and a battered Gibson case. It was a nerve racking experience as I used to stash "something" in the case compartment when I was halfway...
  7. Slashperryburst

    A surprise gig.

    In Japan, it's not unusual for cinemas to have all night screenings. Last night, I went to an all night screening of Kill Bill 1 and 2. I was lead to believe that before that, the cinema would be showing a dvd of one of the 5, 6, 7, 8's concerts. For those who are not aware of the 5, 6, 7...
  8. Slashperryburst

    Wow. I'm not usually a fan of superstrats, but this is beautiful

    As the title says, I'm not usually a fan of superstrats or single pickup guitars, but this is an absolute beauty The RS Guitarworks B25. I wonder what the price tag on this beauty is like.
  9. Slashperryburst

    Today only (free mini moog)

    A friend passed this on to me via Facebook. Today only, Arturia are giving away free Minimoog software that usually retails for around $229. here is the link to their site. I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated with this company or their products. However, given that there...
  10. Slashperryburst


    NapstallicA - YouTube This is priceless.:laugh2:
  11. Slashperryburst

    For those who have left their country (or city) of origin

    Ever miss the small home comforts? Was just talking to some family members on skype and realized how much I'm missing a few small things. I'd kill for a bottle of Irn Bru or a box of Tunnocks tea cakes right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy in Japan, and no amount of home comforts would...
  12. Slashperryburst

    Casey Stoner announces retirement... At 26.

    Linked. Pretty stunned by this announcement. He's in a position that millions of people have dreamed of and he's willing to give it up so early. For those not in the know, Casey is a two time world champion and is currently leading the championship. Surprising to say the least.
  13. Slashperryburst

    Need a little help with guitar setup

    Hi everyone. I'm in a bit of a pickle here. The other day, I gave my Les Paul a little loving by using the Gibson "Vintage restoration kit". After years of gigging in sweaty bars, followed by about a year stored in the spare room in my mums house (while I was travelling), I opened the case and...
  14. Slashperryburst

    My wife raised a very interesting question

    Following on from the thread about wanting a burger at 3am, I've come to a realization. A little backstory first. About a week ago, I met my wife at the train station after work. We were headed for the local Seiyu (supermarket chain owned by Walmart) when we spotted a little tempura restaurant...

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