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  1. Mosster47

    NGD Heritage CC Aged H-150 Bourbon Burst

    I took advantage of the Musician's Friend deal and got this for a grand off retail. I don't like fake aged guitars to begin with, but a new new one didn't have the discount. The aging job is WAY too busy. It's the same tight checking pattern over every inch of the guitar and because it's with a...
  2. Mosster47

    Odd string buzz

    I haven't found a luthier I really like where I live but there is one pretty respected guy here that I take my guitars to. I got an older MIJ that had some really hammered frets far down the neck. I bought the frets I wanted pre radiused and took it in. The guitar played fine besides the beat up...
  3. Mosster47

    Gibson marketing it getting desperate...

    Using a supposed robbery to get a five minute puff piece on the news.
  4. Mosster47

    Gibson P94 Gold/Cream set and LP Case

    Gibson P94 R&T set. They are gorgeous and are pretty much in perfect shape, full length leads. The tape on the back was so I would know which was the bridge. $150TYD I have a mint Gearlux LP case. I got it with a guitar I bought from a member on here but already had an extra case. They are $70...
  5. Mosster47

    $100,000 Les Paul R8

    "Up for sale is my vintage Gibson Les Paul 58 reissue. I purchased the guitar in 1978 from Strings and Things, one of only twenty-four guitars made by the Gibson factory. Only about half of these guitars had the curly maple flame top like this one. These guitars have been called the Holy Grail...
  6. Mosster47

    I wanted to put a rumor to bed...

    Tokai doesn't have good tops. I'm gonna have to sorta....disagree.
  7. Mosster47

    1965 Supro Tremo-Verb

    This is a sweet little vintage practice/recording amp that's in about perfect condition. $1,200TYD
  8. Mosster47

    FS/FT A bunch of pickups

    Gibson 57 Classic neck & Classic + bridge w/ Covers. $150 DiMarzio Super Distortion set. White Bobbins. $100 Tokai 57 PAF set. w/ Covers. $100 Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates neck. Black Bobbins. $75 They are all in really good shape. Price includes shipping and I'm totally open for...
  9. Mosster47

    50's wiring question/troubleshoot

    I've wired every LP I've ever owned 50's style and have never had a single problem. So this latest one I just finished won't work and I took it apart and completely rewired it and still nothing. It is wired correct, every solder joint has continuity, and everything is grounded (bridge...
  10. Mosster47

    Jones Mini-Plexi 20 watt

    I have way too many amps and cabs. So, it's time to become more efficient. Jones Mini-Plexi. This thing kicks ass! If you want to rock and not blow your house down this thing does the trick. I'm getting a Blues Breaker so that should take care of my Marshall sound. $700 shipped. No...
  11. Mosster47

    Manlius Fat Diane pups

    I had Mick make me a set of Fat Diane's for a vintage Tokai. I wasn't sure he could do much better than the DiMarzio PAF's that were stock in it, but he did! The neck was 5% underwound to be a little clearer and the bridge is just awesome! It's about the middle ground between a T-Top and a...
  12. Mosster47

    A question for the panel of geniuses

    I want swap out the stock Tokai, Kluson style tuners on my 81 LS-120 with an actual pair of Klusons. Will I be able to just swap them out? Will I be able to swap them but have to use metric bushings? Will I have to bore the peg holes wider? I figured you guys would know what to do here...
  13. Mosster47

    Where will Gibson be after Baby Boomers?

    I'm 31 years old. I've been told I was born in the wrong generation. My interest in music is is all stuff that was made well before I was born. I started getting serious about playing guitar when I was around age 10. My hero's played Strats and Les Paul's. I have the means to own just about...
  14. Mosster47

    NGD: Tokai Amazingness!!!!

    In the red corner: weighing in at an even 8lbs. The 1981 Tokai LS-120!!!!
  15. Mosster47

    1976 Fender Champ, Silverface Will do $375 shipped for any MLP member.
  16. Mosster47

    Gibson 57 Classic Neck pup

    $60 shipped Out of my 2012 Traditional, in perfect shape. Resistance is 8.03
  17. Mosster47

    Some Tokai Sound 2014 Tokai LS-160 with DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF's through my Jones 18w Mini-Plexi. I don't use pedals and I play .008 strings, so if it doesn't sound exactly like Jimmy Page that's why. Oh, and I'm not Jimmy Page :D
  18. Mosster47

    A ratio that I found sad/interesting

    I've owned Gibson LP Standards, Classics, Traditional, and Customs ranging from the late 70's up to 2014. I'm not talking like one or two here, of all the models I'm pushing around 100 total all combined. I have tried many many R-guitars and never found one that I felt the price tag was worth...
  19. Mosster47

    1990 Les Paul Standard Limited Colour, Refretted $1,700 shipped to any MLP member
  20. Mosster47

    Egnater Rebel 20 head & Jet City JCA22H

    Both heads are pretty much in mint condition. Never gigged, never even moved really. I put new JJ Tubes in both of them about two months ago. Maybe an hour on each since the tube change. The Egnater comes with a carrying case. The Jet City is a hard model to find and comes with the stock foot...

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