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  1. Skyjerk

    Temporary spray booth

    I posted this in the workbench thread and at least one person seemed to find it helpful so but thought maybe it’s own thread would be a good idea. I build this because I’ve been shooting finishes in my shop, which is my double garage that doubles as a blacksmith shop. I try and clean it well...
  2. Skyjerk

    How long would you wait?

    So on this here Bushido Les Paul, in the process of sanding and buffing the top, doing the fretwork, putting on all the hardware, and wiring it up, I put a couple decent dings and scratches on the back, and got a big, long smear of CA glue on the back of the neck. I cant even figure out how that...
  3. Skyjerk

    Beginner project for someone?

    I'm not sure about the prorpiety of posting this in the luthiers corner, but its something that only a builder might be interested in, and people that build their own might not look in classifieds, so it seemed like I should at least start it here and if a mod wants to move it they can do that...
  4. Skyjerk

    new warning labels

    for some of my shop tools... Bottom one for the router table, middle one for my MIG welder, not sure where to stic the top one yet...
  5. Skyjerk

    One good bit deserves another

    So @LtDave32 just got some new bits for routing inlay pockets, and I was jealous so I got a new bit for routing the neck mortise on my upcoming 22 Special Traditional models... This is a 1/2" diameter carbide cutter, its neither up, nor down cut, but "compression" which I gather is kind of the...
  6. Skyjerk

    morning entertainment - PRS style build from a pallet

    So this video has multiple different kinds of moments 1. That's the same way I do it 2. I'm going to try that on my next build! 3. That's definitely not the best way to do that 4. I would never do that 5. I don't like the way that looks 6. That looks awesome! 7. Huh? All that aside, I found...
  7. Skyjerk

    NTD: fret press

    Went to harbor freight and for a measly $64 I bought their 1-ton arbor press. That’s exactly $100 less than the stewmac version I drilled a 3/8” hole the bottom of the press bar that perfectly fits the stewmac fret press caul, and drilled and tapped a hole in the side for a 10-24 screw to...
  8. Skyjerk

    Tee-shirt (for me)

    So, as always, I'm not interested in making this stuff my main gig. I have a good day job, and I'm keeping it :) Frankly it would ruin the fun if I depended on this work for my livelihood BUT, I do sell the odd guitar here and there. Just my original designs (22 and 24 Magnum, 22 Special). No...
  9. Skyjerk

    NTD. Most awesome fret press ever

    A recent thread got me considering the harbor freight arbor press, but I decided I could just use an existing tool in my shop. If a 1-ton lever press is good, then a 50-ton hydraulic press is even better! I still need to a fix a radiused caul of course :)
  10. Skyjerk

    22 Special "Traditional" set neck build - "Fire Thing"

    Imaginative name, right? I'm clever that way ;) So all the 22 Specials I've built were for other people and I don't actually own one. I'm just wrapping up one (purple) for a customer I decided I should really own one too. People have probably about had it watching my threads, but I have not...
  11. Skyjerk

    new router bit

    This one is in the opposite direction from my big spiral bits to a small. I didnt know they made flush trim bits this small. If you didnt either, but want one, here it is. 1/4" shank, 1/4" cut flush trim bit
  12. Skyjerk

    Threaded inserts, matching machine screws, and ferrules

    Can anyone provide a link to the right ones for use in bolt-on guitar and bass necks? ive always done the traditional way and just screwed into the neck heel, but I’d like to try this for something that seems so popular, none of the supply places I use (stewmac, all parts, lmii etc) carry...
  13. Skyjerk

    NTD again. Benchtop jointer.

    “Woodstock/Shop Fox W1876 6” benchtop jointer with spiral cutterhead” I wasn’t expecting much at this price point, but I was pleasantly surprised. Right out of the box it took just a few minutes to set up, and my test pieces came out as nice as you could want. No adjusting tables or other...
  14. Skyjerk

    Bushido neck-through-body Les Paul.

    So this build is one I'm doing in memory of my son Jake. Jake joined his brother Chris in heaven about 6 weeks ago on March 30, 2021 The inlay work will be meant to be representative of the connection I had with him and my sense of his spirit. Other than this, I dont intend to do a lot of...
  15. Skyjerk

    NTD table saw

    So 2 years ago when I started getting into the blacksmith work I needed to make some space in my shop. The biggest offender for taking up floor space was a huge Jet cabinet table saw. It was way oversized for my purposes, so I sold it intending to just go out and get a smaller one right away...
  16. Skyjerk

    Neck-through Les Paul - Another new/old build.

    On the topic of unfinished (literally) business, I figure its time I picked up this one again as well. In my sig below theres a link called "Neck-through Les Paul", that was my very first build back in 2014. As it happens, its actually my 2nd build. The first 3 pages of that thread detail the...
  17. Skyjerk

    Ridiculous LP

    I had a dream last night I was getting ready to do a vintage correct 59 LP build Like...with a glued in neck...and...proper tool marks in the control cavity Ridiculous. Aint gonna happen. This is not some kind of goofy tease, for real its never gonna happen. All Respect to people that do...
  18. Skyjerk

    Refinish n00b

    Ok, I've done about 20 nitro finishes thus far, but no refinishes. Why? Seems like it'll be quite the PITA Case in point. My 22 special that was the recipient of the first piece of that angle step quilt maple that I just used to top my Strat body. This is as done as that build got...
  19. Skyjerk

    Incomplete work

    These two guitars have been kind of hanging over my head for several years now, and I think 2021 will be the year I re-visit them. They are both a model I call "22 Special", and obviously fill that same niche as a LP, sharing many of the same specs, but obviopusly different body and headstock...
  20. Skyjerk

    Half a Strat is! Now it’s a whole Strat :)

    Since I'll be doing some guitar work to repair my sons guitar, I'm going to take the opportunity to build one as well. I wrapped my last build two years ago with my root beer float guitar. This will really only be half a build since the neck is from a Strat that I built 3 years ago and sold...

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