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  1. Pop1655

    Cool story!!!! (At least I think so)

    Rasavong was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. His family fled from Laos during the end of the Vietnam war, while his father continued to fight in Laos. It was only after he learned that his son had been born that he left the war and rejoined his family. Rasavong’s family found a sponsor to...
  2. Pop1655

    Something few of you have gotten to do in life

    Pop got to meet @TheX today. Spittin’ image of his avatar pic, I tell you. Could have picked him out in an airport.
  3. Pop1655

    Taylor T5z Pro

    This found its way into my music a while back. A very nice Taylor T5z Pro. Very interesting piece. "The electric-acoustic hybrid T5z Series embodies the forward-thinking spirit that has led us to our best guitars. Crafted as a semi-hollowbody electric guitar, the T5z merges two worlds of tone...
  4. Pop1655


    New grand baby day! #7 is here! They’re all special, but this one is super special. This is our little miracle princess. This has been a long, hard in-vitro journey with many roadblocks and struggles along the way. We are super excited to announce the arrival of #7, our newest little princess.
  5. Pop1655


    New Grandson guitar day. #3 been on me about wanting to play. He’s been banging away on one of mine. Knows E & D. MF was blowing these out, so I snagged him one. One stoked kid! Gets the old Mustang 1 off the closet shelf to go with it.
  6. Pop1655

    Play to stay or because you like it?

    Just curious. No right or wrong answer for a number of reasons. Do you keep guitars in your stable you rarely play or if it stays in the case it needs to go? I seem to gravitate to DSG003 and a couple of others. Honestly, my Epi's get a lot more play time than my A-team stuff. Just what I seem...
  7. Pop1655


    GONE '21 60's Les Paul Standard unburst. A great example of these in "as new" condition with all case candy. Ships in original box. If there's a mark on it, I don't know about it. Can't swear there's not one, but I haven't seen it. Has locking Grovers and Dunlap dual strap pins.Original tuners...
  8. Pop1655

    2017 limited edition Strat

    Daphne blue 2017 Fender Limited Edition American Professional Stratocaster with a solid Rosewood neck. This is definitely the coolest Strat I've owned. The neck is furniture. Run your hand down it much and things start to tingle. It has exceptionally low miles. There may be a mark on it, but if...
  9. Pop1655

    Non-polished '59

    I never embarked on the polishing my '59 journey, other than the typical pump spray for protection. After not really paying attention for a while, I was noticing last night how over time it is developing a really pretty shine on its own. I really like what it's doing. Not a high gloss by any...
  10. Pop1655

    NGD Jr

    A Memorial Day coupon, birthday gift cards laying around and a hankering can lead one to mischief. This showed up yesterday. Really sorta thought when ordering this one might not make it past the return window, but I wanted to play around with one. Day 1 far exceeded my expectations. This is a...
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  12. Pop1655

    Investment advice from my mentor @SteveC

    Just saw a thing on the news about a guy who lost 1.8 million after buying bitcoin through a girl he met on a dating app. Would you consider that an isolated incident? Seems like a perfectly good way to invest 1.8 to me. Working with someone you like is important. Just curious to get your...
  13. Pop1655

    SteveC dinner date

    So a while back @SteveC was threatening to put together a dinner date at my place. Well, here it is Steve: According to today's paper we're listed as one of the best center of the path locations globally for the big eclipse. Make your reservations early. They say we're expecting 150,000...
  14. Pop1655


    A few of you guys know me pretty well, but there's something I've never spoken about. Truth is, I'm a lesbian. I figure if @scott1970 can pull it off, so can I. Yesterday I decided to quit keeping it a secret. I went out and bought a Subaru. A '22 Onyx XT. Been thinking about something a...
  15. Pop1655

    Ended my three year dry spell yesterday!

    I can still fish! I've always fished, since I was a little kid. Got pretty serious about it in the 80's. Went off the deep end around 1989 and got really serious about it. Had many nice boats and fished Amistad (greatest lake on the planet!!) weekly for many years. Around 2009, when my grandson...
  16. Pop1655


    I think I've managed to pull off a NAD that should make everybody think I'm an idiot, tube snobs and modelers. :laugh2: I traded my Helix for a Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. Background: I'm a bedroom hack who plays with backing tracks. I got on the Helix train early and have used one for...
  17. Pop1655

    I just watched Die Hard

    I'd never see it before. Figured it was time.
  18. Pop1655

    Merry Christmas

    Hope y'all have a great one! Kudos to my kids for definitely picking the best shot out of the photo shoot for their card. :laugh2:
  19. Pop1655

    She’s staying. Please delete

    gonna keep for a while
  20. Pop1655

    Sold. Please delete


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