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  1. Sp8ctre

    Join the RIND Army and Help my Hometown Band get to the Hollywood Bowl!

    Follow this link below and please give the band your free vote! These are some seriously hard-working guys, and they deserve to be seen and heard in Hollywood!
  2. Sp8ctre

    Picking This Up on Thursday...

    ...I have 600 rounds to take to the range on Friday too!
  3. Sp8ctre

    Still Doing the Knife Making and Getting Better...

    I'm really loving this knife making hobby. My skills are improving, and I've sold about 10 knives!
  4. Sp8ctre

    New Shop Tool!

    ...and it's a BIG one! Just got this Grizzly G0640X 17" Metal/Wood bandsaw with VFD drive! This beast weight 400 pounds! Here it is sitting next to my little 10" Wen...
  5. Sp8ctre

    How About Those Bengals!

    Been a long time time coming...I've been a life-long fan and 1988 was the last time I had the pleasure of these guys going to the Superbowl!
  6. Sp8ctre


    After selling off most everything and getting the most fantastic PRS Custom 24 I felt the need for an equally stunning Acoustic. And after seeing the word Taylor in the "A really huge mistake" thread I went shopping. I ended up with a Taylor 612e 12 Fret. Sitka Spruce Top, Maple Back and...
  7. Sp8ctre

    NGD: Paul Reed Smith Wood Library 10 Top Custom 24-08

    I actually went to a shop and played this one before I bought it! First time for me! The guitar is the nicest built I've owned yet. I can't say how well it plays because I need more time with it. It sure is beautiful and I love the paisley case as well. I really dig all the pickup options...
  8. Sp8ctre

    Any Recommendations for a PRS?

    I've pretty much decided I want a PRS. I'm leaning toward a Custom 24 with 85/15 or 58/15 pickups. I'd like an ebony board or Braz Rosewood and a quilted maple top. Anyone have experience with PRS? It will be my first one.
  9. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: Brand New Line 6 HX Stomp

    Brand new in the box Line 6 HX Stomp. I took this in trade and have given up modelling. I also have thousands of Helix patches that I'm told will work with the HX Stomp. I'll include those as well. $500 shipped
  10. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: Like New Kemper Kone Speakers

    I bought these to use with my Kemper, but I'm downsizing my setup and sold the Kemper. I see no reason to keep the Kones without the Kemper. I have two of them and they are like new with less than 3 hours total play time. FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 30.5 cm (12“) Weight: 3,9 kg...
  11. Sp8ctre

    FS: Gibson Burst Bucker 2 & 3 Pickup Set $225 Shipped

    2010 Burst Bucker 2 & 3 Set. These were removed when new from a 2010 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul. They have been stored in a box ever since. Neck is 8.33Kohm and Bridge is 8.53Kohm Nice long leads! $225 shipped!
  12. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: Kemper Rack Unit with Over 10,000 Profiles

    I have changed directions and I'm dismantling most of my studio. I am offering a near mint condition Kemper Rack unit with well over 10,000 profiles. Many of these I have purchased and others I have have scoured the net and downloaded. I have taken a screen shot of my folders that hold the...
  13. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: 2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Figured Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    Circumstances have arisen and I need cash for another project. I have to let this beauty go... Absolutely stunning Gibson Les Paul Custom Figured. There aren't too many of these for sale, and this one stands out from the rest! Excellent condition, no nicks or dings. This one is a case queen...
  14. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special Honey Burst Limited Edition with ThroBak P90's

    Moving another fantastic Les Paul in my thinning of the collection. I have too many guitars not being used so another one is on the blocks. - Gibson Les Paul Special Honey Burst with special upgrades. - ThroBak Special-SB Soap Bar P90s in the neck and bridge positions. These sound amazing and...
  15. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Cherry Sunburst | 1959 Specs | '59 Neck | Seymour Duncan | DARK Rosewood

    I may regret selling this one...but my new Custom has me enamored. This 2013 Traditional Les Paul was modeled after the mean '59 Era Les Paul we've all dreamed of. I've owned many Les Paul's and this specific year of Gibson Les Paul Traditionals is by far my favorite. Not only did they give the...
  16. Sp8ctre

    FOR SALE: 2019 Eastman T186MX Semi-Hollow Body with Lollar Imperials!

    Up for sale is my beautiful 2019 Eastman T186MX. This is a 335 type and size guitar. I'm downsizing and I have another Eastman almost identical. Beautiful solid flame maple top, solid mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with very dark Ebony board and bound in flame maple! $1500 Shipped...
  17. Sp8ctre

    NGD: My Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Figured Showed Up!

    What a long and nerve wracking wait! It arrived today safe and sound and it's a beauty! A damn Heavy Beauty though...10lbs and 1.5ozs! I think I may name her Bertha! Pics from the seller...I'll get out in the sun and take my own tomorrow.
  18. Sp8ctre

    SOLD: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1960 Les Paul Standard R0 PSL (Price Drop)

    For Sale is this as new Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1960 Les Paul Standard PSL. This was purchased new in April from Musicians Friend Private Reserve. It's a Pre-Sale Limited Edition in Tobacco Burst. This is a 2018 Model NOS. Comes in the original box with HSC and all the case candy...
  19. Sp8ctre

    INGD: Got This 2018 Les Paul Custom Figured On It's Way...

    My Very First Custom!
  20. Sp8ctre

    Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1960 Les Paul PSL Value

    Are these PSL CS Guitars worth less on the secondary market than a regular R0? Here is a blurb from MF about the guitar. They were around $7000 new. It's a 2020 release. This Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1960 Les Paul features aniline dyes that were re-formulated to recreate the original '60...

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