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  1. cheeseflavor

    They Got It Wrong...

    No... That is really over-the-top unrealistic. Great way tu ruin a good guitar.
  2. cheeseflavor

    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    Good God that is ridiculous. Why I should be surprised, from the company that brought us the Firebird X, I have no idea. Just absurd. "Hi, I'm looking for a nice burst that's been completely painted over in gold or black, please". Nope.
  3. cheeseflavor

    FS: PRS Ted McCarty SC 245 Soapbar – 10 Top

    Good price for a nice guitar. I have its twin, I think :-) One of the only guitars that I've never bothered to upgrade anything on because it needs nothing. GLWS! ~Steve
  4. cheeseflavor

    Gibson ES339 Incredibly Bright

    You could try brass (unplated) saddles. Pure nickel strings would help, but not on the unwound strings obviously :-) Couple of thoughts anyway. -Steve
  5. cheeseflavor

    Vintage Centralab wiring question

    Yes. As a volume pot, that third tab needs to be grounded. -Steve
  6. cheeseflavor

    '03 R4 & R9 Fingerboard Color Difference

    You'll also see variations within the same log that the slabs are cut from. A lot depends on how it's sliced (quarter-sawn, rift-sawn, plain-sawn etc.). There are light and dark streaks running throughout the tree. Wood was a great invention! :thumb:
  7. cheeseflavor

    Need more girth and less spank from my Wizz PAF

    A2 are the way to go with the Wizz (hell, with any unpotted pickup). I've made that swap on two sets of of them and it was an improvement. Maybe go with an A3 in the neck for some sweetness. The A4s just sound to "clinical" to my ears. They have the best balance overall, but to me they just...
  8. cheeseflavor

    F/S 1995 1954 Reissue ~ Wraptail

    Sheesh, that is beautiful! I wish I would have seen this before I bought an R4 from Dave's Guitar. Good luck with the sale, it's a beauty! --Steve
  9. cheeseflavor

    Need a Reverb Pedal

    This will probably be the least popular suggestion that you'll get, but I've had a Line 6 Verbzilla on my board for 6 years now. Heaven knows I've tried others to replace it (including Wampler, TC, EHX) but I keep going back to the Verbzilla. It's got 11 different reverbs including '63...
  10. cheeseflavor

    Does an 250K "Long" shaft pot exist?

    They're all over the place :-) A quick search on Google turned up good old CTS, long-shaft, brass shaft, brass bushing, split-shaft pots. Allparts, Guitarelectronics, even Amazon has a couple of shops listed that carries 'em. Of course, let's not forget a few of the good vendors right here on...
  11. cheeseflavor

    **SOLD** Ron Ellis 50/60 Telecaster Pickups Set

    PICKUPS ARE SOLD! This is a set of Ron Ellis 50 /60 Telecaster Pickups in good used condition. These are arguably the best vintage Tele style pickups that you can get. Neck output ~6.9k Bridge output ~7.4k Measurements taken with basic DMM that I've used for years with pickups at ambient...
  12. cheeseflavor

    FS or FT: 2011 Gibson Custom Shop '54 Reissue Les Paul Goldtop

    Hey Bob! Check yer inbox for pics of my R8! --Steve
  13. cheeseflavor

    FS or FT: 2011 Gibson Custom Shop '54 Reissue Les Paul Goldtop

    PM sent! I cannot love a humbucker no matter what the cost or effort I give! No man should ever need more than one coil per pickup! :-o -Steve
  14. cheeseflavor

    wanna switch from the jb/59 combo

    Like others have commented, keep the '59 in the neck (sh-1n) and grab a used '59 (sh-1b) in the bridge. The '59 is a very good rock and blues pickup. They come standard with A5 magnets and give a scooped midrange tone with more bass and highs. If you're looking for something more vintage...
  15. cheeseflavor

    What is the consensus on Epi P-90's?

    The new Epi P90 PRO is an excellent sounding pickup. It's really (to me anyway) amazing that it comes on a guitar that you can own for less than $400, AND it's one of the few cheap LPs that comes with a honest to goodness chunky neck. I'd be hard pressed to name another guitar, let alone an LP...
  16. cheeseflavor

    Throbak DT-102 LTD's w/NOS wire

    Are those Throbak covers? Sorry... I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but they don't look like Throbak's :I'm certainly no expert, but I've owned a few pair of them (currently DT-102s minus the uber-cool wire). I'd be interested in them if they are the correct covers. Free bump for...
  17. cheeseflavor

    Wtb: '58 Lemonburst Vos

    Any interest in a 2014, one of Dave's Guitars handpicked R8s with a Bee Team harness, Throbak DT-102 pickups and Faber Tone-Loc ABR-1 and locking tailpiece? It's a Gloss however. The Faber hardware is lightly aged (just a nice patina, nothing heavy) and same with the pickup covers (the gorgeous...
  18. cheeseflavor

    Webstore Pix Overhaul - MSSC Fender Aged Parts

    Great graphics! Good products as always - love the aged gold strat guard. Oh.. free bumpage. --Steve :io:
  19. cheeseflavor

    I need a dark bridge pup.

    I might have a JB laying around here somewhere.... I wouldn't want much for it.

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