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  1. Alvinfan

    NGD : 2014 Lemonburst Benchmark R0 Heavy Relic

    For a long time I have had my GAS under control, but now I have finally surendered. Most of my guitars I have bought in the US, but this time I found one here in Denmark. A 1960 reissue has been on the top of my wishlist for very long and when I found one in my preferred colour, lemonburst, the...
  2. Alvinfan

    Gibson finally got the 59 Reissue right - except for the colour !

    I want some of what they are smoking in the Gibson Historic design division. Why anyone would choose to put this colour on a Historic 59 Reissue is beyond me, but each to his own I guess. I am glad that I am not the one who has to sell this one at 8348 $ :wow: Gibson Custom Shop Standard...
  3. Alvinfan

    CC 35 : Gruhn Burst

    Gibson is ready with yet another CC, "The Gruhn Burst". It looks like just another very nice lemonburst R9. Great guitar, but 10 K great ?? Not in my book, but each to their own. One thing puzzels me in the description from Wildwood : About the neckshape it says "EARLY 50´s rounded". I would...
  4. Alvinfan

    The plagiraism thread

    Seeing this video with Jefferson Airplane gave me the idea to this thread. I´m pretty sure the Beatles saw it and thought "Great idea" !! :D
  5. Alvinfan

    Excuse me Mia Farrow and The Guardian, but you are WRONG !!

    A lot of media and people with a need to feel good about themselves are firing at Denmark these days, accusing us on being self sufficient Nazies when it comes to helping the many refugees that arrive in Europe these years. WTF !! :wow: Lets have some facts on the table : - In 2015...
  6. Alvinfan

    Post your Les paul + Gibson amp

    I got the idea to this thread from Eric Ernest on the other forum. Post your Les paul + Gibson amp Here is my ticket : 1998 R9 (yes they used flame inhancer :D) + 1957 GA - 5
  7. Alvinfan

    GREAT until the very end : Gary Moore the last gig

    I just finished watching Garys last gig and as usual he left me completely floored with his mix of technique, passion and immense talent. What a privilege to be able to be at the absolute top of your game to the very end ! Thank you for the music and the inspiration Gary ! :dude...
  8. Alvinfan

    Phil Harris talking about/demoing the PeterGreene/Gary Moore Les Paul

    Great tones and stories about Gary in this clip.:dude::dude::dude: ENJOY :
  9. Alvinfan

    Good luck to Music Zoo selling this Custom Shop Les Paul at 28 K !!!

    Just saw this Custom Shop/ artist created Les Paul at the Music Zoo : Retail 40 K :wow: :wow:Guaranteed low price : 28 K :wow: All I can say is "Good with the sale" !!! This is another example of how mine and Gibsons taste and pricing is miles apart these days. Gibson Custom Shop James A...
  10. Alvinfan

    Deep Purple finally on their way to Rock´n´Roll Hall of Fame

    I read the news today oh boy, that Deep Purple is nominated to be inducted to the Rock´n´Roll hall of fame. I am very happy to see that - I just think it should have been done way sooner. But better late than never ! :dude:
  11. Alvinfan

    Did Donald Trump get a haircut ?!??

  12. Alvinfan

    Wise words from Beethoven

    A fellow MLPF member had these wise words from Beethoven as his signature quote. I think they are worth remembering and hope that he doesn´t mind me making a thread about them :dude: "To play a wrong note is insignificant - to play without passion is inexcusable !"
  13. Alvinfan

    Great demo of iconic Les Pauls

    Great video and sound demo of some of the most iconic Les Pauls around. The vintage fun starts around the 8 min mark :
  14. Alvinfan

    Guitars are like.....

    Super collector, Mike Slubowski from the other forum says "guitars are like potatochips, you can´t have just one" I say "guitars are like T shirts : You have a big pile of them, but only use the same 3 that are in the top of the pile" WHAT DO YOU THINK GUITARS ARE LIKE ? :dude:
  15. Alvinfan

    Is this guy HOT or what !!!!

    I just accidentially stumbled over this great guitarist, Damian Salazar. he takes all my favourite tunes eg Highway Star, Sweet Child o m, Hotel Calif, Still got Blues and Sultans of Sw and plays them with ultra speed, feel and style. Some of you will probably think it is too much - personally...
  16. Alvinfan

    How to answer low ball offer :)

    I have my 1957 Strat for sale at Ebay UK at the moment. Fender Stratocaster 1957 ORIGINAL VINTAGE ! | eBay It has a couple of issues, so I have started it at a very reasonable low 5500 pounds. That did not prevent a very optimistic airhead offering me 3000 pounds. Here is my answer to him ...
  17. Alvinfan

    1957 Strat with 3 pat nr on decal - How can that happen ?

    I have my 1957 Strat for sale at Ebay UK, and putting it up for sale I discovered that decal had 3 pat nr which it is not supposed to have ! It was not so nice for me to find out, since the guitar had been sold to me as if it had an original neck, just missing neck date. As you can see from the...
  18. Alvinfan

    Terror attack in Copenhagen

    First I was shocked to hear that a Muslim terrorist had killed two people in my country. One was killed because he attended a public debate meeting about freedom of speech, the other was killed because he was Jewish. The next shock I got was when I learned that a lot of Danish muslims had...
  19. Alvinfan

    How long time does it take to change pickups on a Tele ?

    I am beginning to feel that the guy who repairs my guitars is over charging me. It is just a hunch, since I don´t know much about repairing guitars and therefore have difficulty judging if the time he puts down for repairs is reasonable. Tomorrow I am picking up a Tele where the only work being...
  20. Alvinfan

    Expensive Brazilian !!!

    The difference between the price of this 2003 Braz board R9 and a an Indian board 2003 R9 is approx 9000 $ ! :wow: It is a crazy World that we live in !!! 2003 Gibson Historic Les Paul R9 Washed Cherry | eBay If you think Braz boards makes your guitar sound so much better, why don´t you...

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