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  1. X–Ray

    (vintage) HIWATT Custom Tape Echo

    HIWATT Custom Tape Echo (CTE 2000C) Very Good Condition - Used but not abused Per HIWATT: Product Description Musicians are tired of sterile and cold sounding digital delay units, so we went back to the classic solution: tape. Only a tape echo gives the warm, natural sounds that make your...
  2. X–Ray

    Rivera RockCrusher Attenuator

    Excellent condition. Works as designed. Includes rack mount tray. $350 + $25 shipping
  3. X–Ray

    FS: Effects & Stuff - (early) Spring Cleaning

    Since I'm homebound today and enjoying listening to Jimi, no excuse in avoiding the process of finding new homes for some of my gizmos amongst my MLP amigos. Thought I'd give y'all first shot at 'em. (rack mounted effects units to follow) PM me with any questions, etc. (Sorry, not interested...
  4. X–Ray

    Thinking About A Compressor Pedal - Advice Welcomed

    Heard for years about guitarists using compressors - thinking about giving one a try Anyone use a compressor as a part of your rig, and if so, a significant contribution to your tone? So far, considering a Keeley 4 Knob or Empress - but open to suggestions Thoughts, experiences...
  5. X–Ray

    Help! Should I Buy a Rhythm or Lead Guitar?

    Screw it, I'll buy one of each....
  6. X–Ray

    NGD: '16 ES-335 Reissue

    2016 Memphis Figured 1963 ES-335 TDC So much for the post about my guitar buying days being behind me.... Professional quality photo from seller's web site First look, upon opening case (what a great aroma) What was the question again? Oh yeah, I'm definitely done now.... Not...
  7. X–Ray

    New Nut: Does This Look Right To You?

    Had a bone nut put on my R7 GT a couple of weeks ago Don't know if it's all in my imagination, but when playing it, the spacing between the D and G strings feels off, weird Then I noticed the spacing between the slots relative to the trc screw and it got me thinking, "Is this why it feels...
  8. X–Ray

    Request: Advice On Making A Worn Out Strap Button Hole Secure Again

    Went to add strap locks to my recent purchase of a 2002 R7 gold top where one of the holes is plum wore out In the old days, I'd just pack the hole with bits of broken wooden match sticks Would greatly appreciate suggestions on how to do it properly instead of jury-rigging it Thanks...
  9. X–Ray

    Question About Wire & Non-Wire Bridges On My Historics

    Have a question for those above my pay grade: The other day I noticed my 2011 B7 has a non-wire ABR-1 bridge but my 2002 R7 Goldtop has a wire ABR-1 bridge Got me wondering, if they're both reissues from the same historical year, albeit different models, wouldn't they both be the same...
  10. X–Ray

    'appy Bidet Present To Me: NGTD

    After removing the generous packing inside of the guitar case, the first time my eyes lit upon the 2002 Custom Shop R7 cradled within In order to offset this generosity to myself, I've started the process of rounding up stuff that's been sitting unused in drawers and...
  11. X–Ray

    Considering This '02 R7 Gold Top - Assistance Requested

    This GT caught my eye In my business, there's a saying, "When in doubt, refer out" - so that's what I'm doing Any opinions about this '02 R7 GT or its price? Have no idea about the scuttlebutt on this year of GTs Looking at prices elsewhere, it seems high but it's advertised as...
  12. X–Ray

    Joe Bonamassa on tone: Sounding like Clapton, Page & Beck

    Don't know if this has been posted before If you have 34 minutes, a very enjoyable watch all the way through
  13. X–Ray

    Happy Birthday QuicksilverSS!

    'appy Bidet!
  14. X–Ray

    First 'Burst Ever Made Played By Vince Gill
  15. X–Ray

    Happy Birthday SFK!

    'appy Bidet!
  16. X–Ray

    One More Reason To Like David Gilmour....

  17. X–Ray

    Happy Birthday truckermde!

    'appy Bidet!

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