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  1. Jack Ice

    I wish I could afford a Gibby!

    Congrats on the Epi custom! The headstock doesn't always mean that the Gibson will be better than the Epiphone. There are some really poor Gibsons out there compared to some Epiphones. The Custom you have is a high end guitar of it's kind. What about the Reissues?
  2. Jack Ice

    Help... Fake afd?

    That's fake
  3. Jack Ice

    Pickguard or no?

  4. Jack Ice

    Can't make my mind about my ex/current/future amplifier

    No you don't This should do better at low volumes By the way, I'd pick one of the 1w Marshall anniversary heads or a Blackstar HT5R combo.
  5. Jack Ice

    Pretty "COOL" marshall

    I'd take the fridge AND the lady
  6. Jack Ice

    Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp

    Wow. Lots of input since the last time I checked the thread. Well, that's definite this amp is great. I've got to try it in person to really feel if there's any connection between me and this amp. The price is ridiculous, but I'm really getting used to Custom Shop (Fender or Gibson) ridiculous...
  7. Jack Ice

    Marshall TSL100 with footswitch

    ding. Hope it gets a buyer, great amp! I'd recommend it to anyone, really versatile
  8. Jack Ice

    NGD: Collectors Choice #4 Sandy Pics

    Oh my god, beauty alert! Love the top, really looks 50 year old burst
  9. Jack Ice

    Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp

    Well, loudness isn't a matter of not buying such a nice amp. I'll use a great OD pedal anyways for making it sound dirty, and the natural loudness of the amp may be even good for studio work or gigs. So now I have to find one near me and play it. - hardest part Adrian, the sound record would be...
  10. Jack Ice

    Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp

    So you say it's loud when it breaks to gain? I thought it's like the 5e3, so if the volume is lower, the more it drives.. or maybe I'm wrong, but from this video I see this happening. Never had experience with such a tweed, so IDK. But now I know, it's different. Anyways, here's the vid. Tweed...
  11. Jack Ice

    Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp

    No, I really like the classic rock sounding of these amps. I was just curious, how hard it can be driven.
  12. Jack Ice

    New member: in search of amp change

    rectifiers Best I found
  13. Jack Ice

    New member: in search of amp change

    Welcome to the forums! I myself would try a Vox AC15C1. The AC30 is way too loud.. not like the AC15 wasn't, but still less of the volume, and remember.. you have to master for the gain,.. so it can easily come to divorce even with the 15w, not to mention the 30w :D You can swap the speakers...
  14. Jack Ice


    If they can't have one, they hate one. Congrats on your amp!
  15. Jack Ice

    Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp

    Hey everybody! I would like to hear some input about this amplifier from members who own/owned one. Who wouldn't know, what this beast is: If any owner could post a video review of the highest possible overdrive, I would appreciate it. From the videos I only get to hear clean...
  16. Jack Ice

    NPD: Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Crybaby Wah

    Very nice. I have one with the italian tweed outfit. Totally satisfied.
  17. Jack Ice

    Vibro-King settings?

    I was looking at videos today with the Fender Vibro King. That amp rocks.. you wouldn't dream about that gain on a twin reverb..but this badboy has it. I'll take a trip to the music store as they have a blonde one on stock.. looks awesome! If I had one tho, I'd swap the "10 Jensens for "10 Cele...
  18. Jack Ice

    FedEx is playing musical chairs with my guitar

    UPS ftw :thumb: Don't worry, the guitar will get to you soon. I know it's hard time waiting for your guitar.. but you probably won't get screwed.

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