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    How many accurate results do you get when you google your own name?

    #1. Google your first and last name, in quotes. I.E. "Bill Clinton". #2. Post how much stuff comes up, and how much of it is actually related to you personally. #3. Switch over to google images. How many images are related to you, personally? Just curious. I did a search for myself and was...
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    Just got back from a wedding. I hate weddings

    I just got back from a wedding. Transferring around 800-1000 pics over to my pc for pp'ing as I type. Now, I don't normally shoot weddings. I've done a handful in my time and hate it. Some people like it, but I just ain't one of them. But this was a favor for a really good friend of mine, so of...
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    Web Host suggestions?

    Just wondering if anyone here has suggestions for good web hosts. I've been using GoDaddy for the last 4-5 years, and I'm fed up with how slow it is. There is no in between ground with them - it's either cheap, shared webhosting, or expensive dedicated hosting. $5 a month or $50 a month, nothing...
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    Does this mean it's Rapture time?

    So... my 666'th post. No demons coming out of the sea, no multi-winged cows covered in eyeballs, and all the Republicans are still here. Man this sucks.
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    Want to learn Angel's Son by Sevendust?

    Possibly not what you normally play, but everyone can use another good solo acoustic song to impress the ladies with. :thumb: Original version: (One of them - there seems to be a few different versions of the song out there, this is the one I like. MTV chopped the intro up something awful...
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    I never knew they actually like...sort of existed, in a fake-parody-band kind of way. I thought they were just a Strong Bad inside joke. :laugh2: This one actually kind of rocks: Moving Very Slowly (Taranchula, LimoZeen's Death Metal incarnation - embedding disabled) Some other LimoZeen...
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    Another reason why LP's > 99% of the other axes out there!v=dq_j2OOvXnc Edit: Hey, what gives? Where'd the auto-embed thing go?
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    NAD! Finally found a Peavey C30!

    Whee! This thing sounds great! (To my relatively newbie ears, anyway) $325 Cdn, with the footswitch. First one I've seen around here in the few months I've been looking, and I just happened to see the ad when I received an unexpected bunch of cash! So, while I'll have to spend the...
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    Well, looks like guitars are obsolete

    Because Japan has just given birth to a new musical instrument: YouTube - otama 2009 7 22 Operational instructions: YouTube - otamatone?? ... :wtf:
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    The Ocean - Ok, I'm impressed with RB mic's now

    The Ocean It's a short little mp3 because I'm by no means a drummer and I was panting and wheezing just trying to keep up with Bonzo for that long. :wow: This is so cool! Now I have a way of getting decent multiple mic drum recordings, and the toms actually sound like toms! The kick sounds...
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    Vintage amp advice

    I've seen a few old amps go for next to nothing at auctions and I feel like taking the plunge and seeing if I get anything good out of one of them. But there are some things I was hoping I could ask here first. Are there any deal breakers I should know about in regards to buying an old...
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    Hokey-est guitar gimmick?

    My vote is either: Or the ol' burn-the-bar-down special: (Bonus points for rope lights on the mic stand!)
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    My one year anniversary

    Of breaking up with a horribly evil little soul-sucking woman! Yaaaay! Now I know it's not terribly cool to admit to holding a grudge, and I'm not a woman hater who brands everyone he breaks up with an evil soul-sucker, but this was an exceptional case. And dammit, I hold a grudge. I love and...
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    Acoustic Tonewood Preferences

    Just curious what everyone out there likes? I know with acoustics it's usually more about finding an individual guitar that speaks to you, but I've noticed over the years that if I go looking for an acoustic, at the end of the day I usually end up with one that has mahogany sides/backs and a...
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    Craig Ferguson

    Does anyone else think he's one of the best things to happen to TV in the last 10 years? I don't usually watch TV, barring him, Dirty Jobs, and Mythbusters. Aside from actually being funny (which already puts him ahead of the curve), I get a sense that his shows are real. And he is a damn...
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    Watch out, America! When you go back to the moon...

    It will be full of very well spoken and well educated people who eat the blandest foods known to man. UK Space Agency is established They have way more experience with colonization, too! Welcome to Eurospace, everybody! :slash: I bet the French claim Pluto. "Ehhhh, are we a planet? Are we not...
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    Where do all the guitar picks go?

    I put my guitar pick down on a table, turn around to grab a drink, turn back and it's GONE. My theory is that Gene Simmons is sort of like a reverse Santa Claus, sneaking into peoples houses all over the world and stealthily snatching guitar picks when nobody's looking, signing them, and...
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    TV show themes...Come on, admit it, some of them are pretty wicked

    Or am I the only one nerdy enough here to have learned a couple? YouTube - Trigun-theme song YouTube - Kids In The Hall intro theme song by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet I haven't learned the Super Mario Bros. theme though... As long as I stay away from that I can still look at myself in...
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    Earlier today: Doot dee doo, removed the stock pup and I'll just put the new one in now... Ha, those people who complain about how annoying the pickup mounting springs are sure are dumb. Can't even manage a little spring! It's not even that - FWOING @#%@% @#[email protected] @#[email protected]# &*!*$
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    SD 59 + Caps + 50's Wiring = Wow

    I did some guitar surgery last night and put in a SD '59 bridge (kept the stock Epi neck pup, it's fine enough for me), replaced the stock caps (the pots were Alpha and the switch and jack were decent enough, so I left them in), and switched over to 50's wiring. Man she sounds clean when I roll...

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