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  1. 80smetalhead

    New Guitar Day!!!

    I’ve owned and own many nice Gibson Les Pauls. But for some reason I never pulled the trigger on a Gibson Les Paul Custom. Well, I did today and finally acquired my dream guitar. It’s a 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom Re-Issue. So jacked to have it…it’s a fire breathing heavy metal beast! :dude:
  2. 80smetalhead

    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    I was just about to pull the trigger for a new LP Custom when I read in the description that it had “Strategically Placed Chambers”. That made me pause...I didn’t know that LP Customs were chambered rather than being solid or 9 hole weight relieved. When and why did this start? Chambered...
  3. 80smetalhead

    Gibson Les Paul Custom or Axcess Custom?

    Been looking at both the Gibson Les Paul Custom and the Les Paul Axcess in Ebony. I was going to buy the Les Paul Custom in Ebony until I saw that they now make an Axcess in the same color. I never considered getting an Axcess before because I didn’t like the previous colors. While I like the...
  4. 80smetalhead

    TWO Gibson Slash Les Paul's For Sale / Standard & Goldtop

    I have two mint condition Gibson Slash Les Paul's for sale. I'm selling these to finance a new purchase. Not desperate or in a hurry to sell. * Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard / Only 1600 made worldwide * Gibson Slash Les Paul Goldtop / Only 1000 made worldwide Each guitar comes with...

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