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  1. BluesRock

    How do you jam with MP3’s

    I have the line out on my computer going to one of the line inputs on an old stereo receiver connected to a pair of big old floor speakers. Whatever audio I play on the computer whether mp3, youtube, etc. goes through that. Guitar goes into pedal board / guitar amp.
  2. BluesRock

    Nitro safe guitar stands.

    I bought the Hercules wall hangers but already had various brands of floor stands. I just wrapped all of the parts the guitar rests against with some black felt and haven't had any issues.
  3. BluesRock

    Do Use An E.Q. Pedal For A Clean Boost?

    I've used my MXR as a boost with great results. As others have mentioned, I push the mids and cut some low end to cut through the mix a bit better.
  4. BluesRock

    Any SCUBA Divers Here?

    I got my PADI Divemaster certification in the 90s but haven't done much diving for a wile. I'd like to get back to it.
  5. BluesRock

    There is nothing like a free concert...

    Nice! Heard from one of my friends that went that it was a great show.
  6. BluesRock

    Electrical Noise All Guitar but Not Mic or Synth

    Along the lines of what chasenblues said, where is your cell phone?
  7. BluesRock

    Gigging Guitarists: How Do You Get Your Clean and Distorted Sounds Live?

    I get most of my sounds straight from my Mesa Express+ and guitar pickup switch/knobs but I will use a an occasional fuzz or OD pedal if it makes sense.
  8. BluesRock


    Congratulations. It really is a great sounding amp and looks to be in very good condition. I picked up one of those about a year and a half ago and love it.
  9. BluesRock

    Beam blockers for guitar amp speakers.

    This ^ On all points.
  10. BluesRock

    help with pros/cons between original fender deluxe reverb and a reissue

    A bit off topic but if you are interested in learning how tube amps work, I would suggest starting by watching this guy's videos on youtube...
  11. BluesRock

    Flat Earth Dude Says He'll Prove It

    I love this quote I'm not sure he knows what that word means.
  12. BluesRock

    Mesa Express 5:25 vs 5:25+, has anyone owned both?

    Congrats!! I like the white tolex. I have the head too running through a 1x12 with a Mesa Black Shadow speaker.
  13. BluesRock

    Just what in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is goin' on here?

    The truss rod cover sells it.
  14. BluesRock

    Mesa Express 5:25 vs 5:25+, has anyone owned both?

    I bought a 5:25+ shortly after they came out and did some research on the difference between the original and +. From what I remember there were 3 major differences: 1. The clean channel circuit was changed to be similar to the Lone Star Special clean which many viewed as an improvement. 2...
  15. BluesRock

    Stickers on Your Gibson. Blasphemy?

    That was the first guitar that came to mind for me too. Love that one.
  16. BluesRock

    How to do a Tequila Shot

    We refer to salt and lime as training wheels... Unless you do it Columbian style - snort the salt, drink the shot, and squeeze the lime in your eye.
  17. BluesRock

    String Quartet and Vocal Session

    She's got a beautiful voice! So much so that I forgot to pay attention to the music behind her but I guess that could mean it was exactly as it should be. Nice job!
  18. BluesRock

    My little "Thank You" to Tom Petty...

    Very well done!!

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