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  1. SJJMcGhee

    Is it possible to rip your guts to smithereens

    Aren't chillies full of Vitamin B, hence the fact many people enjoy them despite the heat?
  2. SJJMcGhee

    The BBC and Top Gear

    I somewhat think that the three of them should have a done an entertainment show on Amazon that heavily featured cars rather than the opposite that'll probably arise.
  3. SJJMcGhee

    The BBC and Top Gear

    The thing is, if you look back to say season 4 of post-2001 Top Gear, they're nowhere near as close or have the chemistry they had since about 2006. Hammond and May knew each other vaguely but Clarkson had been on another level at that point and it took time for a friendship to form. I very much...
  4. SJJMcGhee

    The BBC and Top Gear

    You may be waiting a bit longer for new Top Gear, the new exec-producer walked recently. Top Gear suffers blow as executive producer leaves Chris Evans's BBC show | News | Culture | The Independent Chris Evans' Top Gear is 'in crisis' after crashes and key staff quitting | Daily Mail...
  5. SJJMcGhee

    Do you find your taste in guitars has changed since you started playing?

    If I had the money I'd likely try out p-90s as I suspect it'd be love at first sound, but other than that I've stuck with the LP and shifted up to 12s as they're dense as f**k sounding.
  6. SJJMcGhee

    G N R website

    The Mirror are generally a shower of sh!tehawks, but this is also quite weird... Guns N' Roses reunion teased before Star Wars while classic logo takes over official website - Mirror Online Also, is Izzy definitely out?
  7. SJJMcGhee

    G N R website

    Think with your wallet not your brain...
  8. SJJMcGhee

    Which analog delay?

    I would second Lefty's post, that's a rocking wee pedal
  9. SJJMcGhee

    American Amps

    Remember the Decibel scale isn't linear as well, so 40dB is a hell of a lot more than double of 20dB
  10. SJJMcGhee

    The Guitarists Confessional Booth - Your 6-string sins

    I only ever learned the major and minor pentatonic, I have no idea what other scales I play if I'm doing lead I just learned them by nicking them off someone else or trial and error :( I also can't read music, but I doubt I'm alone in that one
  11. SJJMcGhee

    New Wheels!
  12. SJJMcGhee

    Einstein Under Scrutiny

    Dr John Williamson is supposedly working on theory that unifies them. He also takes 1st and 2nd year cross-course maths at Glasgow Uni :laugh2::laugh2: I really hope he cracks it so I can say he's done some lectures I went to :laugh2:
  13. SJJMcGhee

    FS: 1996 Gibson Les Paul '59 Reissue R9 w/ ThroBaks Good Wood ERA

    That colour... :wow::drool::drool:
  14. SJJMcGhee

    Jet suit flying with airliner...

    A very valid point, well made. Dubai looks amazing but there's some very shady stuff in the city. Still, would be worth a look. I'd assume travel is safe as they're hoping Dubai airport will become THE international hub, and it currently is if you wanna go from say, London to Kenya. If they...
  15. SJJMcGhee

    What's the longest you've left your guitar out of the case?

    My LP only goes in its case if it's travelling or we're away on holiday. Must be nearly a year since it's been in its case now.
  16. SJJMcGhee

    Pro band technical difficulties and bloopers

    Life on the road is hard on the gear, there's bound to be some issues along the way. I'd say how you deal with them marks you out as a pro or someone who's chopping chords for a hobby.
  17. SJJMcGhee

    Jet suit flying with airliner...

    They must be damned tricky to fly! Also must cost a fortune, they'd need to be really light yet super strong. They must have had to fly really carefully, get caught in the wingtip vortices of that beast being as light as those jetsuit guys are and you'd be toast!
  18. SJJMcGhee

    So Guns 'n Roses might be doing a reunion tour

    Think of the money... They probably will. There's been some strange stuff happened recently though, I'm skewing more to true than false and if anything, it'd be a hell of a tour to go see. If you could even get a ticket, imagine what they'll go for on ebay!!
  19. SJJMcGhee

    Should tone secrets remain... secret?

    My tone's pish anyway
  20. SJJMcGhee


    I prescribe very much to the Malcom Tucker school of swearing. Peter Capaldi always maintained that when playing that role and learning his lines, it was like poetry. It had to have a flow and once you got it, it could be incredibly visceral yet almost elegant. That's often what I aim to...

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