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  1. Mr.Paul

    My thoughts on the 2019 Custom Shop run

    Went to my local music store today after they told me they finally got some 2019s in. Well to make a long story short: it's the same like in every year. Way too much hype about nothing. Are these good guitars? Yes they are. Same as last year also. Couldn't hear any difference between a 2017...
  2. Mr.Paul

    Pickup question

    I have a bridge humbucker that has significantly lower volume than the neck pup. It doesn't sound thin but reads only 5k. Does anybody know what could be the problem? Thanks
  3. Mr.Paul

    Nicky Pickups

    Hello, I played a fantastic CC 24 Nicky but noticed a very significant loudness change when switching from the neck to the bridge pup. The neck pup was significant louder and stronger. So we measured the bridge pups output and it was only 5k. Surprisingly it didn't sound weak or thin just...
  4. Mr.Paul

    FS EU: 2015 Gibson "Shanks"

    Hi Guys, I am selling a beautiful 2015 Gibson CC 07 "Shanks". The guitar has a great flame top (almost like a Pearly) and plays and sounds fantastic. Very open sounding guitar, no mud in the neck position. The guitar has thin laquer on the back like the TH's. Maybe it was born as a TH model...
  5. Mr.Paul

    WIZZ Pups different OHM readings

    Hey folks, just received my WIZZ pups today and noticed that the neck pup reads 7.3 ohms instead of 7.6 ohms as written on the package. The bridge pup reads exactly 8,3 ohms as advertised. And yes the readings were done after the pickups adjusted to room temperature. Anybody has a similar...
  6. Mr.Paul

    52/57 Conversion Ebay Europe

    Maybe someone is interested! Gibson Les Paul 1952 / 1957 Conversion ! Vintage ! mit orig. PAF Humbucker | eBay
  7. Mr.Paul

    Panucci Les Paul - pic heavy

    Hey Guys! I recently purchased my first LP built by a luthier. This purchase really changed my mind. I often search the internet for guitars. So I was visiting Gregor Hildens HP (Greg's Guitars - Selected Guitars and Gear) and I noticed a nice Tele built by Panucci Guitars. In the description...
  8. Mr.Paul

    Shanks available again

    I was at my local guitar store today and there were two Shanks hanging on the wall. So I asked if they are used and the guy told me that they are brand new. He said Gibson has produced some "old" CC's again. He also said the sales rep told him that the 300 pieces have not been built yet and...
  9. Mr.Paul

    1973 '54 Black Beauty Reissue

    Hi Folks, it's been a while since I posted here on the forum. I'm mainly a Strat player nowadays, due to the price policy and quality of modern Gibsons. My dream Gibson was always a '54-'56 Custom. That look with the P90 and Alnico V pickups is just great! And the sound of course too! So I...
  10. Mr.Paul

    2013 Gibson Les Paul R9 WC (Europe)

    Hello! I am selling my beloved R9. It's a fantastic guitar and all stock except for Dunlop strap locks. The original locks are in the case or I can put them back on. Great neck shape, nice dark fretboard and fantastic flame and grain. The flame is very 3Dish when you hold and turn the guitar...
  11. Mr.Paul

    FS Europe: MINT Gibson CC4 Sandy

    Hello Everyone, I have too many guitars and another one coming my way already. So I have to part with an outstanding Gibson CC4 Sandy. Nice Flametop, weight is just under 3,9 kg, the hangtags are still attached to the tuner, of course all case candy, etc. The guitar was only played for...
  12. Mr.Paul

    Sandys weight

    Hello Folks, I am interested in the original weight of Sandy. Can't find any info about it. Can somebody help me out? Thanks very much!
  13. Mr.Paul

    Choosing between two Sandys

    Hi Folks, I have the oppurtunity to buy a Gibson CC#4 Sandy. The best thing: I can choose between two. One Sandy weighs 8.0 lbs and the other one 8.9 lbs. A lot of people like low weight LP's. Which makes sense if you are 2 hrs on stage. Also some say a lighter LP (lighter wood) is...
  14. Mr.Paul

    2013 RI tone

    Hi Folks, so everyone says the 2013 models sound different. But why? Number 1 woud be the pups. Number 2 the light weight more resonant mahogany. Number 3? The missig condom? I can't really imagine that. The glue? Nope! Or? Maybe the new back finish? Is it like the Std. Faded finish from...
  15. Mr.Paul

    Need help - to buy or not to buy 2012 R9

    Hi Folks! I have the opportunity to buy a killer looking 2012 R9. The top was handpicked at the Custom Shop. It has the CC #2 finish, the CC #4 neck profile, the 2013 Custom Buckers and a one piece board, the finish is gloss and the hardware VOS. Specs different form the 2013 models are the...
  16. Mr.Paul

    Sell your Historics and try this instead!
  17. Mr.Paul

    Old School Les Paul Tone

    I found it!
  18. Mr.Paul

    NGD: Gibson LP Std Faded

    Hello Everyone! I owned quiet some guitars in the last 2 years. I had a figured 58 Historic LP with 8.5 lbs weight. It was a looker and played nicely but the tone was not what I wanted. The burstbuckers were ok but I changed them with a fantastic set of OX4 pups. Much better, but still...
  19. Mr.Paul

    2007 LP Std Faded not chambered?

    Hi All! I have the opportunity to buy a very nice 2007 Gibson Les Paul Std Faded. What intrigues me is the fact, that I thought all Faded models from 2007 and 2008 were chambered. This beauty weighs 7.9 lbs. So i figure it is weight relieved and not chambered. Chambered LPs are much...
  20. Mr.Paul

    NGD: Derek Trucks SG

    Hi Guys! I just ordered a Derek Trucks SG. I always found SG's attractive but couldn't bond with the pickguards. The 61 Reissue guard is much better than the Standard guard but still it just didn't look good to me. When I first saw the Derek Trucks signature SG I immediately fell in love...

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