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  1. redjunior

    Trainwreck Friday.....

    Go for it....
  2. redjunior

    RIP Roky Erikson

    Father of Psychedelic Rock... The 13th Floor Elevators... 71 years old... RIP Roky..
  3. redjunior

    Now I want a full steak..

    What about you?
  4. redjunior

    Merry Krampus!

    Who's got the pole....
  5. redjunior

    Steve Hillenberg Dies..

    Spogebob Squarepants dad is gone... RIP Steve.
  6. redjunior

    Bad news for ex Navy Folks

    Sen. John McCain has stopped medical treatment for his brain cancer. This gives him a very short time to be with us here. Godspeed John McCain.
  7. redjunior

    Seattle/Tacoma Fall Meet 18

    Anyone know the date/location? I missed last years and don't wanna miss this one..
  8. redjunior

    Best EL84/6BQ5 tubes for Classic 30

    Need to replace mine and don't know which current ones are any good....
  9. redjunior

    Hbd,Edro @ehb

    If what I see is correct, Happy Birthday @ehb, and many more. Kin I borry the skinnin' knife? Long live the tao....
  10. redjunior

    RIP D. J. Fontana

    Elvis's original drummer... 87 years old. Another original gone.
  11. redjunior

    Watts Tube Audio..

    Anyone done business with them? They got some Valve junior parts I'm interested in..
  12. redjunior

    RIP John Perry Barlow

    Just heard on the 11 pm news Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow has died. RIP John, you wrote some amazing songs.
  13. redjunior


    Radios appear
  14. redjunior

    Happy 75th Jimi

    Wish you were here....
  15. redjunior

    Here we go again - Las Vegas

    Watching CNN just before going to bed, Mass shooting in Las Vegas on the strip, Mandalay bay casino, still developing. Sending Prayers and good thoughts. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.
  16. redjunior

    RIP Don Williams That's two today......
  17. redjunior

    Just got back from eye surgery

    Well, just had the lense in my right eye replaced, Not too bad except for the bright light in Doctors microscope. Still can't see out of it very well, but by the time they do the left one I should be able to see out of the right for the first time without glasses since I was little. No more...
  18. redjunior

    Wired TOM/ABR When did Gibson quit using them?

    My 91 LP/SG Jr, has a wired TOM. How long did gibson use this bridge? No studs either,has stop tailpiece. Bought it in 04 to replace my 61 Jr when the neck snapped at the 16th fret. Beautiful guitar... Just as smooth feeling as the older one, Just different bridge. Thanks.
  19. redjunior

    Hello from Seattle area

    Hi, Been member since middle of this year, just now got working laptop,hated trying to type on tablet. 2 LP's 2008 studio with SD pearly in bridge and 91 LP/SG junior with '61 P90 and electronics. Amps--- Classic 30 with mods, modded valve junior for recording, and '79 JMP 2204 to make...

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