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  1. bluefrog

    NGD: I did a bad, bad thing ...

    wow what a nice pair - congrates! this lester a soooo cool looking.
  2. bluefrog

    Question about early 2000 R7 pots and wiring

    for the 50s wiring ... you need to check in the wiring yrself with documents in the web. Not sure if they did it in 2000. The main effects shd be , the tone stays clean when vol turned down. If you like the reaction of the pots - be happy and play.
  3. bluefrog

    NGD R8

    you have got a fine Les Paul! I bought me a 2017 R8 glossy- few weeks ago,too washed cherry burst - used . the neck is a chunky yes - but the tone is has sussssstaiiiiiin. have fun with yours.
  4. bluefrog

    Throbaks? Wizz? OX4?

    I had OX4 HotDuanes for a Traditional LesPaul. I regret to sell them meanwhile. I have a set Sheptone Tributes in the WarrenHaynes 335 - gorgeous!
  5. bluefrog

    Epiphone GT '56 made in2001 Korea

    the pickups are likely stock, a P90 wd not fit into the base plate in the cavities. Neck is a 60ties slim neck.
  6. bluefrog

    Epiphone GT '56 made in2001 Korea

    Hi some days ago I picked up an Epiphone GT '56 with Minihumbuckers. It is a nice Lester, sounds and plays really great. A fast neck and fret wear near mint. Small marks - but for 21 years - cool! It is a light one - weight relieve ? Any owners here - what are your experiences ? What can you...
  7. bluefrog

    Late NGD R7 2020 Darkback

    Love R7 darkbacks - yours is a fine one!
  8. bluefrog

    Xotic EP Booster - a Les Paul's best ever friend...?

    I had one for years - I sold it for a Klone clone . EP can do great things yes, but I was missing some treble++ control. But hey when you are happy with - great!
  9. bluefrog

    NGD: 2002 R7 Goldtop

  10. bluefrog

    NGD: 2002 R7 Goldtop

    congrates! picutre did not show up here, anyway GT are greate
  11. bluefrog

    NGD: March 2022 1957 ML ULA Goldtop

    stunning !!! congrates for the R7.
  12. bluefrog

    My brother passed last week unexpectedly. He was the best player I've ever heard, including famous people. Here's some of his collection.

    I am feeling with you my brother passed a way abt 4 1/2 years ago, on saturday it wd be his 65th birthday. He was always supporting me - what a big loss. Sorry for you.
  13. bluefrog

    R8 Plain Top Day Every Day

    my R8 2017 Gloss CS Buckers. Awesome tone!
  14. bluefrog

    LP Traditional 2018 Pickup's

    I swapped the BB1/2 for a set of SD 59 from the 80ties in my Traditional-18 I like the SD59 very much - has more texture and bite.
  15. bluefrog

    Current Historic Reissues vs Older Historic Reissues

    I am convinced that in all years there were some outstanding examples made. Your job is to find the one that is IT FOR YOU. Most of them are "OK " some will be "dogs" . Good luck with the quest for the right one. Another thing is the pricing... prices gone rediculous high in last years.
  16. bluefrog

    What would you do? 3 Lps 4 sets of HBs

    Hot Duanes in the Traditional I had this OMG what a killer for Southern Rock.
  17. bluefrog

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    SD 59N & 59BL with covers light aged in my 2018 Trad. LP (replaced BB1+2) Sheptone Tributes A5 in ES335 Warren Haynes.
  18. bluefrog

    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    I love my 18 Traditional too it looks the same as yours. It rings unplugged and has sustain - btw. not weight reliefed about 4.1 kg - Very nice top flames. I swapped the BB for a set of vintage SD59N/B. This sounds and plays awesome.

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