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  1. Stowburst

    The "Golden Queen" of my collection: 1954 Goldtop "Lucky", a very "famous" Goldtop

    Steel Edge, You are so right about it being iconic, its THE ONE that started it all.. Liam, Jwinger, Myself and a few other members on here have all played this guitar and have GTs made from it.
  2. Stowburst

    The "Golden Queen" of my collection: 1954 Goldtop "Lucky", a very "famous" Goldtop

    Terry offered me this guitar NYE, its a great one and mega history, I know it very well. It has some marks that those in the know will know.. Wish I could have got the cash together to buy it More pics?
  3. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    WTB a 55 to 59 Esquire Blonde, real one,. replica or customshop PM
  4. Stowburst

    The Italian Job

    That looks mega!!
  5. Stowburst

    The Italian Job

    Nice to re visit this thread.. its been a while. I had a nice jam with Jwinger last week, we had 4 Terry here.. lot of fun.
  6. Stowburst

    Very best pickups you've ever heard or played.

    Tone is subjective, I had original 59 PAF that has massive topend.. I made my own neck to match it and the middle tone was best I herd, pure Spanky. Jwinger like it so much I brought them off me there and then.. Too bright for me haha
  7. Stowburst

    P90 Comparison - OX4 and Duncan

    Great Liam!! Love it
  8. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    Selling my Hiwatt, its a 50 watt made in 72 ALL original, just had service and all working fine. ULTRA tone!! I got it off well know London guru player who brought the amp brand new in 1972! Pics and details here:
  9. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    Selling a 2018 LP 59 reissue, lemon fade, Ox4 pups, gloss, all case candy £4500 Guitar has killer top, massive tone, nice lightweight feel email me: [email protected]
  10. Stowburst

    EU sellers' thread

    DMC Tailpiece 59 Vers.3 Nickel Aged I have 2 for sale
  11. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    DMC Tailpiece 59 Vers.3 Nickel Aged I have 1 for sale 1 sold
  12. Stowburst

    OX4 low wind tone: (YouTube clip)

    Great clip. Ben has the licks
  13. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    not available
  14. Stowburst

    FS 1993 Historic Goldtop R6/R7 preowned by Mick Ralphs

    I did find a video on youtube in 90s of him using it, will have to try and find it out. Anyway here is the story on that guitar: Many years ago my local music shop here in Oxford called me and said they had 2 LP just arrive for sale that I may like, I live 1 min away from shop so I went in and...
  15. Stowburst

    EU sellers' thread

    Yes I got that guitar a few days after Mick brought it into the shop, its TOTAL KILLLER.. END OF STORY. When I started Ox4 Pickups this is guitar I used to developed and test my pickups, I have gigged it around UK also in my bands
  16. Stowburst

    UK sellers thread

    not available
  17. Stowburst

    OX4 "Green" set

    The Green set is different to the normal Ox4, different mags and wind.... you will see when you get it the out of phase position. :applause:
  18. Stowburst

    Simo Rockpalast concert

    Great vid, I saw them in London. Killer band
  19. Stowburst

    NGD: VOS Mark Knopfler #107

    yes thats what I thought! mine too

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