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  1. MikeyTheCat

    Fuxing SteveC is now showing up in my YouTube Feed!

    That damn Lido Shuffle video is a virus and now I see Steve popping up among the other crap in my feed everyday.
  2. MikeyTheCat

    And brains too!

    If anybody needs to lose millions of dollars of other peoples money, ask this math wiz.
  3. MikeyTheCat

    The Green Power Ranger RIP

    My sons were into The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so I got to see most of the shows and movies. Very sad that he took his life at a pretty young age.
  4. MikeyTheCat

    It sucks to be successful and have a lot of fans that want to see you.

    Swift makes money, TicketMaster makes money, the scalpers make money, the promoters make money. The only losers are fans who can't afford the tickets but even that doesn't seem to be a problem as Ms Swift is selling out venues. I hate TicketMaster, always have, but I'm not sure what the...
  5. MikeyTheCat

    The man who created Nickleback

    OK, a clickbait title but this video is pretty interesting. Good old Pacabel’s Canon in D. It’s damn near the king of pop and if still alive Pac would be rolling in royalty checks. I didn’t know that Baroque composers needed improve skills and that they had their own common progressions to do...
  6. MikeyTheCat

    1950's Advertising Art

    Some really incredible stuff. I remember seeing it as a kid and some places had it up well into the 1970s.
  7. MikeyTheCat


    Maybe Elon should buy Starbucks next. I worked retail while going to college and the holiday season was nuts, but just part of the job. I also would work for UPS during the holidays for more money, which was another tough job. But my plan was to not make those a career. I loved our Starbucks...
  8. MikeyTheCat

    But their ESG score was so good!

    Good old FTX. It seems that investors and celebrities of all stripes are suckers for pyramid schemes, which is pretty much all these tech companies that can’t turn a profit...
  9. MikeyTheCat

    The Deadline

    I can relate
  10. MikeyTheCat

    Any other Oingo Boingo fans?

    I really like Oingo Boingo, and Danny Elfman is a helluva movie sound track composer. One thing I never realized was how damn good they were live.
  11. MikeyTheCat

    Philly Being Used in Mexican Don't do Drugs Ad

    Mexico is running a "Don't do Drugs" campaign. And some of the video looks mighty familiar.
  12. MikeyTheCat

    Been Binging H.P. Lovecraft

    On my daily walks I've been listening to his stories and I forgot how good he was. The way he just describes the settings of the stories are enough, like watching a movie.
  13. MikeyTheCat

    A thread about nothing

    I said it was about nothing.
  14. MikeyTheCat

    Joe Lynn Turner?

    I'm going to have to check this out. Maybe over produced but kind of a throw back to Rainbow.
  15. MikeyTheCat

    Tech the new religion?

    Good grief, can these people screw up the work place any more? When your job becomes your vehicle for meaning and wellness you’re in for a rough ride if you get laid off. Hell people freak out if the company changes the brand of coffee in the break room from Starbucks to Eight O’Clock.
  16. MikeyTheCat

    YouTube Ad Revenue Down

    maybe if they cut down on he number of ads they’d get more bang for their bucks.
  17. MikeyTheCat

    Andor is Pretty Damn Good

    I’ve hated what Disney has produced with Star Wars, even the Mando was just OK. But Andor is very different, very well done. The characters are well done and behave logically given their motivations. The Rebels have dirty hands, the Imperials are about law and order. I can finally recommend...
  18. MikeyTheCat

    Fun at the Guitar Store

    I've been playing one of my guitars in D Standard tuning (DGCFAD) as it's easy to play along with songs in E Standard, sounds good, is easy to play along with songs in Eb Standard just by putting a capo on, and gives songs in E Standard a little something extra. I've changed the strings to 11...
  19. MikeyTheCat

    Too old to Metal

    Metal acts weren't supposed to last this long. Dang, Michael Sweet can still hit those notes. Love the riff. I've heard much worse. Maybe Steve Harris needs to retire the shorts, and they flub a bunch, but still they kick some ass. Maybe there's still hope for my starting a career as...
  20. MikeyTheCat

    Watching guys shop for a Les Paul

    I've come to realize that when shopping for a Les Paul you need to play through a Deluxe. It's how I tried out mine, and a cranked Deluxe is a thing of wonder.

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