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  1. redking

    Meanwhile in Canada...(again. Pt. 5)

    Another day, another national embarrassment on the world stage. Justin"flation" Trudeau gets smacked down by his mentor and hero.
  2. redking

  3. redking

    Warmoth / Fender / Partscaster necks

    I was perusing the Warmoth site yesterday after I ordered a neck for a new strat project and this diagram solidified my belief in using the Vintage construction necks that adjust at the heel: When you look at the amount of wood that gets removed from the Vintage Modern construction necks at...
  4. redking

    Psionic Audio on Tone Talk Tonight

    Hey guys - just a heads up, forum member @Lyle Caldwell (Psionic Audio) will be on Tone Talk with Dave Friedman tonight. I have been enjoying Lyle's repair videos on Youtube over the last half a year since I discovered them.
  5. redking

    Meanwhile, in Canada (again, pt. 4)

    F#ck, we love trees up here!
  6. redking

    The news today has me down.... I mean, if they're not getting in, I can only conclude that I will never make the cut either. :Ohno:
  7. redking

    80's Charvel Japan neck

    Hi guys - I'm going through an 80's nostalgia phase and building a Charvel partscaster for shits and giggles (MIJ 1980's Charvel neck and Warmoth body). I've got a neck similar to this coming my way and my intention is to use it without the locking nut mechanism that is supposed to be installed...
  8. redking

    Healthy Eating, Blood Sugar and all that Jazz

    So I have had a number of moments over this past year where harsh realities have hit home for me: I was diagnosed with early stage / border line Type 2 Diabetes last November I was prescribed first one, and then a second medication for managing my blood sugar levels (first in November, then a...
  9. redking

    Math is hard

    When you make a movie aimed at a demographic segment that makes up about 5% of the population and are shocked when 95% of the population don't come watch it. :hmm: #duh!
  10. redking

    Rist Workhorse for Sale

    Hey guys - just a PSA - what I believe could be the first Rist Workhorse (#000) is for sale on reverb. Tempted myself, but I have too many guitar projects on the go right now so I can't be too greedy. :cool: edit: the ad is...
  11. redking

    Rough night for Frankie Lasagna

    Other than the name, turns out his arms are just a bit too short. Maybe too much Lasagna to make that reach?! :rofl:
  12. redking

    Meanwhile, in Canada (again, pt. 3) At least CNN pretended they were being objective.
  13. redking

    Meanwhile, in Canada...(again pt. 2)
  14. redking

    Worst Gear Purchase. Ever!?

    $3,000 for a refrigerator! Fuck.
  15. redking

    San Quentin

    I wonder how much they had to pay all those kids to pretend they even knew who Nickelback was? :rofl: (nevermind listen to multiple playbacks and pretend to enjoy this horrible song)
  16. redking

    New Trend? Woke Estate Planning I predict 1 of 2 outcomes - either the company flounders and withers away because talented people aren't wanting to go somewhere where their talents aren't rewarded (this assumes their woke...
  17. redking

    Looking for: White Limba off cut piece

    Does anyone have an offcut piece of white limba they would be willing to sell that would be suitable for glueing a "beak" on to an explorer headstock? So maybe something like 1 inch thick x 6 inches x 6 inches square to be safe, Thanks!!
  18. redking

    58 Flying V rubber strip template

    Does anyone happen to have a template for the rubber strip on the side of a 58 flying V that they would be willing to duplicate and sell me?
  19. redking

    red dye bleeding onto binding

    I was trying out a used 1960 Reissue on the weekend at my favorite guitar store, and the neck binding was basically covered with red dye bleeding into it. It had a nice feeling neck, gorgeous top, but I couldn't get over how sloppy the finish was on the neck. The price must have reflected this...

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