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  1. banditguitarist1

    My band (Stolen Girls) new album

    Hey guys my band Stolen Girls just put out a 6 song recording if you're into Garage Rock and Punk with some noise and chaos you should check us out! Stolen Girls :dude::dude:
  2. banditguitarist1

    Check out my bands first E.P.

    Little promotion here but you guys should check out my band some cool garage-punk! Our E.P. dropped today so you should definitly give it a listen or a download:dude: Stolen Girls
  3. banditguitarist1

    Don't know if this has been posted but Happy Birthday LES PAUL!

    Happy Birthday Les! The man would have been 96 years old today he'll be deeply missed and I'll be rocking out on all my Les Paul's today in his honor! Hope he's still rocking out somewhere over the rainbow today:dude: YouTube - ‪Les Paul Trio - "Over The Rainbow"‬‏
  4. banditguitarist1

    Schaller problem with my JPP

    I've had Schaller's installed on my JPP since I got the guitar in 2005 never had a problem always worked great until these last couple of weeks. Whenever I swing the guitar one way or another when I play and jam with my band the strap-lock closest to the neck always just pops right out! Just as...
  5. banditguitarist1

    My first tattoo today!

    So I'm leaving for college in the morning so tonight was the last day at home! Me and my friends got together and I got my first tattoo Jimmy Page's ZOSO symbol! Im 18 and Jimmy Page and Zeppelin is the reason I play guitar and are why I keep making music and wanting to make music so it was...
  6. banditguitarist1

    Some pics of the JPP

    So I got myself a new portable digital camera a Panasonic DMC-ZS7 so I took some pictures of my JPP to see how good the pictures come out and I was pleasantly surprised Heres the back of the headstock where it was repaired after the headstock snapped off Headstock You can see the wear...
  7. banditguitarist1

    ESP Edwards What do you think?

    So I've been looking at these ESP Edwards Les Pauls they look fantastic, nitro finished and Duncan pickups anyone ever play one or anything? Edwards / E-LP-85CD/P Looks so good for 800!!
  8. banditguitarist1

    should i respray my Les Paul TV Yellow?

    So I'm wondering if I should maybe respray my Les Paul TV Yellow. I mean its yellow right now but its a very bright yellow and I think TV Yellow would be a little more "vintage correct" but also a nicer finish but I'm not totally sure I'd look similar but idk just an idea I am playing around...
  9. banditguitarist1

    Planes and Pauls

    So I am going to the UK in March and I really really want to bring a guitar over there with me! However I don't know if your allowed to bring a guitar on a plane, I know you can check it but thats a worry I do not want! So can you bring a Paul on a Plane? I'd prefer to bring my LP with me...
  10. banditguitarist1

    Help I think my Plexi died!

    so today I had my plexi on with my THD Hot plate same Ohm value as the amp and I had it on standby just warming up for awhile. Well I had to go out so I shut it off and while getting ready I noticed a strange burning smell which was coming from the amp when I tried to turn i tback on nothing no...
  11. banditguitarist1

    new to Epi side of the forum

    Hey guys so Im new to the Epiphone side of the forum I usually hang out in the Historics section but I got a new project for my 1 and only beloved Epiphone Black Beauty. So I really want to rip out the epiphone electronics cause while I love the BB, the output is constantly failing and...
  12. banditguitarist1

    How hard is it to get 50's wiring from Modern?

    So my Studio has the modern wiring with no PCB and I have nothing to do and would really like a 50's wiring I got the diagram online here Gibson Wiring Diagrams - Wiring Library - Schematics What I'm interested in knowing is how hard is it to do and what do I have to move, Im just a little...
  13. banditguitarist1

    I Am Goin To Englun!

    So I wrote an essay for my schools exchange program and now later this year I get to visit the home country of all my favorite bands! THE UK!! I will be staying with a student from the Salesian College Farnborough for 10 days around March I believe, and they will be staying here in New York...
  14. banditguitarist1

    some new pics of my Jackie JPP outside!

    So its a gorgeous day out today and the sun was shining perfect for some nice pictures so here you go "Jackie" JPP 751.
  15. banditguitarist1

    Clapton And The Bluesbreakers

    So I've been listening to Clapton when he was with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers particularly "Have You Ever Loved A Women [Live]" and I love that piercing biting tone Clapton has on those recordings. I know there is no way to really get the same tone, but I was wondering how I can get a...
  16. banditguitarist1

    What Do You Think Of Modern Mesa Boogie?

    A friend of mine recently had a debate about Mesa Boogie amplifiers and I'd like to get some input on what other people think of modern Mesa Boogie amps. I say Modern because I believe the old Mesa's of the 1970's (i.e. The Mark Series) was a totally different class of amp then the modern...
  17. banditguitarist1

    Jimmy page vs. Jesus christ (jp vs. Jc)

    Jimmy Page- one of the most famous songwritters of all time known and loved by millions. Jesus Christ- one of the most famous religions figures of all time known and loved by millions.
  18. banditguitarist1

    Help Me Price My SG

    Hey guys I havent been able to find much pricing info about my Pete Townshend SG. I am thinking about selling it but first I'd like a good grasp of what it could be worth its the Limited Edition version 158 of 250, I understand they were made in 2000. Its in pretty much mint condition i'd say...
  19. banditguitarist1

    To Buy A New LP or Not!

    I was in my local guitar center with a friend who is buying a Vintage Mahogany Les Paul, and I noticed a red les paul behind the counter. It looked gorgeous! Gold hardware and a black pickups with gold screws and white rings it is 1700 but I don't know if I should try and sell something like my...
  20. banditguitarist1

    After Years Of Searching I've Found Secret To SLASH TONE

    Yes I have searched for years tirelessly day and night in search of the Slash tone! Watched endless hours of Guns N' Roses live in there prime till my eyes were bloodshot and this moment I had an epiphany! The secret to the slash tone is! DRUM ROLL PLEASE... NO PICKGUARD ON YOUR LES...

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