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  1. :: M.D ::

    Suggestions for a bedroom practice amp

    Im looking for a combo amp for low price Cause my Marshall mg 15 is already dying out
  2. :: M.D ::

    Difference between Standard and Custom

    I know theres no diffferent pickups but are they both the same wood and is there a different neck
  3. :: M.D ::

    amp suggestions

    I know i posted this before but know i am realizing my MarshallMG15 isnt holding out i am looking into the JCM800 or an AVT100 something small .. i also heard of peavy ..suggestions??
  4. :: M.D ::

    Noob Question

    I need some help changing the strings on my les paul.. suggestions??
  5. :: M.D ::

    Epiphone Valve junior HalfStack

    I know it only has one valve and all And i heard not to be worried about it.. anybody own one? is it worth it? comments?
  6. :: M.D ::

    Trans Amber Epi lp

    Does anyone own this gutar? Im falling in love with the finish. Does anyone have pics or ideas of what to expect in this lp
  7. :: M.D ::

    Slash model

    :slash:What makes the Epi slash standard different from the original Besides the Alnico Pro pups:slash:
  8. :: M.D ::

    Epi standard pup suggestions

    Note i only have a Marshall 15 watt until i can buy a bigger amp (cause im broke) what pickups do you suggest i am looking for a slash bluesy sound and i know of seymour duncan aalnico 2 but i want to have my own pup basically i dnt want to copy slashs sound rather make it my...
  9. :: M.D ::

    Gettin Epi lp trans amber

    Im getting mine next week anyone have one how does it sound??
  10. :: M.D ::

    Gettin a New Epi soon

    Any suggestions on what to do with this thing? Pickups? Amps? Mods?
  11. :: M.D ::

    Amps? Esp Marshall mini stack

    I have an Epi Lp plus top and i asked around about Burstbuckers and they said i need a Better amp Mine right now is a 15 watt Marshall i know its not much but i blew my money on the LP andjust wondering what amps do you suggest is the Marshall mini stack any good
  12. :: M.D ::


    Hey im new to mlp I have question bout pickups im getting a Epi lp Plus top what pickups do you suggest me getting i only have a Marshall 15 watt practice amp so its prolly not the right move also is there any other pups you suggest

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