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  1. bluefrog

    Epiphone GT '56 made in2001 Korea

    Hi some days ago I picked up an Epiphone GT '56 with Minihumbuckers. It is a nice Lester, sounds and plays really great. A fast neck and fret wear near mint. Small marks - but for 21 years - cool! It is a light one - weight relieve ? Any owners here - what are your experiences ? What can you...
  2. bluefrog

    Good tone surprise just SD 59er with budget gear

    let me tell you: yesterday rehearsals with my Trad2018 + 80ties SD59N + 59BL just a bugdet gear (joyo jackman and 1x12 v30 box) - beside my old xotic bb. I was total surprised how good it sounded! I had this kerrang and honk from the bridge pickup. I used the clean channel on the jackman. but...
  3. bluefrog

    swapped Burstbuckers for an old SD SH59 set

    Hi I pulled the BB1 / BB2 out and installed SD 59BL and 59N on the Tradtional 2018. I am very pleased by the tone the 59s give now. the bridge sounds now like a tele on steriods, but not brittle as I found the BB2 in bridge. The neck is warm but with a nice top end when pushed. A5 can be also...
  4. bluefrog

    New used Marshall cab day 1936

    Hi I bought a 1936 lead with upgraded speakers by the shop ... 2x G12 H30 Heritage 55 15Ohms Box is near mint and what I was checking : plywood built. Sounds really old school marshall like, has a lot good mids and highs. Need to play more but very pleased so far!
  5. bluefrog

    Friedman GoldenPearl +Friedman Runt 20

    Hi, last week I got me a Friedman golden pearl for my Marshall 1974x as a booster / overdrive for a bluesy brake up tunes. Was great, really liked it. today I was curious how it wd be in front of my Friedman Runt20 ... cool - the clean channel showed like the marshall 1974x a nice break up...
  6. bluefrog

    FS OX4 Hot Duanes Chrome Covers pricedrop !!!

    Hi I am selling my OX4 Hot Duanes Chrome Cover braided wires with box and stickers I am changing my rig and style totally - otherwise they lift you instandly in southern eras... legendary tones!!! N ca. 8.7 K B ca. 9.3 K 225 Euros I ship from germany to Europe so added shipment and charges ...
  7. bluefrog

    OX4 Hot Duanes Set

    Hi now after some days of this set in my Les Paul Traditional 2018 tobacco burst... I can say incredible !!! the sound punchy, fully but in no way muddy or dark. the neck is full, yes but cleans up when vol pot is lower. maybe I add a treble bleeder. the bridge has girth and character and...
  8. bluefrog

    NAD Friedman Runt 20 head

    Hi I have got a friedman runt 20 head. Calling all other Runt-owners... What surprises me is the switch ! the clean channel active shows RED light on the switch. the dirt channel active - switch-light is off. ODD for me ... it is the same at other runt or BE users??? Anyway... it is a great...
  9. bluefrog

    NGD Les Paul 2017 Classic GT

    Hi guys last weekend I bought / traded a new 17 GT Classic. I watched a pro guitarist and professor checking guitars. After a small chat about this ... "she is good" I checked it,too. Finally I took her home. Plays like butter and it crafted excellent. What I dont like so much are the 57 /57+...
  10. bluefrog

    Fs xotic sl drive

    Hi my XOTIC SL DRIVE is for sale in EU lets say for 110 Euro pls shipping fees to anywhere in EU or world if you pay shipment and charges. used but all fine with, no crackle potis and original packing also. (a rubber foot has been changed). no returns pls, no warranties from my side. but hey...
  11. bluefrog

    NPD Strymon Lex

    Hi got my Strymon Lex (2nd hand) and this thing sounds really gorgeous !!! Mini Vent II had issues and was not such cool. Though lower price and more fun with the LEX. :applause:
  12. bluefrog

    2014 R0 CustomBuckers

    Hi I played a nice R0 from 2014 -all stock- and I wd like to know if there were CB or BBs in. anybody to confirm CBs in 2014?
  13. bluefrog

    Ebay Germany/europe R9 2004

    Have a look. also in ebay kleinanzeigen for a better price.
  14. bluefrog

    Double NPD TC Electronic Flashback HyperGrav.

    Hi Guys, a bit late but I want to post my 2 tc pedals - Flashback - Hypergravity Compressor. to cut it short : COOL :slash: the flashback is an absolute great sounding little gem. each of the options you have is very impressing and serious. the dotted eights in short delay by tapping...
  15. bluefrog

    NPD xotic bb booster

    Hi after having swapped the BB plus to xotic EP and Xotic SL Drive - I was gassing for the BB - and got this 2nd hand last week. Awesome too - before the Fender Blues Dlx. Not so good in front of the Fender XD but this is not really a reference. Great pedal sounds so open and has nice warm...
  16. bluefrog

    NGD ES345 Tdc 2014

    hi some late but now we have ... a killer 2014/2015 ES345 In VOS cherry with 2015 specs from memphis a side by side with her sister a WH 335 61
  17. bluefrog

    shaw or not shaw humbuckers ?

    Gibson Pickups + 1980 Made in USA + ES 335, Les Paul, SG in Baden-Württemberg - Freiburg | Musikinstrumente und Zubehör gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen anybody there who can tell that ?
  18. bluefrog

    which set to take ? Wizz A4s or SD Antiquities or SD SethLover

    Hi which set for a vintage PAF thing more one low wind for an R9 which may be a brighter one? WIZZ , SD ANTS, SD SETH LOVERS others I had Shep tributes(in the WarrenHaynes 335) , SH1, WLH. others you wd recommend?
  19. bluefrog

    WTB WCR Darkburst Bridge or Crossroads Bridge

    hi has anybody one left in the tray or box...? :wave:
  20. bluefrog

    new shawbucker in fender stratocaster

    Hi I have a NGD but it is a fender:naughty: the 2015 standard HSS in black with the new shawbucker AlN II unpotted,7,9k bridge. zebra. the shawbucker is awesome as far I found out. Fender did thought having a 500/250 K vol pot so the humbucker get the right resistor 500k when switchted to...

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