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  1. atkinsg

    [email protected] epiphone les paul prophecy custom gx for 449

    I just ordered one of these at the lm ottawa store sight unseen except for on line Anyone here have one where you can give me feedback on them. I figured for 449 I cant go wrong, the pickups alone are worth half that.
  2. atkinsg

    Best replacement bridge for a 87 custom

    The bridge on my custom is in quite rough shape from dirt and sweat over the years. the gold is gone and on the corners its down to the cast...= sharp edges. I could file or sand this as that would be the cheap fix. The groves are quite large where the strings sit on them, I have gone back to...
  3. atkinsg

    Guitar magazine coverage of guitar brands

    Is it just me or do most of the guitar mag ignore the gibson brand and products. I have been purchasing mags for years and I seen lots of articles on brand history and products in regards to Fender, PRS, Ibanez , Dean etc etc..over and over again. Are these guitar companies funding for all...
  4. atkinsg

    Forum states Norlin 69-87

    Hi Everyone The Norlin forum description states 1969-1987. The new co purchase was in 85/86, so is an 87 an actual Norlin? Does the forum consider them Nolins because Gibson had alot of inventory left over that was used up in 87? I have read in the various forums that quaility was very...
  5. atkinsg

    Les Paul Custom colors

    Hey Everyone I have an 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Vintage sunburst (VSB marked in pickup cavity) I have not seen many customs in this color but have seen many many standards in this color. is it just me or is this an uncommon color for a custom. I have seen a ton of black and...
  6. atkinsg

    Gibson protector case metal latch replacements.

    Anyone know where I might find a metal latch that is even close to being a replacement an original latch?
  7. atkinsg

    any late 80,s les pauls out there?

    I just picked up this 87 les paul custom. I have no seen many late 80 les pauls or customs in the forums out there. Is everyone that has one just quite out there?. lets see some more 80s les pauls in the forum. I just love this guitar.
  8. atkinsg

    Any information on mid to late 80,s Les pauls

    I just picked up a very nice but well used 1987 Les Paul Custom. is there any information out there related to the mid to late 80,s and gibson les pauls out there? I do know it is around the time that the company changed ownership. I have owned many gibsons and the quaility of this guitar...
  9. atkinsg

    any info on 1999 epiphone les paul limited editions

    Hi Everyone I just picked up this 1999 epiphone les paul limited edition birdseye in excellent condition. Does anyone have any informaton on these korean built guitars? The build quality on this guitar is stellar. were these really limited editions or is that just a name they gave the...

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