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  1. MooCheng

    New Car Day!!!!!!!!

    nice car Fett, built in the days when cars had identity and soul
  2. MooCheng

    Sacked over Hitler meme?

    reminds me of the Disney Corporation taking a very dim view of their employee's referring to the company as Mouseschwitz
  3. MooCheng

    Acoustic pickup question

    Sure, an electric guitar pickup will wok on an acoustic, the trouble is, its not going to get the best acoustic sound, guess it all depends on what you want The K&K system is reasonably priced and has one of the most natural acoustic sounds around It has 3 small p'ups that glue to the bridge...
  4. MooCheng

    Banned? I never even joined?

    maybe they think your a disgruntled ex- employee there's quite a list apparently
  5. MooCheng

    Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky’

    they've just built a huge erection in a town near me the good lady's of Woking town are thrilled saying its been a long time coming
  6. MooCheng

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    sad news, always liked him RIP Charlie
  7. MooCheng

    Line up for the Anonymous testicle-checking booth

    that reminds me of a nasty experience I once had in a public restroom, lets just say it wasn't a hand that appeared through a hole in the wall
  8. MooCheng

    Your Roland Experience!

    Roland amps do some things very well. I have a old orange cab Roly 60 I use for pedal steel. They are very good steel amps. For guitar they're ok for clean. High gain sounds fizzy also have a little Roland Cube 20 I used as a practice amp for a while. As a practice amp its fine though some of...
  9. MooCheng

    It felt good, didn't it Ricky?

    for Gawd's sake get the kid some boxing gloves
  10. MooCheng

    Guitar Pick Disappears

    there's a place in the Universe where all lost picks reside and up the vacuum cleaner
  11. MooCheng

    Tokai LS-100 Refret (Nibs) question

    never liked nibs so a chance to get rid of 'em would be welcomed but a lot would depend on if its a player or something your looking to resell as much as I hate nibs I'd pay whatever it costs to keep them on a valuable vintage guitar to keep its value
  12. MooCheng

    Goldtop popped up locally: is this authentic?

    its Chinese, I've seen hundreds of 'em could be a nice player, some are, but its still a fake 250 tops
  13. MooCheng

    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    back in my smoking days it would have been useful as somewhere to wedge a cig' during a song, other than that it serves no useful purpose I can see
  14. MooCheng

    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    never use detergent on a wok, it knackers it and it will never be the same again after use all you need is to wipe it with some kitchen towel, no bugs or nasties are going to survive the next fire up
  15. MooCheng

    Replacing the narrow 1 9/16" nut of my 1967 ES-355

    spreading the strings with a new nut is something I done with every Yam SG SBG I ever owned, very easy conversion if you can find someone to cut a good nut. and its reversible, just keep the old nut if it comes out in one piece enjoy your new ES, nice guitar
  16. MooCheng

    Acoustic Players Poll: 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze vs. Other?

    acoustics are real fussy over strings, I've found it depends much on the individual guitar what type sounds right its kind of fun trying out different strings mostly using PB's these days I even like hairy Elixirs
  17. MooCheng

    What device do you use to surf the web and post on mlp?

    mostly laptop using linux and firefox or sometimes A10 phone when I'm out and about and need a mlp fix
  18. MooCheng

    Not Florida. Shot himself in the meat and two vege. 6 years in jail.

    now he has something in common with Adolph Hitler
  19. MooCheng

    It was 46 years ago today...

    Congrats to you both Mrs Vasco sure is a beautiful lady not sure about the short ass with the funny hair cut
  20. MooCheng

    String Change Frequency

    tend to keep 'em on longer than I should I change them more often on acoustics, every 3 or 4 weeks. On electrics they last ages

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