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  1. BluesZep

    Video: P90 out of phase

    Hello! I recorded a video comparing the "in phase" and "out of phase" tones on my Gibson Les Paul Special. I did the magnetic mod, rotating the magnets. In the video you can hear the tones in and out of phase, and in the end how I did the mod! Cheers! YouTube - ‪In Phase...
  2. BluesZep

    Help me identifying this LP Special

    Hello there! I'm negotiating this guitar, but I'm not sure about which exact model it is. Seller announced it as a "Les Paul Jr Special Exclusive", but this model on Gibson website doesn't have bound neck. This one has. Of course it's not a reissue, because it has stoptail +...
  3. BluesZep

    [WTB] Gibson Reflector knobs

    Hi there! I'm looking for black reflector knobs, silver/chrome inserts, but they are out of stock on online stores. If someone here has a set for sale, please contact me! Thanks!
  4. BluesZep

    '56 Goldtop MOD: Out of phase pickups

    Hello there As many folks here, I like Peter green so much. So, I've always wanted to do the Peter Green mod. I don't like the idea of open a nickel covered humbucker, so I decided to do it to my Goldtop. I did it to neck pickup. P90 pickup has 2 magnets, so I opened the pickup, and rotated...
  5. BluesZep

    Headstock finish on a LP Standard - Fix?

    Hello there! Well, I have a Gibson ’98 Standard, bought used on May. This guitar has a particularity, which I’ve already seen on other guitars, mainly 90’s. On headstock, near tuner posts, there’s a coat layer “loosed”, if I can say this. I don’t know...
  6. BluesZep

    Virtual Jam - Steppin' Out

    Hello there! I'd like to share with all you a video recorded by me and a friend. We live in Brazil, but different states, 2000 miles away aprox. We both like blues and classic rock, so we have recorded a Bluesbreakers's classic song, Steppin' Out, from Beano Album. We used main riffs as...
  7. BluesZep

    Finish checking - Temperature

    Hello! I was reading about finish checking in some threads, and I have a question. When you guys talk about temperature variation checking guitar finishes, how big is this variation? I live in Brazil, and in winter, the temperature in my city varies from 8 °C (at night) to 30 °C...
  8. BluesZep

    GHS Guitar Gloss

    Hi folks! last week I bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard, '98, and she wasn't much clean. It's my first nitro finished guitar, so I don't know much about cleaning her. She was very dirty, not even shining. I bought GHS Guitar Gloss and applied to entire guitar, with great results. It cleaned...
  9. BluesZep

    My "new" '98 Les Paul Standard

    Hi there! I'm from Brazil, 29 yrs old, and could say I'm not a newbie in MLPForum, but I have few posts. Almost a year ago I've discovered this forum, and watch each new acquisition here. All you have excelent Les Pauls!! Well, now I'm proud to show you my new axe. It's a Gibson Les Paul...
  10. BluesZep

    Epi LP Standard - plastic and hardware customized!

    Hi there! I've customized my Epiphone Les Paul Standard with new plastics and hardware, and I'd like to share with all you! Electronics: - Switchcraft toogle - Gibson Classic '57 piclups - 50's wiring Plastic parts: - Pickup rings: Allparts brand (Gibson size. I've had to re-drill...
  11. BluesZep

    Gibson mounting rings fits Epiphone?

    Sorry if the title isn't correct :confused: I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and I need to change the pickups mounting rings. I was looking for Gibsons mounting rings but I don't know if they have the same dimensions of Epiphone's. There's no Gibson products in my city, so i can't test...

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