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  1. floyd84

    FS: Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul Acoustic Trans Purple

    For Sale: This is a very rare Gibson Custom Shop made Les Paul Acoustic in Trans Purple, with a gorgeous AAAAA flame top. Speaking of tops, this one is over an inch thick and beautifully carved, in order to compensate for the integrated bridge. That's right, the top and bridge are one piece...
  2. floyd84

    FS: Marshall Silver Jubilee cab

    For Sale - 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2556a 2x12 cab Factory Silver Tolex - Only year ever produced - $600 Shipped If you're looking, you know what these are, and how hard they are to come by. These came with two Celestion G12-75 speakers and are rated at 150 Watts Overall, condition is...
  3. floyd84

    FS: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard $1,700 shipped

    1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. Factory gold hardware. Factory Grover tuners Neck Pickup - DiMarzio 37th anniversary PAF 4 wire Bridge Pickup - Late 70's Patent Number Gibson P490 rare double cream Wiring - Jonesey Custom made harness with tone push/pull for...
  4. floyd84

    FS: 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic 3pickup model Honeyburst $1,650 Shipped

    For Sale: 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic 3 pickup model in Honeyburst. Factory 3 pickup configuration. Factory gold hardware. I got this one from Ray and Lee over at Grinning Elk, but just doesn't get played much, because I have two Les Paul Customs with the same pickup configuration that do...
  5. floyd84

    FS: 2007 Gibson Les Paul GOTW #25

    For Sale: 2007 Gibson Guitar Of The Week #25 - Gloss Ebony finished Les Paul Studio with BFG electronics I've had this one for a while, but just doesn't get played much, on the count that I have three other Les Pauls with the same pickup configuration. Here's the details: Neck - 59...
  6. floyd84

    Which one would you put vintage PAFs in?

    I just bought a set of Vintage PAFs and I'm having a tough time deciding which guitar to put them in. I figured I'd ask my fellow MLPers. So, if you had a set of PAFs and the following guitars, which route would you take, and why? Option 1 - My 69/59 Conversion Option 2 - My 59 Replica...
  7. floyd84

    Need help - control cavity question

    Disregard - The guitar in question appears to have been on a hacked Ebay account
  8. floyd84

    NGD 1981 Les Paul Heritage Elite-80
  9. floyd84

    NGD 1981 Les Paul Heritage Elite-80
  10. floyd84

    NGD 1981 Les Paul Heritage Elite-80

    Just picked this up at the Fall Philly Guitar Show. For those not up to speed on the Heritage Elite-80 series, they were Gibson's first production run of a 59 Re-issue(Other than the small runs made for dealers in the 70's, like Guitar Trader, Leo's Les Paul, and Strings and Things). I've been...
  11. floyd84

    NGD 59 TV Yellow Junior

    Just arrived today. All original, except for pots and knobs. No breaks ever. Lots of mojo. I'll take better pics outside, once the sun decides to shine on the east coast again
  12. floyd84

    NGD Les Paul Acoustic

    I have been hunting one of these down, for some time now. The boys in the Elk Cave came through. Big thanks to Ray and Lee from GrinningElk for their awesome service. This is a 2002 Custom Shop Les Paul Acoustic in trans purple, with a killer flamed maple top. A lot of things surprised me about...
  13. floyd84

    Replaced another set of snot green inlays

    Having liked the results I got from changing inlays on my Lightburst Classic, I decided to tackle my 3pickup Honeyburst Classic. Here's a step-by-step of the first set I did: Last time I used a set of...
  14. floyd84

    Modded my already modded R8

    Did a lot of work on a few of my Les Pauls this weekend. Changed inlays on my Classic and did a bunch of stuff to my Lemonburst R8. I had already changed some things on this one. So far I've: Changed the pickups a few time, but settled with double black Wizz PAFs RS wiring kit with Superpots...
  15. floyd84

    No more snot green inlays

    I've been sitting on a couple of sets of Historic Makeover and Dave Johnson's AVH inlays, for a while. I wanted to change some of my Historics, but I figured I'd try it on something a little less expensive. So I decided to change the snot green inlays on one of my Classics first. I've already...
  16. floyd84

    Gibson Artist Series SG Sorrento Case

    Picked this up from the Jim's Guitars booth at the Summer Philly Guitar Show. I had never seen one before, so I walked away with it and a late 50's five latch Cali Girl theremometer shape Lifton. It is in great condition and came with a printout with info on it. According to Tom Whitrock, over...
  17. floyd84

    Big knobs and mummy toes for my 52

    Got some great things at the Summer Philly Guitar Show, a few weeks ago. Big thanks to Eric Ernest for selling me the 5/8" speed knobs, from his gorgeous Bursted 52 Les Paul. Also, big thanks to Bob Davenport, Matt Martin, and David Bruneau, at the MartinSixStringCustom booth, for the cool aged...
  18. floyd84

    NGD 70-71 Deluxe

    Picked this up at the Summer Philly Guitar Show from the guys at Guitar Emporium in Lexington Kentucky. Serial dates it to either 70 or 71. I'm gonna see if I can have Gibson CS look it up in the ledgers. It's a great player's guitar. Very resonant acoustically. It had suffered a headstock break...
  19. floyd84

    NGD 3pickup Classic Honeyburst

    Got this from Ray and Lee of Grinning Elk, at the Summer Philly Guitar Show. It's a 2003 Classic with three humbuckers. Plays great and it's exceptionally clean and free of any blemishes. Those guys sell some really sweet pieces. I'm always amazed at what they have at their booth. This one just...
  20. floyd84

    9 1972 is home!!!!

    Well, today the postman dropped off an inconspicous looking Epiphone box :laugh2: Inside was my replica that SGLou built. I got it from him last year at the Summer Philly Guitar Show. It was finished, faded, and aged by Tom Bartlett. I got most of the plastics, hardware, and Holy Grail wiring...

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