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  1. strat

    Possible NGD TODAY!!! Epiphone Les Paul Custom!

    Okay, okay, lol I'll throw up the ones I have in a few
  2. strat

    Possible NGD TODAY!!! Epiphone Les Paul Custom!

    I'm looking at scoring one of these for 150! Pics to come. :fingersx::fingersx::fingersx: Any thoughts? What are these actually worth? I see them used between 300-500. That's a pretty big gap IMO
  3. strat

    How to turn (ruin) a Studio LP into "Standard"

    came out pretty cool i think
  4. strat

    Would it be blasphemy to mod my old RG550?

    Go nuts man, those things are like 350's pull it apart, rebuild to your liking
  5. strat

    How to Ruin a Goldtop

    diarrhea burst!!! LOL
  6. strat

    Choose Carefully.

    When you listen to them both talk you wonder if anyone actually hears this insanity, but they obviously don't..... because we elected obama once, and we will again
  7. strat

    Choose Carefully.

  8. strat

    ESP Navigator.......

    Half a million yen. LOL
  9. strat

    Wiring harness...

    Hell, 20 plus parts and I'll do it for you. hahha
  10. strat

    My home made work station.

    Thats awesome lol I usually steal my mom's dish towels and spread one out for the body and prop a few under the headstock. I do all of this on the dinner table, effectivleytaking over the kitchen.
  11. strat

    Wiring experts please! It's driving me crazy!

    I would make sure to check the bridge connection again, those things are fickle sometimes. However, that said, I would suggest another outlet, another cord, and another amp, just to pin point the issue before you go ripping through the guitar cavity. Hope this helps
  12. strat

    Page 93 Burst

    Where are the switch caps? LOL
  13. strat

    Wiring Gurus, got a question...

    I understand exaclty what your saying, I once bought a used guitar and found a dime dag in the switch cavity. LOL
  14. strat

    Tuning machine question

    Check the ratio. the higher the ratio, the better
  15. strat

    I wish every one of my guitars looked like this badass '58 Strat!

    Kinda makes my skin crawl a little... hell only thing missing is termite holes

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