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  1. eddie_bowers

    Tips on changing nut location

    I have come to the conclusion that the nut location on my bulldog kit (built years ago and played a lot) is wrong. It’s too far away from the first fret making open notes flat if everything else is in tune. The nut slots have been deepened to reduce too much sharpening of the first two frets...
  2. eddie_bowers

    “Dorothy” restoration?

    I am very confused by the “Dorothy” restoration. Did they drill into the top to add a different type bridge? Yikes! I’m sure it’s more playable, but the top was something that survived without much damage. Restoring Dorothy
  3. eddie_bowers

    Rehoused my Blues JR in a bigger custom cab.

    size DOES matter. Much better low end. Maybe not worth the money but I’m happy. It looks cool too.
  4. eddie_bowers

    Sand fretboard radius from 12 to 10

    I have a bulldog kit I built years ago that is my workhorse LP. After playing a few PRS guitars I really envy the less flat radius. If I pull the frets and sand the fretboard, will I go through the inlays (standard LP inlay, not dots)? Will they sand easily as wood? Any general advice? I'm in...
  5. eddie_bowers

    Lowest profile right angle pedal connectors for making cables.

    OK. Those low profile pancake style connectors are great when they come premade. Even the cheap Hosa ones are fine. You can buy the ends so you can make custom lengths, BUT the few I have tried haven't worked very well. When you heat up the pin enough to melt the solder it softens the plastic...
  6. eddie_bowers

    Mismatched tubes better than matched.

    I had read this before but never tried it. I have a bunch of EL84 tubes lying around, so I gave it a try. Holy crap! It really does sound better. I rebiased With a set where one tube is slightly on the hot side and the other slightly on the cold side. It has so much more character now.
  7. eddie_bowers

    Vintange PIO haul

    I went to a regular old estate sale the other day and the guy who used to live there was some sort of radio hobbyist. There were bins with ziplock bags full of PIO caps. I found a bag that had some that were in the range of .01 to 1uf and this is some of what was in there: I talked to his...
  8. eddie_bowers

    I need a new mini Pedal tuner

    I currently have the Polytune mini. I think it is defective because it has become VERY unreliable. I never had a problem with the larger version, but this one will get stuck in tuner mode and I have to pull the plug to reset it. This almost always happens during a gig and not at rehearsal :(...
  9. eddie_bowers

    My new Traveler Guitar and looking for suggestions

    I got this for Christmas: Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard - Red | with a little setup it plays great. It's no replacement for my Les Pauls but I can play it in my car at lunch! The only problem is it's little built in headphone amp is horrible (plugged into my amp the stock...
  10. eddie_bowers

    Fold flat combo amp stands?

    All my gear fits well into my little car, but the amp stand. The bottom forks don't fold flat. I need one that gets the amp up a couple of feet off the floor, but so far those all have similar problems. Any suggestions?
  11. eddie_bowers

    Fuzz Pedal Noise Gate catch 22

    So I have several Fuzz pedals. They don't like any kind of buffer in front of them. Some are noisy even when the guitar is turned down, so a noise gate like the decimator might be nice, BUT it introduces a buffer before the pedal (it lets you gate at the end of the chain, but trigger it from...
  12. eddie_bowers

    P90 amp settings vs Humbuckers

    I was just curious about other experience when playing both through the same amp. With mine the mid control needs to be high with the P90s, while my Humbucker Les Paul likes the mids way down.
  13. eddie_bowers

    Does fret radius have to match fretboard radius?

    I'm finally getting around to leveling the frets on my kit guitar. 12 inch has always felt a bit flat for me. could I use a 10 inch block to fudge it a bit and get a more comfortable radius?
  14. eddie_bowers

    Fender Excelsior amp

    I just got one for Christmas. I was thinking of it more for dirty sounds, but it's got some darn nice clean tones with a lot of character. In fact I wish it had a bit more clean headroom. What I thought was interesting about it as well, is that when I put my overdrive in front of it, it sounds...
  15. eddie_bowers

    Re-Drilling bridge posts in the same hole

    OK, what I thought was two perfectly verticle holes turned out to be a little cockeyed once I got posts in. (not nashville style posts) They are actually useable like they are, but I know it's wrong so it bothers me. The holes are in the right place, I just need to redrill them with an actual...
  16. eddie_bowers

    Fret level with back bow

    My bulldogs neck is fine under tension and even needs a little trussrod tightening to when strung. When there are no strings and the truss rod is completely loose, it has a backbow making it difficult to do a fret level. I don't really have a shop to work in, so what's the best way to hold it...
  17. eddie_bowers

    Installing machine heads shatters Lacquer

    I just finished my first project guitar and am installing the hardware. It had all the hardware on it before stain and nitro, but now when i'm tightening down the first machine head (Gotoh klusen style SD90-MG) the laquer around the edges of the machine head shatters and turns light. Is ther...
  18. eddie_bowers

    A few pinholes in the finish that just wont fill with lacquer

    I have a few places on my finish that I just can't get right. They are tiny pinholes and no matter how many coats I put on it doesn't look like they fill in. I’m guessing it’s some kind of contamination, but I’m not sure what to do about it. I might just have to live with it since they are...
  19. eddie_bowers

    Am I about to sand through the finish?

    I'm trying to finish up my back and in fact I had already polished it. However there were obvious swirl scratches, so I went back with fine grit sadpaper (micromesh actually). As I went through the grits one spot is getting duller instead of shinny. I'm worried that is the clear coat so I...
  20. eddie_bowers

    Gibson Logo Kahler in Nickel?

    I have a 1984 LP Custom with the Gibson Logo stock Kahler. I don't know if it's the guitar aging or me just becoming more aware, but it's clear that the Kahler is chrome, while all the other hardware is Nickel. Does anyone know if there WAS a Nickel version? Maybe not (why they used a chrome...

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