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  1. OBX351

    A gem from Spinal Tap previewing their new LP "Break like the wind"

    Good Morning America interview: Live at Albert Hall I am sure some of you have seen this but it's worth watching.
  2. OBX351

    Who owns George Harrison's Lucy these days?

    I am watching The Beatles Get Back and Lucy been in the first episode a lot. Does anyone know who owns Lucy now?
  3. OBX351

    I forgot!!!

    About 10 or 12 years ago I bought a possessed '63 SG LP jr from Gil Southworth. It was one of his personal player guitars. He had it at his old shop in Bethesda and randomly picked it up to demo an amp for a customer. It sounded so good that he put it behind the counter and took it home...
  4. OBX351

    Repairing Willie Nelson's Trigger

    Great watch. Sorry if it's repost Part 1: Part2:
  5. OBX351

    Contact cleaner for pots

    A couple of my older guitars have "scratchy" sounding pots. I've heard contact cleaner can help. Do you agree and if so what brand do you use? TY in advance!
  6. OBX351

    Mark Agnesi Talks About The Les Paul Standard 50's Model Not exactly an historic but it's nice to see Gibson do this with their standards. It looks like it has a 2 piece back vs 1 piece, oh well. I am really glad they went with 500k pots too. I like PiO better than the orange dots but good on Gibby for...
  7. OBX351

    Vintage LP or vintage guitar(s) you regretted selling

    I have 2, a '58 TV LP and a '59 335. The TV had been refretted but it had god tone. I once showed up with it and a '61 or 2 Gibson Falcon to a guitar jam. The Falcon is a 12 to 15 watt amp with a monitor output that you can connect to another amp to turn it into a bigger wattage Falcon...
  8. OBX351

    Memorial Day Gibson Git-Fiddle late '52 or early '53 LP STD

    For $h!t$ and giggles, I thought I'd post my late '52 or early '53 refinished LP STD that I bought about 11 years ago at the Guitar Center in Rockville MD for a pittance. When I bought it, the guitar was all original except the gold finish has striped and the original case was painted gold, go...
  9. OBX351

    Memorial Day Git-Fiddle '63 SG/LP JR

    How about a Memorial Day git-fiddle Gibson posting? This is one of my all time favourite guitars, a '63 SG/Les Paul Jr with one of, if not the best, early 60s neck I've ever played. Most don't like the Maestro and modify or have taken taken it out all together but this one stays in tune and...
  10. OBX351

    LP TV Special values

    It looks like LP TVs are starting to go up in value, but prices seem to be all over the place. I just bought a damn near perfect '56 with hang tags for around the same price or even $1k to $2k less than some that I've seen in the etail (fleebay, reverb and gbase) that are nowhere near as clean...
  11. OBX351

    Got a chance to play a 64 Special this weekend

    I found what seemed to be a really clean, all original except for a refret, '64 Special on fleeBay. The auction started and ended at $3k and I encouraged a buddy to follow and buy it. He did and brought it over today for me to play. It's SUCH a GREAT guitar. It has the bigger neck, meaning...
  12. OBX351

    Greeny Burst article & Gary Moore playing Peter Green

    Pretty well known history of Perter Green's burst on Vintage Guitar Magazine...
  13. OBX351

    '68 JMP 50 Panic....

    Long story short the first Marshall I ever played through was a '68 JMP 50 on a '68 8x10 cabinet in my buddies basement 25 years ago. It was both terrifying and mind blowing...both for sound and volume. It was intimidating to say the least but it had TONE. About 2 years ago I got to buy...
  14. OBX351

    LP TV Specials on eBay

    It's been a while since I've posted anything here and if this is a re-post I apologize, but I was looking through ebay this AM and noticed Seymour Solar Filters listing several TV Specials, 3 of which were for the same guitar and all 4 are being sold for $1050. Clearly this is has to be a scam...
  15. OBX351

    Hitler struggles to nail Stevie Ray's tone

    Sorry if this is a repost but it's COMEDY!!
  16. OBX351

    Fender 80 Proof

    Fender 80 Proof Whiskey Blues Junior Amplifier | HiConsumption I guess they save money by not covering the amp! I can't find info on it on the Fender site.
  17. OBX351

    Had to cry today with at least on '60 Burst Joe Bonamassa & Greg Koch - Had to Cry Today with a Mike Slubowski's burst or two....enjoy!
  18. OBX351

    What Marshall did EC use to record this?? WOW what tone!!!! What amp did EC record this through? Super Lead, JMP50, JTM45, Super Bass, etc.??
  19. OBX351

    Woman Tone!!!!! WOW what tone!!!! What amp did EC record this through? Super Lead, JMP50, JTM45, Super Bass?? I'll put this in squawkbox as well.......Ejnoy!!
  20. OBX351

    Cut my head off with an Al Jarreau record!

    Sorry for the second post (lessons) but I thought it would be a good title for this section. I've never liked Steely Dan's music except that I ALWAYS LOVED Do It Again and the the sitar/guitar solo. Somehow without knowing it I found this video...

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