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  1. PermissionToLand

    Matsumoku Experts please help!

    So it is known that while Mats made Epiphones from 1970 through 1985, they shortly produced a run of LP copies around 1982 that were never in any catalog. As it turns out, they made at least one SG as well! I am trying to find as much info as possible on this guitar to complete my SG Wiki page...
  2. PermissionToLand

    Pickup experts: what were in '80s EDS-1275s?

    I've been looking at EDS-1275s and I'm trying to figure out what the pickups were in this era. I can't tell if they're Shaws or T-Tops. Here's a 1981:
  3. PermissionToLand

    First year of '57 Classic question

    So I'm working on a Wiki for the SG and I'm doing a page for the 1991 30th Anniversary model. Most people claim these came with '57 Classics, but all the ones I've seen have the engraved patent number baseplate like Shaws. Did Gibson simply use the old engraved baseplates on early '57s or something?
  4. PermissionToLand

    What are the '70s mini-hum specs?

    So I'm working on a wiki for the SG and I can't find any info of the pickups in the 1973-1977 Special, which came with some kind of Mini-Humbuckers. I recall seeing the back of some a while ago and I'm pretty sure they were Epoxy-mounted (tarbacks). However, they may not be your typical...
  5. PermissionToLand

    Were there any Brazilian board SGs?

    As the title says; were there any Brazilian board SGs? I'm working on an SG wiki and there's not much info out there on Historic SGs.
  6. PermissionToLand

    Look at this uber-rare LP... "Does not play"
  7. PermissionToLand

    Poll: Which design do you like best?

    So, after spending a considerable amount of time refining some designs for my first build, I'm down to two basic body shapes and a few pickguard variations for one. I also am still undecided on whether to make the headstock black or body color, and whether to include a design on the headstock or...
  8. PermissionToLand

    High frets filed almost to nothing

    So I've put a lot of time and money into this guitar, chasing perfection, and it was everything I wanted it to be, except that I couldn't get the action down to a reasonable 4/64ths on the treble side (anything more is just impossible if you want to play stuff like Slash or even Angus Young...
  9. PermissionToLand

    Intentionally Fading a Finish?

    So I have an SG in Oxblood and I've always been a bit disappointed that the finish looks black in 90% of all lighting conditions. It basically needs to be in direct sunlight to bring out the actual color. So, I'm wondering if fading it by exposure to sunlight would lighten the finish and bring...
  10. PermissionToLand

    Acoustic saddle buzz only when holding upright?

    So this is weird. I had my acoustic tuned to open G for The Rain Song and when I tuned it back to standard, all of the sudden it's buzzing, mostly on open notes with the low E and G strings. The weird part is that the buzzing stops when I hold the guitar flat on my lap, as opposed to playing...
  11. PermissionToLand

    What kind of magnet is this?

    Just bought this PUP from an old high end Hondo and I'm wondering what magnet it uses. I suspect ceramic, but I don't know enough to tell. Interestingly, it has a circuit board connector pin. OT, but does anyone know a way to bypass that but preserve it should I ever want to use it? Also, I...
  12. PermissionToLand

    What is this inlay material?

    Not sure, but this seems like the best place to post this. Very many Samicks from the 1990s (including Epiphones of that era made by them) used this inlay style and I'm curious if anyone knows what it is. It's usually a mostly plain, greyish-silver, sometimes with light figuring, almost like...
  13. PermissionToLand

    Low E has less bass than A string?

    So I really love my Alvarez RF26CE, it blew away every other guitar I played under $400, but I've noticed the low E lacks bass response. Now, being a cheap acoustic it could very well be a built-in feature of the way it was built, but the fact that the A string seems to have more bass response...
  14. PermissionToLand

    MIJ experts: date this LP

    So I'm doing research on Hondo, and while 99% were made in Korea by Samick, I've come across this clearly Japanese LP and I'm trying to make sense of it. Mostly when it was made...
  15. PermissionToLand

    A string constantly breaking at saddle

    I've noticed recently I'm breaking a ton of A strings on my SG. I'm not a rough strummer and the tailpiece is plenty high so there's not excessive downforce. It looks to me like the saddle slot is the same size as the string, while I've read it's supposed to be about half as deep as the...
  16. PermissionToLand

    Where was this made?

    Total shot in the dark, but here we go: I'm trying to figure out where the Hondo H-76 strat copy was made. Most Hondos were Korean, made by Samick. But these are an outlier. They have a "baseball" QC sticker like Samicks, but it's not quite the same, and as far as I can tell, they never have...
  17. PermissionToLand

    What would you call this top?

    It's Mahogany (well, really Nato/Eastern Mahogany) but it's very stripey, kind of like African Mahogany but not quite.[email protected]/325231561/in/album-72157604028499579/
  18. PermissionToLand

    Distorted guitar sounds like **** (Updated recordings)

    I've been pretty frustrated since finally getting a mic and trying to record because the distorted tone always sounds like ****. It actually sounds way better if I just use the direct line output on the amp into my interface. For some reason, with the mic it always comes out really thin, trebley...
  19. PermissionToLand

    Supposedly MIJ, what do you think?

    I stumbled across this and to me it seems like a Matsumoku build (and Mats did build Epis around then), but the guys at Epiphone Talk say it's not a real Epiphone. The seller's story sounds like total BS. No way Gibson outsourced custom orders, and if they did, why label it as an Epiphone...
  20. PermissionToLand

    Positioning PUPs?

    So I'm going to replace a few saddles and I've noticed that my bridge PUP isn't centered as well as the neck. They're both the same PUPs and use the same springs and screws. The bridge doesn't even look off center in the mounting ring though. Maybe because I've set it lower on the treble side to...

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