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  1. Bes628

    Michael Burks

    It seems to be spreading that he has passed away. A true loss, great player and songwriter and from what I understand a greater person.
  2. Bes628

    Band Of Skulls: Anyone heard of them?

    Count me as a fan as well.
  3. Bes628

    1962 Les Paul Custom Pics

    Great looking guitar, i've always wanted one of those.
  4. Bes628

    Silversun Pickups

    Their Seasick EP is pretty good, can't wait for a new album. Silversun Pickups - Seasick - YouTube
  5. Bes628

    what exactly is "honk" in Bursts?

    Its the presence/bite in the upper mid's.
  6. Bes628

    John Frusciante Anyone?

    Dude does some crazy things technically that are hard to play, but yet he has the soul that many of today's players are missing.
  7. Bes628

    NAD - Fuchs Blackjack 21

    I've been wanting one of these baby's for so long. How much gain does it have on tap ?
  8. Bes628

    John Frusciante Anyone?

    Im a fan.
  9. Bes628

    What amps are you guys using!

    Looks like a tone king imperial.
  10. Bes628

    Fender Machete

    It looks bad ass, but the clip i heard (granted its on youtube), sounded thin.
  11. Bes628

    New Van Halen song "Tattoo"

    I think its pretty terrible.It sounds really dated somehow.
  12. Bes628

    Mike Hickey plays a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard ( Bonamassa guitar Tech!)

    imo he can do whatever he pleases with it, if its in his hand. With that said..not a fan of the tone.
  13. Bes628

    Vintage Guitars in 50 years...

    I appreciate the pep talk lol, but its not my financial future that im worried about, Im working a career i love (FOH/Monitor Engineer) and can make enough money to buy guitars I want. It's the life things, that will keep it out of range. I have parents with dimishing health and 4 siblings 12...
  14. Bes628

    Vintage Guitars in 50 years...

    At 24, I would love to own one, but its more than likely never gonna happen. So I don't worry about it. Coming from a kind of "Art school" College down in Florida, I ran into a shit ton of guitar players of all different genres, and most don't care about vintage guitars. Except my one buddy...
  15. Bes628

    Mesa Heartbreaker

    I think Prince use to use them back during the Purple Rain era.
  16. Bes628

    The Dirk Ziff collection.

    Sounds like a great thing to me.
  17. Bes628

    The Black Keys - El Camino

    Same here.
  18. Bes628

    Band of Horses

    I dig em. Laredo is such a great song.
  19. Bes628

    jacksons rare guitars - 1080p!!!

    Gotta love life's irony . Totally agree with your assessment.

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