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  1. bfcg

    I need an extra Tele.

    Sorry guys, I was not trying to upset the clan. I have my ash now. Nuance97, I enjoyed looking back at that old post. Wow, hard to believe that its been 9 years. I was very active back then. Still active, just not hanging out in forums.
  2. bfcg

    I need an extra Tele.

    Your humble opinion is not required. Well, I wasnt really soliciting opinions about Old Growth Mahogany, I am really just looking for a very hard to find one peice blank of swamp ash, weather anybody agrees with the use of it or of its value as a tone wood in of no consequence to me. Really I...
  3. bfcg

    I need an extra Tele.

    I am looking for a lightweight one piece blank for a Tele. Must be Swamp Ash. Ok, so why am I posting here and not in the classifieds? Because who would seriously want to part with a prized piece of lightweight swamp ash ? Certainly not a Luthier, unless that Luthier.....happens to be...
  4. bfcg

    Band Saw

    Forget Craftsman blades, they are crap. Have your blades made by Timberwolf. They will make you any size you want out of many different metals with all kinds of tooth configurations.
  5. bfcg

    Should I pay to restore a Vintage Gibson L4 from 1910?

    Repair it, dont restore it . They were not the best of what Gibson had to offer IMHO. Restore and devalue. Repair and have a cool guitar.
  6. bfcg

    Missed sanding sealer - how to correct?

    If the color coats shrink into the grain, no amount of clear coating is gonna hide it. Big friggin deal though, really. Love it anyway.
  7. bfcg

    Binding scraping alternative

    Next time you might leave the fingerboard binding a little proud so there will be something to scrape before the clearcoats go on.
  8. bfcg

    Now I wanna build one!

    Profile a piece of MDF with p/u cutouts and cavity cutouts. Use it as a stencil and then when you get a router, you could use it as a template. Have fun and get familiar with your tools (be safe).
  9. bfcg

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Got 3 Languadocs (tre anastasio )on the bench. Photos when I get back in a few weeks. Auto correct is making me crazy
  10. bfcg

    One piece neck with an angled headstock

    And some no life ass has to answer fiori him...? Stop trolling for opportunities to be a knucklehead
  11. bfcg

    Using twisted blanks as a 'top' on the body

    Ding ding ding,!,,,, w666 has the correct answer.
  12. bfcg

    One piece neck with an angled headstock

    Why not a 2 piece? Birds eye fingerboard on a flamed maple neck. Two way trust rod. Leo would have done it this way if he wasn't looking for production shortcuts.
  13. bfcg

    is anyone making silkscreen logos on here

    I'll look at mine when I get a chance. It's still in the shiping box from about 8 years ago when I bought it here from somebody on the forum.
  14. bfcg

    Does a straight truss rod channel really work?

    Yeah, what fat daddy said.
  15. bfcg

    Does a straight truss rod channel really work?

    That first center line response was almost there, The truss rod must cross the center line in order to be effective. The slot is sloped or ramped and goes from above the long center line to below. High at the nut to low at the heal.
  16. bfcg

    help from shopfox router owners

    :wow: it happens from time to time.
  17. bfcg

    Pickups are really quiet. Help!

    those look like the alnico II version. Try bypassing the output wiring with alligator clips straight off the pickup wires.
  18. bfcg

    Pickups are really quiet. Help!

    Is it the one that was given away with VW's that would plug into the aux input of the car radio? If so then I would imagine that they had very low output pickups in order to attenuate the gain structure of going into a hot input.
  19. bfcg

    First build, control cavity plate issue

    Offsets are fine when making cavity covers for any guitar that does not require deviations in the profile. in the case of cloning a vintage LP, vintage LP "bursts did not have exact shape covers( most of the time) nor did they fit in the recess like an inlay. It all depends on how anal you...
  20. bfcg

    First build, control cavity plate issue

    Stand offs Duplicate the template several times and stack. Template following collar. Just 3 solutions off the top of my head, I am sure there are many more. I am not familiar with the templates that you mentioned but are you sure that they don't have built in offsets?

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