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  1. Alvinfan

    NGD - 60th R9

    Congrats !! Great lookin´ guitar ! I love that the flames go upwards on one side - it gives it personality ! :thumb:
  2. Alvinfan

    FIRE Bombs!

    Only the very best - as always ! :dude:
  3. Alvinfan

    Vintage LP Heaven: Play It Loud! Exhibit at The Met (pic heavy)

    Super cool stuff !! Thanks for posting !!!! :applause:
  4. Alvinfan

    Redeye on The Tonight Show

    Great !!!! Thanks for posting !:applause::dude:
  5. Alvinfan

    Another NGD: Amber Burst R8

    Very NICE ! I love the flecks !!
  6. Alvinfan

    NGD: Les Paul AFD signed and aged #69

    Sweet Lord of mine !!! One of the best tops I have ever seen !!! :dude:
  7. Alvinfan

    NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run

    Super NICE !!! Congrats ! I looks a lot like my 2014 R0
  8. Alvinfan

    1968 Gold Top

    That is sooo cooool !!! I used to have a 1968 gold top with crown headstock (july 1968). I miss it !
  9. Alvinfan

    FS:2017 R9 Brazilian Les Paul VOS

    Oh YES !!!
  10. Alvinfan

    FS:2017 R9 Brazilian Les Paul VOS

    Love that top !!! Whats the weight ? Rock on !
  11. Alvinfan

    Gibson ‘running out of time — rapidly’

    The reason for Gibsons problems is right here - nuff´ said :
  12. Alvinfan

    When You've Thought It Couldn't Get Worse...

    I hope they come with the auto tuner and the wider fretboard :)
  13. Alvinfan

    Incoming NGD.....03 Braz Plain Top

    Beautiful and unique guitar !! I love it ! Congrats !! ..... and it got flames all right - they just go the other way :) Rock on !
  14. Alvinfan


    Hi ! Whats the weight ? How is the neck ? I could be interested if you want to ship to Denmark. Rock on ! Jesper M Sørensen tel : 0045 45856106
  15. Alvinfan

    NGD 2017 braz Pearly

    SUPER nice !!! Congrats !
  16. Alvinfan

    I'm Gassing for a '68 Gold Top! Let's see yours.

    Here is an early ´68 (shippede july ´68) with the rare crown headstock. It had been converted to humbuckers, so I got it at a reasonable price. It was a really great guitar. A little heavy, but with a super comfortable neck ! It is pictured next to my Bigsbied ´52 (both now sold unfortunately)
  17. Alvinfan

    Post a Pic of Your Favorite Gibson Reissue Next to One of Your Favorite Non Gibson Guitars!

    Here is my 2014 Benchmark 1960 relic reissue next to my 1977 Tele De Luxe. The Tele was my first "real" guitar and I bought it new in Eugene, Oregon in 1980, when I was over there from Denmark competing in track & field for the Ducks. I had it immediately painted purple (as you did in those...

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