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  1. Archtop 13

    Pickguard. No pickup cutouts. Any make this?

    I have a special bird. I need to put a pickguard on her be the standard will not work. I can make my own but, that means I need to order a blank sheet of tortoise. I really don't need that laying around, for one small pickguard. The reason it won't fit? This guitar is a 25.5" scale with 1...
  2. Archtop 13

    Someone Stole my "Cutaway"!!!!

    Just finished this one up for a customer. Sort of a mesh of ideas. Alder Body Maple Neck(Set) Rosewood Fretboard Charlie Christian (Neck Pickup) The neck is a big D shape. He wanted a bare bones guitar with unique vibe. I'd say, that what we have! I never get to play them enough but, this...
  3. Archtop 13

    Bigsby, P90s & a Carved top

    Just finished up the Prototype for my new model...
  4. Archtop 13

    Bigsby Red inset pics?

    I've seen some Bigsby's with red inset, instead of black. Google images pops up one picture. Anyone have any others they can to share?
  5. Archtop 13

    Plek {Sell Me}

    I've watched the videos, I've heard the banter. I'm not sold. Why does one Plek over a Good old fashioned fret job/dressing?
  6. Archtop 13

    Would this reverse the tone of a Les Paul?
  7. Archtop 13

    Your Supergroup?

    So based on the "other" thread I had an idea. You get to chose the members of a 4 or 5 person rock "supergroup", dead or alive, but at the age they would be today. Go! Mine? Weird but... Drums=Chuck Biscuits Bass=Matt Dresdner Guitar=Pig Champion Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals=Chris Cornell...
  8. Archtop 13

    RE Profile the neck?

    Someone had posted on this a while back & I'm not sure where the thread is. I thought it was important enough to bring up again, since I now have a reference picture to back up my arguement. I was trying to explain that you should not try to re profile your neck because you don't know where...
  9. Archtop 13

    Combo amp for a P-Bass

    I'm talkin' with a group who needs a bass player. I have a P-Bass at my disposal but need a good practice/small club amp. We'd probably be doing everything from punk to classic rock. My first inclination is to look at amps in the Acoustic & Ampeg line with a 15". I don't want to spend a bunch...
  10. Archtop 13

    Les Paul maniac's cello

    Fretless guitar with a bow - YouTube
  11. Archtop 13

    Telecaster, ASH or ALDER?

    I'm wanting to build a Partscaster. I'm new to Tele's, for the most part. Looking at the Fender site I see that the Vintage Series Tele's are both made with Ash & Alder bodies. Is one preferred over the other? Tonally, what is the difference?
  12. Archtop 13

    Ebony Fingerboard blanks

    What are you paying? I see Stewmac is pretty high. LMII has some that are still reasonable. Can we expect this to stay or turn into the Next Koa?
  13. Archtop 13

    Brookdale NJ Guitar Show or Guitar Con?

    I'm setting up for a few trade shows this year & want to pick a few that will help me out the most. Some of you know I am a recent transplant from the west coast, so I haven't been to any of these shows. I have already signed up for Montreal, this summer. I'd like to do Philly in the...
  14. Archtop 13

    Blue Belly Jazz Guitar Build Thread

    I've had a few people tell me I should do a build thread. I don't really like to put much emphasis on pictures when I'm building, though I do take some for reference. So, this won't be an all inclusive picture set, but will have a number of photos of the journey I travel in a build. Sorry if...
  15. Archtop 13

    What pickups would you put in this?

    So here's the deal. I'm currently trying to put a group of guitars together to do a couple trade shows. This Dark Green guitar seems to be liked by a lot of people who comment on my stuff. So I want to build one like it again to add to my group. The only stipulation is that It can't have...
  16. Archtop 13

    Binding Glue Aecetone

    What is the mixture used to make binding cement from acetone. I currently use Weld-On #16, but I don't really like working with this. I wan't to try something else to see if we can get along a little nicer.
  17. Archtop 13


    I had a hunch my strings & HB P90 would show today. So after finishing up some f-hole binding on my current Archtop, I pulled out the Sisters & began a complete Re-Fret on the 73 SG, then pulled the strings from the 72 LP. Half way through I had new parts in my hand & a fresh cup of coffee in...
  18. Archtop 13

    Turser P90's

    Anyone know what P90's the Jay Turser guitars have in them? I assume they are pretty cheap copies, being that the guitars retail for so little.?
  19. Archtop 13

    Your Signature Model LP

    I'm sure this has been done before but I thought it would be fun to see what people come up with. If Gibson came to you & said "We want to make a Sig Model LP with your name on it, tell us how to build it?". What would be your Sig Model Specs?
  20. Archtop 13

    The Mexican

    I've been meaning to do this for a while. I love my used Mexican Strat. Pulled out the Clear Decal paper this morning & put some pride on my pickguard.

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