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  1. flyinryan11

    RC GuitarWorks "T"

    Bumped with better detailed pics
  2. flyinryan11

    WIZZ Pickups - Premium Clones

    The shop I work at just got several sets of the Premium Clone Pafs, Aged covers, Dbl Cream underneath, with rings. Thought id post on here first before posting elsewhere. $425 +10 flat rate anywhere in the states shipped. Shipped same day asap if before 3pm central time.
  3. flyinryan11

    RC GuitarWorks "T"

    Kicking the week off bump!
  4. flyinryan11

    RC GuitarWorks "T"

    RC GuitarWorks Custom Shop "T" 100% Handcrafted here in the USA at our shop in Southern Illinois. +Lightweight alder body with comfy arm contour. Body weighed in right at 4lbs or a little under after finished. Total guitar is in the 7-7.5lbs range. +Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. +Maple neck...
  5. flyinryan11

    Yamaha THR10II, Keeley Red Dirt Germ, HALO, Mesa Grid Slammer, KHDK Scuzz

    Like new Yamaha THR 1O II *Newest Version. Only have used it a handful of times. Great sounding amp and perfect for the bedroom. Only reason im selling is because iv moved and can use my big amps all the time now. Will ship asap. Comes with powers supply. 265 shipped New in the box Keeley Red...
  6. flyinryan11

    WC? My shop is RC Guitarworks and I built both the body and neck on this one. Thanks for the...

    WC? My shop is RC Guitarworks and I built both the body and neck on this one. Thanks for the very kind words and for reaching out. Really appreciate it. Al the best, Ryan
  7. flyinryan11

    RC GuitarWorks Candy Apple Custom Relic Strat

    Thank you. All the best, Ryan
  8. flyinryan11

    RC GuitarWorks Candy Apple Custom Relic Strat

    Putting up one of my custom built strats I built for myself. No expense spared on this. Specs: Nitrocellulose Candy Apple Red relic alder body(has some really great checking that is hard to capture on pics). 1/4 Sawn all Wenge neck. Oil finish on the neck so its super smooth and fast. You can...
  9. flyinryan11

    Custom Shop Built Supro Black Magick

    PM'd you. I meant send me your email.
  10. flyinryan11

    Goodsell Super 17 MKIV Head

    I have two is the only reason this is for sale
  11. flyinryan11

    Goodsell Super 17 MKIV Head

    Like new Goodsell Super 17 MKIV Head. Just took this in on a trade from the original owner. As close to new as you will find. Comes with footswitch as well. Will ship asap. $1250 shipped
  12. flyinryan11

    LOTS of pedals- All nice stuff

    Two Custom built JDM Fuzz's. These are a couple variations of his popular 292 and Elektrica that we are going to start carrying in the shop(selling these as my personals though): *Custom MK1Bender - from Joe " a MK1 with 3 controls (Volume, Gain, Gate) and the fat/tight switch. I'll move the...
  13. flyinryan11

    At Mars Specialist Bell & Howell Filmosound Conversion

    New At Mars Specialist that we just got back from At Mars. Pearl White Tolex. I have two of these and they are amazing(the only reason this is getting listed is I have another and two more ready to be sent in for conversions). Kind of like a 5e3 type but stays tighter as you crank it up and can...

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