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  1. HenryHill

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday13! :applause: :dude:
  2. HenryHill

    barrack gets it...michelle don't

    No, he thinks he's clever by trying to slide them by. Just because you do something iffy that you were told not to and don't get banned right there doesn't mean it doesn't count against you when you keep doing it.
  3. HenryHill

    barrack gets it...michelle don't

    Hey, uhh, pretty sure the black blues men have some support from the white house.
  4. HenryHill

    Just Discovered Spy Mode

    Remember that one guy here who said he can see all of us through our device cameras? That was fun.
  5. HenryHill

    The Earth is a giant cheeseburger...

    I had a great burger this weekend, did I tell ya? :naughty: Nice and greasy, a 3 napkin burger, deluxe, bacon, no cheese, great fries, and a PBR. :) Then after my Forum Task was complete, Happy Hour started and I got another PBR, 50 cents off. That was a very satisfying meal. :laugh2:
  6. HenryHill

    Your state's (or country's) gun laws

    I love guns.
  7. HenryHill

    Flamethrower guitar

    I figure Alex is maybe getting around to that postponed software upgrade, but then again, maybe not yet. :laugh2:
  8. HenryHill

    Flamethrower guitar

    WTF, over.ETA I didn't necro this thread, it was on page 1 with no recent post.
  9. HenryHill

    Kanye West begging Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter..

    He's put millions into his Vanity Clothesware Company, the sweatpants cost $510. He's asking for a billion dollars investment money from Zuck because he's the greatest. And he's smarter than to read books. He all kinds of fvcked up.
  10. HenryHill

    New PC Advice

    I've seen a bunch of stuff in searches that recoveries couldn't be made in some instances without running a DVD recover disc. I don't know how accurate that is, but it put me off. :hmm:
  11. HenryHill

    Chrome-Waiting For Cache

    Okay, I deleted McAfee; the auto subscription renewal burnt me last time and I need to remember to kill the auto renewal. I restarted. I deleted FireFox. I restarted. I ran ADW Cleaner and it picked up one thing I've never see before. I ran CC Cleaner and it wiped out a whole lot...
  12. HenryHill

    Anyone ever use Medifast to drop a few lbs?

    I, too, want to eat something that tastes really good so I can lose weight. I've tried ice cream, specifically Ben and Jerry's with the fudge and brownies, potato chips and dip, (plain chips, of course), french fries, and I've tried really hard at this, but no help. Or pop a pill in the...
  13. HenryHill

    New PC Advice

    Okay, I've spent the time looking, and all I can find at any kind of discount is within a 100 bucks of this new one, with far less options, and at least 1 if not 2 years old as 'new'. Whether Sam's, Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, and Google search hits. NObody else even close. Amazon has a place...
  14. HenryHill

    Your state's (or country's) gun laws

    Yup, sorry, I didn't notice it had been dumped. Oh look, it fell out.
  15. HenryHill

    Your state's (or country's) gun laws

    Now for a little background for those with a wrinkled brow and sideways tilted head over the previous exchange with the OP. Read some of this thread.
  16. HenryHill

    Your state's (or country's) gun laws

    See here's the deal. We were sick of your fvcking **** the first time you were here as rockinroll, and then you got out of line and we called you on it. You went off like a whiny little girl and demanded to be permabanned, and I obliged. Now you are back acting just as smug and arrogant...
  17. HenryHill

    Your state's (or country's) gun laws

    I'm gonna eat this hamburger first. Carry on.
  18. HenryHill

    How much square feet is your current abode?

    It's an older van, so a relatively large cubic feet number, and I'm Riverfront, so that's nice.

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