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  1. Tim Plains

    I'm living a Seinfeld episode.

    I'm 44 years old and started taking karate lessons last month. I also wanted to get my 8 year old son into it, so I found a place that has mixed classes. For me, it's just exercise and general interest in MMA. For my son, it's discipline and self defence. We go three times a week and we're...
  2. Tim Plains

    Scam? Challenge? Nothing?

    Sorry, don't know how else to title this question. I was just at a grocery store. Four teenage boys asked me to take their picture inside the store and handed me a cell phone with a camera app already open. They posed, I could see them through the phone, but it took a selfie of me instead...
  3. Tim Plains

    Hand made shoes/boots

    I splurged. Has anyone here had shoes/boots made for them, what were they, and how did they work out? I ordered a pair of Falcons from Nicks Boots last week and am really looking forward to having a pair made like they were yesteryear, premium leather, as well as the imperfectness that goes...
  4. Tim Plains

    Subway musician

    Saw this in my Facebook feed and thought I would share. A man sat down at a Washington DC subway station and began to play the violin, one cold January morning; he played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, as it was rush hour, it is estimated that about 1,100 people crossed...
  5. Tim Plains

    Phil McKnight returned a new R0

    No, I didn't post this to bash him. Curious if you all would have kept this guitar or returned it based on the issues he mentioned, assuming you liked everything else about it? If you don't want to watch the video: 1. Scratch under the nitro on the neck. 2. Edges aren't rolled enough. 3...
  6. Tim Plains

    My guitars and looking for advice

    Just thinking out loud here. I'm usually pretty good at making up my own mind but figured I'd qwery MLP this time. I sold the sunburst Junior and PRS but have everything else, as you can see, heavy bias toward Gibson humbuckers. I rotate through all of them, 10 - 14 day rotation, but my...
  7. Tim Plains

    Lowball offers - from the buyer's side

    Lowball threads are always from the seller's perspective but how about the times you offered significantly less than someone's asking price and they accepted? I have two guitar related tales. 1. No pictures of this guitar anymore but a TV yellow 2007 Gibson SG VOS, it was mint, seller was...
  8. Tim Plains

    SOLD CreamTone LP wiring harness

    Short shaft for historic or vintage models. Never installed. These are $150 new. How about $110 shipped in N. America? And I'll actually fulfil the order unlike you know who. :laugh2:
  9. Tim Plains

    Cases and Maestro arms

    Do you take the arm off or just rotate it 180d when the guitar goes in the case? If you leave it on, any issues?
  10. Tim Plains

    Murphy Lab markings

    Do they have a TM like genuine Murphys do or any other sort of identifier?
  11. Tim Plains

    2005 Gibson R7 Junior, No COA, Canada SOLD

    No trades. Asking SOLD net to me and shipped. I'm located about an hour west of Toronto. In excellence shape, frets look barely played, I can make a video of the guitar if anyone is interested in buying it, 8.2 lbs, 1st fret: 0.918", 12th fret: 1.021". Wolfetone Meaner P-90 Emerson wiring...
  12. Tim Plains

    Paul Bernardo parole hearing today

    That's probably one Canadian name most of you in the US know. I can't believe the legal system even entertains this idea. Definitely a case where they should lock him up and throw away the key.
  13. Tim Plains

    Gender reveals gone wrong

    Please do not do stuff like this. :shock:
  14. Tim Plains

    Future anniversary models

    Still aways off but the idea came to me now. :laugh2: We've been seeing anniversary runs every decade, which makes sense. 40ths, 50ths, now 60ths, 70ths are next. 75 is a big milestone. Do you think we'll see a run of 75ths as well? I'll be 56 in 2034 (yikes!) and probably due for a new...
  15. Tim Plains

    FS: Fuzz pedal by Aligatorbling

    It should be a ColorSound One Knob Fuzz. I bought it new several years ago and don't remember exactly. Bling painted each box, each unique. Like new condition and no velcro. $85 shipped OBO? I'll use USPS, and list it as a demo, so there won't be any fees that Americans typically worry...
  16. Tim Plains

    My SGs

    I took this for a friend and figured may as well MLP it. I plan on getting one more eventually, then calling it a day, either a pink (yes, pink) 64RI but more likely a Custom that looks like the old Elliott Easton SGs but with a fat neck. I had an EE, they're the best looking guitars ever IMO...
  17. Tim Plains

    Fuzz pedal ID

    I bought this years ago made by a member here, can't seem to message him (banned maybe?), aligatorbling. Does anyone remember these and what circuit it's supposed to be? I thought it was a sola sound but it's not, wanting to sell it now, and would like to know what to list it as other than...
  18. Tim Plains

    I'm a watch guy now

    Show yours if you want. :thumb: Before this, I had a Swiss Military dive looking thing that was in a drawer since the mid '90s until I sold it a few months ago, and an Esq that was a gift 15 years ago from my mother-in-law that I said "thank you" and stuck in the same drawer right away. The...
  19. Tim Plains

    I decided to come out

    I love Collective Soul. :laugh2: I didn't always, I mean Shine and Gel were OK radio hits, but I didn't care for the rest until I saw them live, 2004, Niagara Falls New Year's Eve outdoor show. They sounded so good and every tune just hit home. I still remember Better Now like it was...
  20. Tim Plains

    Cellulose inlays SOLD

    SOLD How about $50 USD? I bought these several years ago and if I'm not mistaken, Dave Johnson inlays from MGL, $200 regular price, on sale for $100 when I got them. HM sells new inlays for $70.

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