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  1. bfcg

    I need an extra Tele.

    I am looking for a lightweight one piece blank for a Tele. Must be Swamp Ash. Ok, so why am I posting here and not in the classifieds? Because who would seriously want to part with a prized piece of lightweight swamp ash ? Certainly not a Luthier, unless that Luthier.....happens to be...
  2. bfcg

    1957 Carfax Desperado

    :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::lol::lol: $5000000
  3. bfcg

    WTB SD SH1's

    Double black is preferable but hey, whatever ya'got.
  4. bfcg

    Looking to trade a light weight swietenia macrophylla (Honduran Mahogany) blank for a

    I Have a sizable private stock of Honduran Mahogany but very little in the way of Swamp ash. I am looking for an exceptional one piece blank for a strat build. I will select a blank from an air dried batch that I had imported about 10 years ago from Belize. I will check every few days for...
  5. bfcg

    A challenge for you and help for me.

    Can somebody here work out a solution for this set up? I want to put a 5 way blade switch on an LP. The switch will have 3 pups ( 2hb's and an active bridge with no preamp). here is a pdf of how I need the configuration.
  6. bfcg

    Split v headstock

    I just did this quickly in autocad and it is not perfect. I did not have a good reference to go by. I have been comissioned to build a Flying V with LP body thickness, Maple cap and a split V headstock. Here is the headstock if anybody needs one as a starting point. Remember, this is not...
  7. bfcg

    Keef gets a lesson from Chuck

    YouTube - Keith Richards trying to play eletric guitar with Chuck Berry - Oh Carol
  8. bfcg

    Ethonol free gas

    Well it is that time of year when we all go out to the barn or garage and dig out our yard toys only to find out that the shitty ethanol laden gasoline has gummed up our carbs and rotted away our fuel lines and gaskets. If you think that you know your toys intamately enough after last years...
  9. bfcg

    FS Body blank, swietenia macrophylla

    swietenia macrophylla Light weight and one peice. 2.63 pounds per board foot. Taps nicely. Dimensions are 14.5 x 19 x 2 $85.00 plus shipping
  10. bfcg

    unsolicited tuner opinion

    I just want to announce my dislike of Kluson branded vintage style tuners. I don't know how much they cost and I don't care, to me they are worthless crap at any price. Before you spend your hard earned money on these tuners, make sure you buy them from a dealer with a return policy. I will...
  11. bfcg

    Flying V tail rivets.

    Have any of you ever pulled the rivets from a flying v tailpiece? No, I don't plan on doing it but I would like to know the specs on the rivets and how they are fastened. I know that there are probably very few people in the world that have actually ever dont this but I thought I would take a...
  12. bfcg

    Huh, you can "like" a banned member?

    I think it is hysterical and I almost did it but I didn't think the guy would have a sense of humor about it. Seriously though, you should not be able to "like" somebody while they are banned.:laugh2: Why not just add an emocon with a little twistie knife.:naughty:
  13. bfcg

    To all of you Luthier wanna'be's

    Thanks:thumb: Sometimes you guy's put a new set of eyes on things and bring a new perspective. We are creatures of habit and can get set in ways that might cause us to overlook different ways and maybe better ways of doing things. For that I Thank You. (think Tosh.0)
  14. bfcg

    Any guess on final price?

    1957 - 1959 Vintage Les Paul Parts PAF Burst Goldtop - eBay (item 330531922767 end time Feb-26-11 18:00:26 PST) I have no idea what all of this stuff would go for if found separatly. Some of it is real and some repro. I think the seller is honest though and that counts for something too.
  15. bfcg

    Squeeze some tone out of those tuners.

    I get repairs in now and then and I see things like this. Upgraded tuners may not always be an improvement. While they might make your tuning problems go away , those new tuners might be killing some tone....if they are not installed properly. Many acoustic guitar building principals also...
  16. bfcg

    Where did these come from?

    I found these while digging through some old boxes in the barn. Do any of you guy's know what I might have pulled these from. This is not a quiz, I really don't know. They read 4.95 and 7.06.
  17. bfcg

    Broken timing chains still trash engines?

    My 2006 Passat broke a timing chain(the timing chain) and of course trashed the engine. You would think that by 2006 they would be manufacturing engines to not self destruct every time a timing chain or belt breaks. The dealer called today and gave me the good news that the whole engine would...
  18. bfcg

    Wide Mahogany

    I don't get a huge calling for one piece explorers or very wide body guitars so I am looking to let go of a few wide blanks. Did you ever want a one piece V ? It would be a shame to trim this stuff down for a 13 inch wide guitar. It is Honduran Mahogany (sweetenia Macrophylla) and I have...
  19. bfcg

    Vintage Vibe

    Has anybody here tried out Vintage Vibe pups? I recieved a set in the mail today for a customers guitar and man was I impressed by the quality of the build. I can not attest to the sound because I have not yet heard them but the build quality is best described as "engineering". The pups are...
  20. bfcg

    Beano? Where did Gibson get the cojones?

    Did I miss some great revelation ? I admit I have been too busy to read the headlines or watch prime time national news but when did Gibson find the Beano Burst? I mean they must have tracked it down some how...right? They had to if they are claiming to be making a re-issue. So where are the...

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