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  1. lifele55

    Eminence Delta 12A - Non Pro Model

    Hey guys, I'm looking to replace the speaker in my Mesa Thiele cab. I currently have the Eminence Swamp Thang in it. I know an EV12L is ideal but its literally impossible to get them here. We do however have an Eminence Distributor but they don't have the Delta Pros. Question is, have...
  2. lifele55

    NCD: Mesa Thiele

    New cab day yesterday! Bought an unloaded early Mesa Thiele on eBay, good not abused condition with Tuki cover. Wanted to downsize from a 212 to something more portable (the Laney GS212IE was great but if I had to carry the cab out it's too bulky). Took out the Eminence Governor and Swamp...
  3. lifele55

    First Multi-Track Recording

    So last weekend we booked ourself some recording time to record multi-track to get a proper feel of our song. And just by that single experience we learned alot! Everything comes out during recording, what strengths/weakness each individual members have. Techniques that can be improved etc...
  4. lifele55

    Telling another band their Gibby is a Fakie..

    Question: How do you tell another member of another band that their Gibby, is a fake? So.. My band we were at this Battle of The Bands competition at some pub last night. We were the 3rd out of 5 bands to play and as the last band took the stage, I saw their guitarist (there were 2) whipping...
  5. lifele55

    EMG X-Series Problems

    So, last weekend me and my other guitarist we went around town looking at guitars etc. and my buddy bought the EMG 81x & 85x to replace the actives in his LTD (2 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 Way Switch) and since I've help him replace his pickups in his other guitars he had me work on it as well. After...
  6. lifele55

    My MIJ Epi In Action..

    Whole set of the street fest we did last weekend... This was Day 2, where tempo was much better although I was having problems with my pedalboard (Wampler was being intermittent and volume keeps swelling up and down).. :dude: Cut Out Heroes My pedalboard for the day, backline was a...
  7. lifele55

    At a Crossroad..

    So, I just came back from playing our second show in 2 days. Really enjoyed ourselves and we had a rocking good time... BUT, this all came with a price. I didn't have the car since my dad had to use it and I ended up lugging my pedalboard and guitar, going public all the way. At the end of...
  8. lifele55

    Amp Scare...

    Took the Mark IV out last weekend to practice and today when I fired her up at home, it had some crackles, weak sound & the gain channels were literally clean. Had a bit of a panic attack but turned it on standby, checked all tubes and no weird glows. Turned it off and figured V1 could be the...
  9. lifele55

    NAD: Mesa Mark IV

    NAD! Madness.Madness.Madness. Its not the Mark V that I set out when I started saving but this is it... First Mesa! Bought it off a guy from the Boogie Board, absolute mint condition with no tears bought before they discontinued it. Haven't fired her up though, still gotta get an external...
  10. lifele55

    WTB: Mesa Mark IV Head

    Hey guys, I'm on the lookout for a Mark IV Head. Do let me know if you know anyone willing to sell & ship international. :D
  11. lifele55

    Wiring Question: Am I the only one..

    .. who prefers Modern Wiring?? Wired my guitar 50s wiring for quite awhile now but I can never get used to how the volume gets decreased when I lower the tone. I used to lower the tone on my bridge pickup to counter any brightness after adjusting the amp for my neck pup but after trying...
  12. lifele55

    Mark V Fund

    And so it begins, my gas for a Mark V is beyond control and with this coming paycheck, I have officially told my Missus that I'm starting my Mark V fund... And so the journey begins!
  13. lifele55

    NAMM 2013: Laney Lineup

    Plenty of news at Winter NAMM. Very very very interested in the IRT Studio. Love the size of that thing, sure a hell lot more portable looking that lugging the IRT60H :D Laney : Power to the music Not alot of Laney love in here, but anybody fancy any of these?
  14. lifele55

    Toneprint Editor.

    It's out... Officially! Can't wait to try it out :D
  15. lifele55

    Stuttering Tube Amp

    Hi all, I've got an old Laney LC15R, my first tube amp, that's been acting up. The amp is a just a spare my guitarist will plug into when he comes for sessions (every weekend). Problem the amp has been having is that with the volume turned up to a suitable level, it will crackle. On...
  16. lifele55

    NPD: TC X4 Content

    As a continuation to the story over at this thread here.. First impressions, its a great pedal. Only fiddled for a few minutes with it, its 1am and I've got to be up in 4 hours for work.... Short notes after 15 minutes with it.. Its big, DL4 type of 'big'. Knobs feel very...
  17. lifele55

    NPD... Sort of..

    Short intro.. This month is my 5 years anniversary and me and my wife's first year wedding anniversary. I just sold my Superdelay last month and did mentio to her that I'm looking to get the TC X4 sometime soon.. Fast forward to yesterday, I can back to see this at the front door, she was...
  18. lifele55

    Amp Hiss/Whine..

    Just a question for all tube amp users, what's the cause for amp hiss/whine. I'm using a Laney IRT60H with a variable watts knob (from <1 to 60W) and it seems like if I wind up the Watts knob higher, the whine gets louder. Tried this both with just guitar into the amp without anything in the...
  19. lifele55

    WTS: Empress Superdelay cheap..

    Ok, I need this gone. Someone take it from me please... The pedal takes 9-12V positive tip. No Box, No Adapter. Great condition. Comes with original manual and I will include a BRAND NEW Godlyke reverse polarity adapter to use with your regular center positive 9V/12V power supply...
  20. lifele55

    Eid Mubarak

    As the fasting month comes to an end(depending on time zones) I would like to wish all MLPers a happy Eid Mubarak.

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