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  1. sangandongo

    Firebird Quartet

    Acquired the last piece of the puzzle yesterday. '64 FB I, '64 FB III, '63 FB V, '63 FB VII. All original originals without breaks, except the Pelham blue, which was refinished but is otherwise all original and no breaks.
  2. sangandongo

    Vintage Les Pauls, Firebirds, Teles, Amps, and more - Old Bottle Black - "Carry On"

    I recorded this over pandemic and released it on Feb 4, 2021. It was my pandemic project. I did all of the instruments and vocals. TL;DR: Listen to the last track if you want to hear the best recorded song. Let's get nerdy. Electric Guitars '55 Les Paul Junior w/ 1960 PAFs '63 Firebird VII...
  3. sangandongo

    Useful Middle Position - 3-Pickup Gibsons

    Hi all, I have a '63 Firebird VII. A real one. The wiring in the cavity has never been touched, but I can see that someone fussed with the switch a little. Currently, it's wired to stock. 1: Neck 2: Mid/Bridge Out-of-Phase 3: Bridge I hate the middle position sound. I wish the pickups were in...
  4. sangandongo

    Pandemic Project

    This was my pandemic project. 100% me: vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, etc... all me. Guitars in this: '55 Les Paul Strings & Things with 1960 double black PAFs '63 Firebird VII '64 Firebird III '64 Firebird I '68 SG Standard '71 Les Paul Deluxe '61 Jazzmaster '86 Fender MIJ Rosewood...
  5. sangandongo

    Rarest of the Rare - 1961 Fender Tremolux 6G9 (EL84 Version)

    Got a good deal on this. Offered lower than the asking price on Reverb and got it for what I was willing to pay. It arrives in my possession tomorrow. Per request by the resident 6G9 evangelist, @Soul Tramp, I am posting pics of the amp and its guts.
  6. sangandongo

    ID Help: Unknown P90

    I've had this for a while. I don't tend to buy crap, and can't recall ever buying a shitty P90, but that doesn't mean this isn't crap. I'm selling all my gear I no longer touch or haven't used in years, but have no idea what this might be. Any help would be great. It's a braided wire, but the...
  7. sangandongo

    Serial Number Question

    I don't know where else to put this question. I don't want it to go into the main LP forum because there will be 900 people saying "I don't know," it doesn't quite fit in the Vintage SG forum, and is a bit esoteric for the Norlin years. It's more of a technical question about shipping dates vs...
  8. sangandongo

    Fraudulent Listing

    If any of you are considering this, please back off: @macg1 was looking into it, but the seller said "The pickups and hardware are from '69, not sure about the body." The stamp on the headstock is wrong, dates to the wrong year. It's...
  9. sangandongo

    Production Numbers: 1971 Les Paul Standards

    I know that there were very few custom ordered Standards before '74. They're almost all Deluxes which have been modified. Even the few that are verifiable are still hard to be certain about. A friend has a '71 Standard that looks entirely legit. Years and years ago, I remember a discussion...
  10. sangandongo

    Neck Heel Oddness: 1972 Les Paul Custom '54 RI

    Has anybody ever seen something like this? It's exceedingly difficult to photograph blemishes on Black Beauties. I was able to get these in a reflection.
  11. sangandongo

    NGD: 1963 Gibson Firebird VII

    One of 20 made in '63. No breaks, beautiful condition. Two piece neck, as opposed to the 3 to 9 piece layered necks. (My '63 III has a 5 piece neck.) Anyhow, here it is. And next to my '63 Firebird III.
  12. sangandongo

    NGPD: 1960 PAFs Question

    I figured this might be the best place to ask this. I recently acquired a pair of 1960 double black PAFs which I am going to put into a '55 LP Junior already routed for humbuckers. Obviously, I've got double-whites in this now; these aren't the pickups, just showing off the guitar. One of...
  13. sangandongo

    '71 Deluxe

    My last remaining Norlin. I've had this guitar for going on six years and don't ever plan on getting rid of her. She's at my office now, doing her stint as my workplace instrument.
  14. sangandongo

    OGD: 1958 Gibson Byrdland

    I received this guitar on Wednesday. She's a '58 with a factory installed Bigsby, though it came with the original Byrdland tailpiece. It says ES-350T in the cavity, but it has the ebony neck, block inlays, and correct TP... perhaps it was custom ordered this way. I'm having difficulty...
  15. sangandongo

    Standard vs. Short Spacing PAF

    Hi all, I just got a 1958 Byrdland with the original PAFs still in. These guys tend not to be as molested as other models because the pole spacing is tighter than standard PAFs due to the thinner neck and scale. I'm curious if anybody has A/B'd the short spacing against a standard PAF? If so...
  16. sangandongo

    1950's 4 Latch Black Beauty Case

    A few years back, I bought a '74 LP with a bunch of '50s accouterments, including bridge and posts, tuners, tailpiece and studs. It also came with a '50s case. I'm finally going to get rid of the case. I was hoping someone might be able to give me an idea on what I might expect to fetch for it...
  17. sangandongo

    1964 Gibson Firebird III This is my guitar. It can be heard on this song for both the main electric track and the slide solo...
  18. sangandongo

    '71 vs. '56

    Today I pitted my '71 GT against a '56. It came into the store recently and I had the notion to go do an A/B. The intent was to see whether it would be worth it to me to buy a '56 over the '71. The weight of the '56 was about 8.25 pounds. Mine, with a Bigsby, is about 9. Without, it's about...
  19. sangandongo

    1960 Fender Super-Amp - back panel dye

    Hi all, I acquired a '60 Super-Amp recently. It's a great amp, sounds unbelievable. It had no panels on the back, so a friend made some for me, but all he had was rough blonde tolex, not rough brown. I have access to equipment to dye this correctly, but I don't know the color code for the...
  20. sangandongo

    1965 Gibson Firebird III Non-Reverse

    1965 Gibson Firebird III Non Reverse | eBay

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