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  1. Pink_Floyd

    2009 R9 - Ice Tea VOS - UK

    Due to a really big change in circumstances I am letting my R9 go up for sale. I will list it here first for a few days and then onto ebay if no interest. It is a 2009 model with all the new additions and is complete with everything that it was supplied with. The case candy is unused and the...
  2. Pink_Floyd

    N.G.D - Masterbuilt Strat

    After some waiting my 20th Anniversary Masterbuilt Strat has arrived :) It is something else although I have not had a lot of time to play as I had to travel to visit my Mother. More pics tomorrow :thumb:
  3. Pink_Floyd

    Another 20th Anniversary Masterbuilt

    Following on from Olli's thread about his Olympic White Masterbuilt, I should be receiving my own on Friday :) It is a Jason Smith in Sherwood Green metallic, can't wait!
  4. Pink_Floyd

    Oh Dear..........

    Well I tried to follow everyones advice regarding ageing my ABR-1 and the saddles and screws went fine! However....... The main body was in the solution when someone knocked on my front door really loud scaring my cat which in turn caused me to drop the thing into the solution :laugh2: When I...
  5. Pink_Floyd

    Ageing an ABR-1

    I am looking to age my ABR-1 to go with some other parts I will be ordering from Fatboy Guitars. Having conducted a search I know some use etching fluid but would someone like to guide me through it and maybe show me some pics of theirs??
  6. Pink_Floyd

    That's it, I am selling up!

    Yep, I am selling my Strat! :thumb: Why? because I just cannot see past my 2009 R9 in Ice Tea. It just feels 'right' The scale length, the tone, the weight, it all just seems to fit. I actually restrung it the other day with some Daddario pure nickels and it feels great. My poor strat...
  7. Pink_Floyd

    Would you guys?

    A short time ago I posted this thread: I now have the chance to have a top luthier in the UK touch in the blemish and the put a 'pullover' coat of lacquer on the neck to seal it all. However I am undecided about it...
  8. Pink_Floyd

    Anyone completed Berklee's online modules??

    I am curious if anyone has undertaken any of Berklee's online modules? If so , how did you rate them, they seem very expensive......
  9. Pink_Floyd

    Zen Guitar & The Inner Game Of Music (Books)

    Has anyone here read either book? I am really feeling that a lot of my playing is being hung up and held back by confidence. I spotted these books and decided to give them a whirl. As a student of Psychology they kind of appealed to me :) Any thoughts??
  10. Pink_Floyd

    Running closed or open?

    I am curious if you guys run your cabs open or closed where you have that option?
  11. Pink_Floyd

    Les Paul Jr. & Specials Experts

    I have become quite fond of the look of the Jr's and Specials over the last few months and have been browsing various sites for them. However I know very little about them and need some advice. The two links below are the two guitars I like and would like to find in vintage form. Now I will...
  12. Pink_Floyd

    Joker I think.......

    This guy has 10 R9's available and a Bloomfield........... Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar (reissue) on eBay (end time 02-Aug-09 00:27:16 BST)
  13. Pink_Floyd

    High 'E' resting on bridge

    My high 'e' string is touching the rear of my ABR-1 bridge. Is it worth trying to rectify it? is so, how? I should add, it plays, tunes and intonates perfectly.
  14. Pink_Floyd

    You forget how good a Historic is......

    I was chatting with my neighbour the other week about the communal stairs for the apartments we all occupy, and how much of a bind they were to clean. I remembered how her son who also plays drums had said he wanted an electric guitar. Putting the two together I suggested that if he were to...
  15. Pink_Floyd

    Dyed Fretboard?

    I am in the middle of conditioning my fretboard for the first time and I am using Gibson Fretboard conditioner. To apply I am using q-tips and they are becoming very brown looking :hmm: Do Gibson dye historic fretboards? I was told by the dealer they do not do this. Thing is unless my hands...
  16. Pink_Floyd

    Aged Hardware

    I really like the aged hardware that comes on the new R9's but I am wondering where is the best place to get more 'relic'd' looking stuff such as PUP Covers etc?
  17. Pink_Floyd

    Compressor in front of, or after Fuzz?

    I have a Big Muff and a Compressor and read somewhere that the comp should be after the Muff and others say before. What are the opinions here? :hmm:
  18. Pink_Floyd


    In the UK we have something similar to craigslist called Gumtree. I was browsing and noticed an R0 for sale in London but the price was pretty cheap £1500 give or take. I emailed the seller and he claimed to be based in Shetland which is a small island off the top of Scotland. He sent me...
  19. Pink_Floyd

    Master Volume

    OK simple question really, EDIT I am being an idiot........
  20. Pink_Floyd


    Anybody using Toadworks pedals? I was after a compressor and won a 'Mr Squishy' off the 'Bay for half price, it is used but I thought I would take a gamble on it.

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