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  1. Stowburst

    WTB - True Historic top hats

    If any of you have a set of them Ill buy them let me know cheers s
  2. Stowburst

    WTB - Brown Vibrolux 61/62

    Any condition, I need a back up amp let me know cheers Mark
  3. Stowburst

    FS - Fender Custom Shop - 1951 Telecaster Blonde Relic 2016

    KILLER Tele for sale, the neck is MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE! :shock: Feels great and lovely flame its on ebay but if you want a deal PM me Im asking £2500 shipped
  4. Stowburst

    FS - Collectors Choice #42 JD Simo 1962 ES-335

    Selling my Gibson Collectors Choice #42 JD Simo 1962 ES-335 Its total killer, number 21 of 25 ever made. all sold out £7k PM me for details
  5. Stowburst

    FS - 66 Twin Reverb and 68 Deluxe Reverb Amps

    Selling some amps if anyone here is interested, got them on ebay but of course will do a deal with any forum members :thumb: 1966 Twin and 1968 Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb 1968 Drip Edge | eBay Fender Twin Reverb 1966 | eBay I have gigged these amps and they sounds killer, any...
  6. Stowburst

    WTB - Hiwatt custom 50 head 70s

    Let me know, Im in UK cheers Mark
  7. Stowburst

    FS - Marshall Plexi red (Ri)

    Selling my early 90s Marshall Plexi 1987x 50 watt head, its got a repro red cab and looks fantastic, mint condition amp for its age and sounds TOTAL KILLER. £750 PM or email me for if you want it wil ship worldwide cheers Mark
  8. Stowburst

    FS- A mates Replica LP and Tokai LP

    My good friend Simon has asked me to post his guitars for sale on here, so please contact him direct on [email protected] for more details and any inquires. 1980 Tokai LS80 “Stripped” Goldtop Weight: 8.7lb This is a great light-weight Tokai from the golden-age of Tokai...
  9. Stowburst

    Vintage Ibanez advice?

    Hi guys, I have Ibanez through neck AS400, its 35yrs old sound and plays great, I changed pots and pups. Im trying to find info on it and can't, I e-mailed Ibanez and herd nothing. I read on net that its 1 of 156 made ever Anyone here know about them? Pm me cheers s
  10. Stowburst

    FS: 1965 Fender Telecaster

    My mate is selling his Vintage Tele so asked me to post. Its a 1965, neck is stamped April and its TOTAL KILLER! Thick and feels great. Guitar has had body refin at Chandlers in butterscotch, its nitro aged etc. The guard is not original neither is tuners, its been routed for humbucker :wah...
  11. Stowburst

    PAF replica pickups for sale

    I have an aged set of my PAF clones available due to a cancellation, so if anyone is interested let me know. The read about 7.1 to 7.4k £210 shipped worldwide
  12. Stowburst

    DMC PAF Covers

    £60 shipped They are aged and look great :thumb:
  13. Stowburst

    FS: JBL D120F Orginal and TTOP

    I'm selling some bits on the Bay Fender JBL D120F Speaker | eBay Gibson T Top PAF Humbucker | eBay cheers s
  14. Stowburst

    FS: 1970 Goldtop Deluxe (Mega aged!)

    Selling this for my mate: EDIT: The serial is 967324 and its a one peice neck, large headstock and volute 1970 deluxe, is a total player!! its seen a LOT of action, killer killer checking and wear!!! Pups are Bare Knuckles (he has original mini hums in case) new pots, knobs tuners and pick...
  15. Stowburst

    OX4 Pickups going into 1965 Deluxe Reverb

    As some of you may know I'm winding and making my own pickups, its taken me a over a year of trial and error to get to when I am now!! Last night I went round to a mates house to look at a 1965 Deluxe Reverb that I'm buying and took my sale pending R0 along with OX4 pups in it so he can have a...
  16. Stowburst

    Lets see YOUR playing wear

    It seems every LP I own gets major playing wear around the ABR where my hand sits.. lets see some of your personal wear, mine looks like a W or some type of wave:shock: My current R0 My old GT - Sold My 1st R9 - Sold
  17. Stowburst

    FS: 1957 Redtop reissue (2004)

    Hi guys, I' selling this for a mate, originally a 2004 Gold top with darkback, I brought it new in 04 from Tim @ Music Zoo in NYC. I had top only refin in cherry a while back and sold it on to my mate. He is now selling it and asked if I wanted it back but I have no cash..:rolleyes: I wish I...
  18. Stowburst

    Stereophonics Stuart Cable - DEAD!

    :shock: BBC News - Stereophonics' singer's shock as Stuart Cable, 40, dies Can't believe it? I have the 1st 2 albums and they have some killer songs.. he was a great drummer!
  19. Stowburst

    Drive By Truckers

    Saw them on TV on Friday and they rock! LOVE them..only just herd of them..:shock: Brought CD and its got some great tones on the songs YouTube - Birthday Boy - The Big To-Do - Webisode 1 anyone else like this band?
  20. Stowburst

    Just put in new HM inlays

    At Xmas I got some inlays from retrospec and i have just put them in my R0. I'm happy with results.. Here are some pics. Job is almost done as I have done radius and need to do final glue then I'm ready to rock

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