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  1. Nitrobattery

    SOLD: Peavey 5150

    Letting go of my Peavey 5150. It's in overall great shape for its age, and sounds enormous. $999 plus actual shipping.
  2. Nitrobattery

    WTB: Black Norlin LPC

    Looking for a black Norlin era LPC with a maple neck and ebony board. If you have one for sale, please drop me a PM.
  3. Nitrobattery

    SOLD Suhr Classic S Metallic Brandywine

    2020 Limited Run Suhr Classic S in Metallic Brandywine. It's a gorgeous playing and sounding guitar, I just have a few Suhr Classic S models and I'm cutting a few things loose to put in an order for a custom Suhr Modern. The guitar features a roasted maple neck, 22 jumbo stainless steel frets...
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  5. Nitrobattery

    Found one

    Looking for a 2016 or later BE-100 with the structure switch and Synergy caps. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  6. Nitrobattery

    Suhr PT100

    Letting go of my excellent condition Suhr PT100. Includes the footswitch, slip cover and original box. $2,250 shipped in the continental USA, or $2,000 local in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area.
  7. Nitrobattery

    Splawn 2x12 cabinet - Greenbacks

    Letting go of my Splawn 2x12 cabinet loaded with 25 watt Celestion Greenbacks (making it a 50w cabinet). The cabinet is wired for 8ohms and sounds fantastic. All of the classic tones you could ever hope for in a punchy, compact cabinet. $450 local pickup in the PNW. Happy to meet somewhere...
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  9. Nitrobattery

    Suhr Modern Antique - Roasted Maple Neck

    Letting go of my Suhr Modern Antique. The guitar features a roasted maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard, jumbo stainless steel frets with a 10"-14" compound radius, basswood body with a maple top, Gotoh 510 bridge with bent saddles and a Suhr SSH+/ML/SSV pickup combination. The Antique line is...
  10. Nitrobattery

    NAD! Wizard Modern Classic

    For close to 25 years, the Wizard Modern Classic has always been my white whale. After what felt like ages of waiting and drooling, the right one finally presented itself. Just a glorious beast of an amp. This is a '96 so it doesn't have a loop or lead boost, but pushing it with a Suhr Koko...
  11. Nitrobattery

    Suhr PT100 Head

    Excellent condition PT100 head. Comes with the footswitch, slip cover and original box. $2,200 shipped/PayPal'd in the continental USA, or $2,000 cash if you're in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area.
  12. Nitrobattery

    FSOT Suhr Classic S Antique - Roasted Maple Neck

    Letting go of my Suhr Classic S Antique. Even C Medium roasted maple neck, 9-12" compound radius, rosewood fretboard, heavy nickel frets, Gotoh 510 trem, Suhr locking tuners and it's finished in a gorgeous aged nitrocellulose sunburst. It's loaded with Suhr ML pickups and it plays and sounds...
  13. Nitrobattery

    Pentatonic licks to combat boredom

    I think like a lot of people these days, I'm working from home and am self isolating. The area that I'm in has banned all non-essential travel...and things are feeling pretty tense. To help combat the emotional weight of the situation, a lot of my friends across various social media platforms...
  14. Nitrobattery

    FS: Suhr JM Goldtop w/ Aldrich Pickups

    Letting go of my hot-rodded Suhr JM. I swapped out the SSV pickups for a raw nickel Aldrich set, and the volume and tone controls are push/push pots for series/parallel (each pickup can be switched separately). Includes the deluxe heavy duty padded Suhr gig bag, case candy and original pickguard...
  15. Nitrobattery

    New year, new tune...stacked some pedals and made a video

    I've had this tune in my head for a while now, and since I had the afternoon to myself, I figured it was time to let it out. I'm typically an amp gain guy, but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone both with my playing and with the tools that I use. I used some UAD and STL Tones plugins for...
  16. Nitrobattery

    Edit - Found

    Edit - Found
  17. Nitrobattery

    Suhr PT100 - SOLD

    Letting go of my excellent condition Suhr PT100. Killer Marshall dirt and Fender cleans all in one box. MOSFET boost, MIDI switchable and comes with the original box. $2,300 shipped/PayPal'd in the continental USA, or $2,200 local pickup in Central NY.
  18. Nitrobattery

    WTB: Suhr Koji Comp

    Looking for a Suhr Koji compressor. If you have one that you're looking to part with, shoot me a PM.
  19. Nitrobattery

    FS/FT: Fender Super-Sonic 60 Head

    Letting go of my Fender Super-Sonic head. This two channel amp is packed with enough features and tones to cover almost any genre of music. The clean channel has two voicings...a Vibrolux mode and a Bassman mode. The Vibrolux mode engages a bright cap to offer all of the shimmering, high...
  20. Nitrobattery

    Friedman BE-100 SOLD


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