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    Help me value a 2005 Std Plus

    Has lighter rash around the circular back cavity. Belt button rash ? Not as broad as the worming I've seen before but it's there along with a random ding or two. Fret wear is pretty light. A few dings here and there. One half-dime sized on the top (kinda blends with the grain) about an inch...
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    2018 Historic 7.2 lbs ?

    Found this and at first thought the posted weight was a mistake but the store confirmed it on a postal scale. I prefer them light but this seemed almost too light. I know wildwood had some "ultralight" historic a while back so maybe there are weight relieved ones out there I'm not aware of...
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    Need how-to advice to fix lightened stain on epiphone satin finish

    I used an ill-advised remover to take off some sticker goop (wish Epiphone didn't push these stickers right on the finish) which resulted in lightening some of the translucent cherry stain color right under the headstock. You can't feel it at all, just visual. Can anyone recommend a repair...
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    Unburst Les Paul Std color looks off to me

    Top photo is the LP Std that just came in stock with potentially my name on it. Photo colors can vary I know but it looks odd/underwhelming at first glance. What does the forum think ? Stock photo for reference: Has some top figuring and more golden in color. oto for ref:
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    Les Paul Standard, Wildwood Standard, Classic or plaintop historic used

    I'm looking for some shopping help from forum members. My goal is for a light '60's neck Les Paul. I'm stuck at a point of indecision. Curious members thoughts as I torture myself over this even its the enjoyable kind. The Classic has most of what I want. Slim neck, classic look, burstbucker...
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    Les Paul Studio Special Limited Edition 2018-2019

    Old Musicians Friend Page for Les Paul Studio Limited Special Edition I was shopping for a '60s neck Les Paul and came across this model. I couldn't find a thread on it and was curious if any of you have checked one out. I'm trying to find just the right Les Paul. I'd prefer a slimmer neck...
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    Advice on 60's neck Les Paul

    Need some sense from the forum choosing a Les Paul. I had a 60 VOS MF Special Historic 6 years ago and regret I sold it but water under the bridge. I've seen several suggest the current Historics are at nose bleed prices and priced beyond what I'm willing to pay. I could use advice though on the...
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    1960 VOS with beat up headstock ?

    Curious people's thoughts on this one. I like the top and grain. I had mild concern about the "beat up headstock". I've owned a VOS Historic R0 a few years ago but have never seen one that would have come from Gibson with headstock finish chips. I called CME, they person I spoke with hadn't...
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    Help wanted evaluating a 2015 R0 - No COA Looks at least in decent condition with a nice looking top. Not sure what the process (or possibility) of getting a replacement COA. I assume it can't happen. A few more bumps and bruises than I'd like. How much in general does the lack of...
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    Tokai Love Rock - HON, LS-196 or early 80's vintage ?

    I'm just starting to learn about Tokai's so bear with me. I've seen a few LS-196 models for sale used around $1500. It seems like a good spec. Says it has jumbo frets which I'd prefer to vintage Les Paul sized. How do the new ones compare to the late 70's early 80's models, say an LS80 like...
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    Need opinion on a 2010 Les Paul 50th Anniversary

    Need help evaluating this one. I like the burst part and it's not priced tons higher than your typical R0 (I'm regretting selling my plaintop R0). But there are so many special releases of Les Paul's I get lost quickly. Not sure what a Gold COA means. I'm told the 2014's and later had some...
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    Fender Custom Shop 1963 Journeyman Closet Classic Telecaster $2k Seems like a great price for a CS Journeyman. Only issue I can see are the smaller 6150 frets but otherwise seems relatively underpriced.
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    Need an opinion on a Kurosawa R0

    Apologies if this belongs in the ebay deals forum. Happy to move it there. I was toying with the idea of these two. I was originally looking for a Musicians Friend Spec R0 VOS. Bought one earlier for just under $3k unused so wasn't looking for the fancy spec but each of these looks pretty nice...
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    R0 Plaintop shopping wish list

    I sold a Musicians Friend special purchase Plain Top VOS 2011 several years ago and regret it so back looking for a replacement and find the landscape has changed. I remember 2012, 2013's had laminated fingerboards and were (controversially) somewhat less in demand. I see newer "True"...
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    2011 1960 Historic R0 Les Paul 8lbs 4oz

    2011 R0 (not G0). This was a custom spec for Musicians Friend. It's in mint condition. Only visible wear is on the pick guard. It's had very little play. I see no wear at all on the frets, scratches, buckle rash. I'm pretty careful handling my guitars and this one shows it. This one has some...
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    2011 Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue VOS Mint 8.39 lbs

    See Photo Album Below Special Edition of the 1960 R0 Historic. Has Live Bucker pickups vs the typical BurstBuckers on the R0. This one is also 8.39 lbs on my digital postal scale so nice and light. It also has an interesting plain top grain which to me is a really nice addition. Most plain...
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    Les Paul 1960 Reissue VOS Plaintop 2010 R0 bourbon - frequently re-listed

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1960 Reissue Vos Plaintop 2010 R0 | eBay Love the color. Always wanted one. This seller has listed this guitar and either sold or de-listed it several times in the last year. I know transactions fail sometimes but this seems to return like clockwork. Anyone attempt...
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    What happened to the finish quality on Gibson ES (Memphis)

    I recently checked out an ES-335 at GC. It was a figured top cherry. At first I thought it was a bad repaint but it was new. The finish on the headstock looked downright clumpy, as thought it had never been buffed and the paint just didn't sit flat. The rest didn't look terrific either. The...
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    Lucille vs 335

    I just bought a 335 after playing a Heritage 535 for a few years. A new-ish Lucille just went for sale on CL just a few hundred more than my 335. I understand the Lucille is Nashville made, ebony board, bound headstock, no f-holes etc. I'm puzzled by their relatively low resale. Nashville 335's...
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    What should the side of a headstock on a 2006 Historic LP look like ?

    I've got a just arrived 06 Les Paul R0 and unlike my 339, the headstock is black only on the verry top. The black doesn't wrap around to the sides. With the admittedly small sample of other Gibson headstock's I've seen, the black part has thickness (~1/16") and is mated directly to the mahogany...

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