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  1. UTGrad

    50s LP Standard or LP Modern

    I’ve narrowed down my selection to the 50s LP Standard and the LP Modern. I like both with a slight edge to the 50s. What would be your pick between the two?
  2. UTGrad

    Slash 50s LP vs 1950s LP Standard

    I am looking at getting a beefy neck LP and I’m considering the 1950s era LP Standard or the 2020 Slash 1950s LP. Asides for the Slashbuckers and orange drop capacitors, is the $500 difference in price worth it? Seems like the Slash is just a 50s Standard with his pups, orange drop capacitors...
  3. UTGrad

    Bridge Tone Knob Popping Off When Pulling for Boost.

    On my 19 Trad Pro III Plus pulling up on the bridge tone knob is what activates the 10db boost. It has popped off a couple times. Any solutions to keep it on there more secure?
  4. UTGrad

    Gibson LP Traditional Pro IIs and Neck Thickness

    I am looking at used Traditional Pro IIs. I prefer beefier neck LPs and wanted to get some feedback on the neck thickness of the Trad Pro IIs. Anyone own one? Also did you keep the Super 57 bridge pickup in place?
  5. UTGrad

    57 Classic Pickups

    For you folks that have the Tribute Plus did you all leave the 57 Classic pickups in or switch them out?
  6. UTGrad

    10 db Boost Feature Trad Pro III Plus and Changing Pups

    I am going to have my shop swap the bridge pick up on my Trad Pro III Plus to a SD Whole Lotta Humbucker. Is the 10 db boost feature part of the Super 57 pickup or something else?
  7. UTGrad

    NGD: 2018 Epi LP Trad Pro III PLUS

    Picked up a new in box cherry sun burst 2018 Epi LP Trad Pro III PLUS with the maple veneer (nice), 57 Classic neck and Super 57 Classic bridge zebra pickups and an awesome satin finish. Set up out of boxes was literally ready to roll. String action and pickup heights were spot on. Zero desire...
  8. UTGrad

    Slim Neck vs Fat Neck Epi LPs

    I have a LP Standard PTP with SD "Whole Lotta Humbuckers" that has a slim neck. Its a fast neck but I do get cramps sometimes playing it (Thumb over neck when playing). I have a 1966 reissue Epi SG G-400 that has a fatter neck that I don't get as many cramps when playing. It's hard to beat the...
  9. UTGrad

    Epi Les Paul Action Height Preferences

    My Standard Plus Top Pro can handle a pretty low action without too much buzz. Personally I prefer a higher action than the Gibson recommended height. Ive always found I can catch the string better for bends with a higher action. How do you all like the action on your Epi LP? High, medium or low?
  10. UTGrad

    Epi Trad Pro III Plus: I'm Eyeing One

    I am looking at the new Epi Trad Pro III with Gibson 57 Zebra pickups and a true maple top. I see it is available through GC. I currently have a Plus Top Pro with the maple veneer cap. Has anyone gotten their hands on a Trad Pro III Plus Epi? I am curious if it has the baseball neck like the Epi...
  11. UTGrad

    9s on a LP

    I switched from 10 to 9s on my Epi PTP and like it. My only beef is I have to be careful chording to keep it in right pitch. Any playing 9s?
  12. UTGrad

    2016 Model Studio “Coming 6-30-18”

    I noticed on GC the 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded is “coming 6-30-18” and is on back order. Is this a misprint or will GC be getting some more of these in stock? Would Gibson make another run of these? $799 is stupid cheap.
  13. UTGrad

    Buying a Used LP Online

    Question I'm considering buying a used LP online to get the most bang for my buck. The obvious problem is the inability to play it first and asses any issues. Help me with my thinking here. I would think the safest bet would to buy used from GC's used inventory and play it at the store and...
  14. UTGrad

    2018 Les Paul Faded

    I got to visit GC today and noodles on both the Tribute and the Faded. Honestly I liked the Faded a tad better. I felt like upper fret access was better and it just had a better feel. Sounded good to me as well. It definitely doesn’t look like anything nicer but it sounds good and I think it...
  15. UTGrad

    Les Paul Faded or Tribute?

    Hey folks I currently own an Epi PTP that I really enjoy. I’m considering a jump to either a Les Paul Faded or the slightly more expensive Tribute. The Faded is about $900 and the Tribute $1100. Anything more than that is just out of reach for me at this time. Are these viable Les Paul...
  16. UTGrad

    New Member and Standard Plus Top Pro Owner: Plus Top Pro vs Tribute Plus

    Howdie folks think I found a good forum to join to discuss Epi Les Pauls. I have a cherry sun burst standard Plus Top Pro. I had Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers installed and the action is set up how I like it. Its a great guitar. I see the Tribute Plus has a more premium option. Is there...

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