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  1. zosogab

    Want to buy strap locks

    yes...but I saw a stupid youtube schaller tutorial in which holes are drilled...I'm just saying...I really appreciate that you posted the instructions and I'm grateful. I think every knowledge is learned in this life, and now it's time for me to learn about schaller locks and how they are...
  2. zosogab

    Want to buy strap locks

    ok ok...I'll consider it! :) ...really, thank u!
  3. zosogab

    Want to buy strap locks

    Thanx for the information! I know it isn't exactly a modification, but i'm afraid of drilling holes :S...I don't want to screw up my girl! You are convincing me to buy schallers, but tell me, do the most of you guys use schallers on your LPs? In other words, have you drilled holes and removed...
  4. zosogab

    Want to buy strap locks

    If I buy schallers, does the guitar need a modification?
  5. zosogab

    Want to buy strap locks

    Hey! I've been usin my les paul without any locks, and it has slipped out of the strap several times... but luckily I caught it all the times...So...I want to buy strap locks or a strap with strap locks included. I really don't want to modify the guitar with schaller locks or something like...
  6. zosogab

    Who Inspires You To Play a Les Paul?

    I remember when I was younger and listenened for the first time to REAL rock, and it was led zeppelin. Jimmy Page didn't only inspire me to play a Les Paul, but to start playing guitar :
  7. zosogab

    Using Wristbands

    ...Hey how r u??? ...I've been watching foo fighters videos and noticed that dave grohl always uses wristbands when he's playing guitar...I've also noticed it from other guitarists....Some people say they are use to stop the sweat getting to your hands, but they say they are also used as support...
  8. zosogab

    When to Buy A Gibson Les Paul?

    Or is it?:hmm: ...I think there's something magical about them, that's why I bought it...
  9. zosogab

    Standard, classics and traditional

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus Electric Guitar Features: • Body Wood: Mahogany, non-chambered weight-relieved • Top wood: Figured maple • Scale Length: 24-3/4" • Neck Joint: Set-in • Neck Wood: Mahogany • Fretboard: Rosewood • Plek'd on Gibson Plek Machine • Neck Shape: '50s...
  10. zosogab

    What do u think? New pictures of LP!

    I had shown pics of this guitar when I first got it (2009 LP Traditional), and it's still my first LP ....but every day I like it even more and more and can't stop looking at it, and playing it, so I thought I had to share new pics with u bros. I think it has one of the most beautiful cherry...
  11. zosogab

    '09 Traditional Vs. R8 what you say......and then go for the Trad! They are perfect!
  12. zosogab

    What do you think of this pic?

    i just wanna eat that
  13. zosogab

    Need pic of Jimmy Page's #1

    what was the original color? heritage cherry s.?
  14. zosogab

    Best color for a traditional? Please help, show me some pics.

    Here's my trad. in cherry sunburst (clownburst)...I really... really like this little piece of wood: cellphone camera..
  15. zosogab

    Finally!! My first girlfrie...sorry, les paul!!!

    Hey!! It finally arrived yesterday after 3 months waiting! It was so difficult cause I live in the little country El Salvador Central America, but the dream came true! It's an LP 09 traditional! I like it so much, the HCSB finish is awesome! Sounds great + plays great + looks great!! Here it is...
  16. zosogab

    strings in LP tailpiece

    ....ok I think it was enough...
  17. zosogab

    strings in LP tailpiece

    Hey guys! I just wanted to say sorry for the last time I posted, I was kinda rude.....Maybe I reacted that way because I'm so excited... I'll get my first les paul during the next days and can´t wait more for it...I just haven't had the opportunity to even touch a les paul (just a few...
  18. zosogab

    strings in LP tailpiece

    I'm sorry, but I don't have the money to buy a les paul, like you, so I don't know how this shit works ok? sorry....and I'm not God to know that other 100 "stupid" people like me have asked this already...
  19. zosogab

    strings in LP tailpiece

    why do some people put the strings like this: And some the other way like this?: sorry for possible ignorance

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